Whim Things Custom Hats

Whim Things Customized Hats

WHIM THINGS is based out of Southern California and was created by two best friends Amanda + Jen who love beautiful and whimsical things. They both have a background in fashion and beauty and were inspired by trending styles and designs that they wanted to offer, but with a customize-able or personal touch. Come to personalize your Whim Things Customized Hats

Want to know more about these dynamic babes? Read the interview below...

1. How did Whim Things Customized Hats come to be and how did you come up with the cute name?

We had a weekend getaway trip to Palm Springs planned with a couple of our girlfriends and wanted to wear cute hats to lounge in around the pool. We had seen some custom embellished sun hats on Etsy, social media as well as some styles sold in Nordstrom. But didn’t want to spend the $400+ for a designer hat from Nordstrom.

And figured we could create our own so we embellished a unique hat for each other and our other girlfriends.

The customized hats were a hit at the pool during our vacation and after posting a picture on social media of us wearing our hats, we had an influx of inquiries as to where we got our hats. We decided over a dinner at Boiling Crab that we should start the business together customizing sun hats and see where it goes - since we decided this on a whim, we named the company Whim Things.

2. What is your favorite Whim Things piece?

It definitely has to be the original piece that we started the company with and that’s the wide brim Panama hat that can be customized.

 3. How long have you been besties for? How did you meet?

We’ve actually been friends since freshman year of high school, so that spans back 15 years. We met while in line for orientation for our new school! We attended a performing/fine arts high school, Jen was studying Visual Arts and Amanda in Classical/Contemporary dance. 

4. What do you think is the most important factor in friendship?

A friendship like any other relationship we feel has to be built on a strong foundation of honesty and communication. We tell each other how we feel no matter what and make sure to be articulate in what we expect from each other when it comes to the business. We know when to be serious, and when to be fun - and we will never let business related matters get in the way of our friendship.

5. What celeb would you love to see most in your brand?

I think it would be exciting to see any celebrity wearing our brand. We get extremely excited enough to see our customers wearing our hats. We enjoy seeing what we made with our hands, get into the hands of our customers and it’s fun to see the destinations that they take our hats to or ways that they style their hat.

 6. What is in the future for Whim Things?

This past year has been whirlwind for us. Also, we definitely want to start exploring more collaborations, as well as other ways to customize our products. We do have a girls’ style hat, but maybe looking into offering a mens’ style hat? This past summer we had launched a handcrafted pom pom straw bag, and so we love finding other pieces and items that we can personalize and  pair  nicely with our hats.

For More Info on Whim Things Customized Hats and Accessory Line visit their website HERE.

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