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Empowering Women - Swimwear & Sobriety

NDFW & BeachCandy Partner together in empowering women to be, feel, and look their best. Read about how low self-esteem can lead to a spectrum of issues from body image to drug abuse and how women run these two companies to empower women.

So, what is it about swimwear that make us feel so naked, exposed, and vulnerable?

Swimsuit Issues

This fear, this insecurely, is exactly what I wanted BeachCandy Swimwear to capture, dissect, and defeat through thoughtful design and true listening. As women we all stand together in this, and I have yet to meet a women who is immune to the battle within ourselves when we put on a swimsuit.

Whether it be a better full coverage bottom, a top that gives you lift as if you never breastfed, or offers scar coverage {C-section or otherwise} our daily goal is to offer shelter to those who feel their confident swimwear days are over.

There is something to be said about crossing the line to the other side, taking off your cover-up and not feeling dread. There is a magic, a confidence, an inner glow to feeling your absolute best in a swimsuit.

And guess what you are worth it… every woman is.

From our vast offering in our ready-to-wear collection to custom made-to-order swimwear we do it all. We pride ourselves on being the “Swimwear Sanctuary” for ALL women every age, every size, every walk of life, every battlefield. BeachCandy is known worldwide for understanding the female form, fit, and function and most importantly the ability to perfectly execute anything women desire when it comes to swimwear.

Recently I had the honor and privilege of donating swimsuits to every woman at a local nonprofit addiction treatment center for women here in Costa Mesa, New Directions for Women. One of the unique things about NDFW is that women can get help for their alcoholism or drug addiction while bringing their dependent children with them, and can be in any trimester of pregnancy.

The intense stigma that surrounds addiction, especially for women, has left our women feeling unworthy, less than, and hopeless when they first enter our doors. This shameful suffering can continue on for years or decades if they don’t receive help.

An important part of the work at NDFW is rebuilding women’s self confidence, and showing them they are worth it!  It was an incredible experience to watch women pick out pieces that made them feel amazing, and comfortable in their bodies. It was especially heart-warming to see the young daughter of one of the ladies pick out her first swimsuit of her own!

Women Empowering Women

Women with low self-esteem are more influenced by the world around them. As an example, someone with low self-confidence may have trouble overcoming negative thoughts and feelings, and turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. There are various studies that have discovered a connection between low self-esteem and substance use disorder.

On the other hand of course, taking actions to build self-worth reduces the risk of addiction. The founders of New Directions for Women imagined a sanctuary for women, where they could go to get help from the disease of addiction, with dignity and grace. It’s a place for women, by women.

In the forty years of their existence, they have expanded into a beautiful and home-like setting one block off the Newport Back Bay Nature Preserve.

Being women only, New Directions for Women is able to help women dealing with trauma and histories of violence. Many of the women that seek addiction treatment with them have had multiple treatment episodes or several relapses; the thing they do differently is heal women over the long haul.

A ninety day stay is recommended, and some women have stayed in treatment for a year or longer. To learn more about the life changing work at New Direction for Women, visit New Directions for Women. There are lots of ways to get involved in giving time, talent, and treasure.

You may have someone in your life that you’re concerned about their drinking or using. New Directions’ caring intake staff can help talk about options.

So join us in the revolt against the lack of self proclaimed love for ourselves. Life is too short to doubt and dwindle in the limbo space of less than. And as I always like to say, “Never Ever Compromise in Life, Love, and Swimwear.”

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