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The Best Bikinis Ever... Have you ever felt the compromise when swimsuit shopping? Your search is over! Welcome to the BeachCandy Swimwear Experience. From fine Italian-Made fabrics to Swarovski hand-beading...BeachCandy is the Tiffany's of Swimwear. Shop our latest collection and see for yourself!


Love the monokini in this video?? The MAGGIE Monokini is a delightful monokini that has a triangle top. If you’re on the lookout for cute one piece swimsuits, then this monokini may just be the perfect product for your tastes.

This is a top pick for a a lot of our new mommies who are looking for a bit more tummy coverage without going to a full one piece swimsuit. This is also a terrific swimsuit for women who are interested in something that’s a refreshing combination of alluring and modest.

MAGGIE Monokini One Piece Swimsuit

The triangle top is built in and provides dependable support. It also covers a lot of the back. Since the monokini has a nice triangle top, it’s appropriate for women regardless of how big or small their bust size may be. Women can comfortably wear this regardless of whether they have A cups or E cups.

If you have a larger cup size, your Maggie swimsuit will come with convenient double straps that that can boost the support you receive. The swimsuit has a particularly long torso. If you need to adjust this, you can do so for free.

The goal is to accommodate torsos of all different lengths. People can also choose between three distinctive hip choices.

These are full VIP, light VIP and lastly, tie sides. If you’re looking to attain a swimsuit look that’s particularly sophisticated, then you may especially adore the VIP choices. Although this monokini offers a little bit of coverage for the stomach area and therefore isn’t technically a “real” bikini, it’s just as sexy and enticing.


The amount of stomach that peers through the swimsuit’s sides is just enough to be mysterious and compelling. As far as materials go, MAGGIE is composed of twenty percent spandex and eighty percent nylon. The swimsuit was produced in the state of California. Maggie is a lovely swimsuit for people who like to customize their attire.

If you’re a big fan of this swimsuit yet would like to make a few tweaks to it, that option is indeed open to you. You can adjust things such as the back coverage and rise, for example. Due to the supportive triangle top, it is a great choice for all cup sizes (A-Cup through E-Cup)! Double straps are added on the Large (D-Cup), XL (DD-Cup), and E-Cup tops to provide even better support for larger bust. 

While shopping feel free to reach out our our expert team for assistance in finding the perfect fit. Learn more about BeachCandy's feature in WWD >

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