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High Quality Swimwear

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we hold our high quality swimwear to a standard and league of its own. There is a very large gap of attention to detail when you compare an everyday swimsuit from the market to a BeachCandy swimsuit. We have listed out our top prioirties when it comes to crafting a BeachCandy Swimsuit. For one, each and every style is made locally in Los Angeles to ensure the highest quality control possible. There is absolutely nothing on the market that provides the fit and feel of a BeachCandy Swimsuit. Elevate your Swim Experience. No Compromises. No Sacrifices. Swimwear made well for real women and the real body issues we all face as time goes on. Furthermore, we go beyond fit and create aesthetically unparalleled beauty with each and every style. Feel free to read on our if you would like to shop our world-class collection just click the button below!

Welcome to BeachCandy Swimwear!

Our Inspired Collections by Real Women

Here at BeachCandy, we make sure that our high quality swimsuits are design to make every women feel their very best. Owner and Designer Brit B. is someone who embraces her originality and compassion for other women. Especially when designing each and every style in the collection. She strives for women to have pure confidence while wearing a swimsuit. Creating timeless pieces that are classic and chic, while also solving women’s problems. 


A Perfect Fit for Women of All Ages & Sizes

 FIT is one of the biggest factors that separates BeachCandy from the rest. Brit’s favorite branding phrase is “Chic Coverage & Comfort without Compromise.” Each pattern is custom-made according to the women’s needs and desires.  BeachCandy custom makes every swimsuit to best with everyone's body type. Furthermore, each swimsuit is designed to fit every women's cup size for the best comfort.  Once your personal pattern is perfect. We file it away along with your measurements. This makes it easier for you to simply order a new swimsuit as all your measurements will already be on file. This way we can return to it when you want another. This preserves our perfectly executed recipe for your future orders. 

Only the Best High Performance Fabric

BeachCandy sources only the most excellent high performance fabrics that not only look the best, but feels the best on your skin. Our fabric is design to bring comfort to all of our swimsuits. Also, it is able to provide a nice fit that for an all day wear.  Fabric is ultimately what makes every swimsuit feel and fit the best. We double line each and every swimsuit to create extra built-in support and comfort for the wearer. You will not have to worry anymore about any discomfort in your bathing suits.

Furthermore, we make sure that every swimsuit is made with the best comfort. Whether it's a high waisted bikini or any bandeau top, it is made with the best comfort that every women is looking for. Also, BeachCandy offers a wide variety of fabric colors to choose from.  Even more, color block with our two piece swimsuits to create a unique and one of a kind swimsuit outfit. Your BeachCandy suit will last a lifetime when cared for properly, thanks to our high performance fabrics.

Cut to Order

Unlike other swimwear brands, at BeachCandy our suits are hand-cut & made to order to ensure that a perfect fit, time and time again. We take accurate measurements and make sure that every piece is perfectly hand-cut to create the perfect swimsuit. Whether you are looking for one piece swimsuits or a two piece, we provide a precise hand-cut that will have your swimsuit looking like no other. 

Find Your Perfect Swimsuit with BeachCandy


 The highest quality ingredients, attention to detail, and engineered construction are the cornerstones to the way we do business. Our expert seamstresses take extreme care and time with each BeachCandy swimsuit to ensure our superior standard. Every detail in the swimsuit is taken into account for our clients. Therefore, there is honest heart and soul that goes into every piece made at BeachCandy. We make every women swimsuit vision come to live. We create confidence and make sure that every one feels their very best. With the driving force of knowing we are making a difference, one woman at a time.


Individuality is what sets us apart. Each BeachCandy contains our signature ingredient, Swarovski Candy. The "Candy" in BeachCandy. Add that extra sparkle around the inner corner of your bikini top of simply have them on the side of your bikini bottom for the perfect finishing touch.  Above all, no matter where our Swarovski crystals are places, it adds the perfect touch to any of our swimsuits. For a polished finish, our signature BEACHCANDY emblem is hand-sewn on the back of every suit. 

Engineered Design

Our swimsuits are all different in their own way. They are design all design in a way that is unique and different. This is what makes BeachCandy different. Above all , all of our designs have different cuts and patters that create uniqueness in every swimsuit. Our bathing suits are beautifully design to best fit what every women is looking for. Furthermore, we make you swimsuit vision come to life.

Perfection for All Women

BeachCandy isn’t about one particular look. In fact, it is all for embracing women of all shapes and sizes to feel confidence while wearing one of our suits.  That is our main goal. We want women to feel their very best when wearing a BeachCandy swimsuit. Feel confident and embrace your curves with BeachCandy bikinis one piece or mix and match with any of our swimsuits for the picture perfect snapshot. 


Our branding trickles all the way down to our careful hand packaged orders. Therefore, each order hand packed with care including BeachCandy’s signature colors and details.  Inside you will find a hand written note from our BeachCandy Team. We truly care for our clients and make sure that they feel appreciated. This is why we have such a loyal, growing following.

Made in Los Angeles

 BeachCandy is proudly made in Los Angeles, CA. Our commitment is to keep all employment in the US no matter how BIG we get! We like keeping our attention to detail and quality all under our local watch. Feel the difference when you try on a BeachCandy swimsuit. From fit to finish, we hold our quality to the highest standards.

Thank you for reading all about our High Quality Swimwear for Real Women. As you are shopping the collection feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our expert team is happy to assist you in finding your perfect BeachCandy Swimsuit. We are available via live chat, email, or a phone call away.

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Last but certainly not least, please comment below if you have any questions or concerns regarding your own swimwear issues. We are a brand built on listening & problem solving for women of all ages, shapes, & sizes.

Thank you & Shine On BeachCandy Babes! Xx

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