running a business with an autoimmune disease

Season 2 of the Real Women Shine Podcast: Running A Business With an Autoimmune Disease

BeachCandy Swimwear is thrilled to announce the launch of the Real Women Shine Podcast Season 2. Our first episode this season kicks off with a bang as Brit B, our fiercely authentic female founder, shares her story about love, loss, the struggles of running a business with a chronic illness, and 5 tips listeners need to know to run a successful business. 

Her vulnerability and honesty show that BeachCandy is more than just a business, but a life-giving force that proudly empowers women worldwide throughout the past decade in business.


Brit begins with her Top 5 Tips on How to Navigate and Build Your Business

  1. No one knows your business like you do-follow your instinct, gut, and intuition. You know what you want to provide for the world so follow your instincts and do it!
  2. You need to understand your customer’s desires. Think about what kind of products they want and need. You'll feel more connected to them knowing this and it will grow your brand.
  3. Set goals and set attainable lists everyday.. Since you are your own boss, it is important to identify what you are striving for daily, monthly, and yearly.  
  4. Utilize your strengths and hire experts where you feel that you are lacking.
  5. Less is more… Having a clear service that you provide and a cohesive brand on all fronts is integral to success.

After sharing these incredibly savvy 5 business tips, Brit recounts her life’s journey through the good, the bad, and the real. She grew up in a loving, quiet conservative family where body image issues and pre-teen girl struggles weren’t often talked about. At age 9, swimsuit anxiety plagued her and she noticed that even at this young age, no swimsuit provided her with confidence.

Tie Dye Tassel Tunic Coverup

BeachCandy Swimwear's Female Founder, Brit B.

At an early age, Brit had an entrepreneurial spirit and had a knack for business. Her experiences as a young adult working for a Brazilian swimwear company and as an assistant managing Diane’s Swimwear made it clear to her that the swimwear industry was missing something crucial to women worldwide.

However, it wasn’t until she started college, at Pratt Institute in New York, that Brit’s passion for creating swimwear ignited. Brit began to notice that women just like her, had a hard time finding flattering swimsuits that did not make them feel matronly. 

This struggle, paired with her desire to create, grew her passion for sewing and designing, into building a brand and swimsuit sanctuary for women around the globe. Soon after, BeachCandy was born with the goal of enhancing the beautiful gift of the female body.  

BeachCandy Swimwear - For Women by Women

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As the dream of BeachCandy took off, Brit’s health began to deteriorate. In 2009, she began to feel the crippling symptoms of her autoimmune disease and went from doctor to doctor looking for answers with no luck.

Over time, Brit realized that being a business owner who struggled with chronic pain came with many difficulties and increased stress. As these symptoms worsened, Brit was diagnosed with a spinal disease, and she finally began to get answers. 

With a clear diagnosis and appropriate care, Brit’s health began to improve. By paying attention to what she eats by focusing on clean organic foods, she rearranged her life to create room for mental and physical health. Doing so allowed her to create a lifestyle where BeachCandy could thrive and she could feel 100% healthy and energized in her own skin. 

jeweled bikini bottom

Our Signature "BRITB VIP Swarovski Bikini" Bottom

Today BeachCandy exemplifies many of the morals and values Brit discovered along her long journey to success and happiness. The biggest lesson is to stay strong and stay dedicated. If it weren’t for Brit’s unwavering dedication and passion, BeachCandy would not be where it is today. There will always be bumps on the road to success. It is how one overcomes those obstacles and perseveres when times are hard. Brit did not allow for her autoimmune disease to come between herself and her lifelong dream. Instead she persevered and turned her dream into reality.

BeachCandy Swimwear provides an amazing swimwear sanctuary to women worldwide that will continue it’s legacy of quality over everything in the years to come.
The Real Women Shine podcast is an inspiration to real everyday women who have a dream, however big or small, that they hope to manifest. Brit’s story and vulnerability through this episode create an inspiring unbreakable bond with our loyal listeners and this is just the beginning of what is in store for Season 2! 
Stay tuned & shine on babes!


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