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Modern Twist On The Triangle Bikini

Nothing says sexy and summer like showing up to the pool party in a triangle bikini top. At BeachCandy we offer top quality triangle bikini tops with amazing support that will make you sparkle all summer long. Our triangle tops are far from ordinary, from neutral colors to some exotic patterns. You'll complete your summer triangle top by adding our signature 'Candy' for an extra bling.

Below we have created a list of our top sellers. Our triangle bikini tops will have you feeling like a sexy goddess this summer.

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triangle bikini tops

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

First, we have to introduce our bestseller ALEXA Triangle Top. This beauty differs from all other classic bikinis out there because of its design and construction. We create only the highest quality swimwear, and our triangle tops are no exception.

With extra padding, you'll have rounded and lifted cleavage that stays in place. This top is great for all cup sizes, but especially for larger ones. We know how frustrating triangle bikinis can be, so we added an extra adjustable string for more support and lift.

To make this traditional styled top extraordinary, we highly recommend adding our Signature 'CANDY' Swarovski Crystals. Each crystal is handwoven into the suit with lifetime warranty and will never dull, crack, or break.

Slip on a pair of the matching String Bikini Bottoms to complete this classic summer look! These come in either full or cheeky coverage, and for extra glam we offer stunning 'CANDY' beading as well.

Pair with ALEXA Classic String Bikini Bottoms

Pair the ALEXA Triangle Top with the other star product ALEXA String Bikini Bottoms. They are born to be paired with. ALEXA bottoms have a double-lined bottom for the best comfort. Their durability are long as well. The ALEXA also comes in two different styles.

You can go cheeky with American Brazilian or be the modest lady with Full Coverage. Trust us, those bikini bottoms last longer than you ever expected. The styles are just so simple yet very sexy. It is guaranteed that those bottoms are your best go-to for your summer looks. 

Best Push Up Top Ever

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

If you're looking for a triangle top with more padding, say hello to the ELLEN. This expertly designed top is different than most push up triangle tops out there. We constructed side wings so every inch of your side bust is tucked in and lifted up with round foam lining.

To amp up the sexiness even more, try our stunning Swarovski Crystal sliders. They can be cinched down for extra breast enhancement or slid up for a looser fit! There's no way you can go wrong with this unique triangle piece.

Our most popular combo is the ELLEN Top with our SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms seamlessly hold in any tummy concerns with a high rise cut. They are the perfect mix between modest and sexy booty coverage.

Everyone who has tried on these two pieces has absolutely fallen in love with them, and you will too.

Gold Bikini

Gold Bikini Triangle Top

This ultra-glam triangle top is to die for. If you're not afraid of a little sparkle, we made this golden goddess bikini top for you. We absolutely recommend this top for D-E cup shoppers because of our high quality and supportive design. This bikini truly shines with our gold 'CANDY' Swarovski Crystals.

An absolute killer duo is pairing this with the GOLD Metallic Bikini Bottoms. These limited edition babies are selling fast because of the superior quality fabric we use. Opt for either full coverage or cheeky-whatever your preference is! The full coverage comes extra modest with a higher tummy rise so you'll feel secure all day long.

Another match made in swimwear heaven is pairing the Gold 24K Top with the Gold VIP 'BRITB' Swarovski Bikini. This is our world famous bestseller for good reason! You'll never find bikini bottoms as glamorous as these ones. In addition, we offer full VIP with over 500 crystals, or light VIP for a more economical option with 150 handwoven crystals.

luxury designer swimwear

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

Our biggest bust enhancer comes with deluxe foam push up padding to ensure a fabulous result. These pads are so lightweight you won't feel uncomfortable, and they're sewn directly into the top so there's no hassle.

The best part about this triangle bikini is the 3 adjustable ties at the neck, back, and center front cleavage. This provides you with ultimate comfortability as you can adjust it however you'd like it to fit.

So, we recommend this for women of all body types that want a breast enhancement of one cup size. If you want effortless, beautiful, lifted cleavage, LAURA is the answer to your prayers. Our Signature Swarovski Candy will give you an extraordinary polished look poolside.

If you're looking for a suit that will give you the ultimate beach body, try the SAINT TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom. This bottom is designed to show off your bodacious backside in the best way possible. The scrunch addition makes you look perky without any effort.

Embellished Bikini Top

LEYLA Embellished Bikini Top

For our smaller chested babes out there, here's your new best friend. Behold our skimpiest and sexiest triangle bikini top we have ever made. We lined this top to give extra support naturally and added ruffled edges for a playful touch. You'll look extra flirty in this adorable triangle top.

Our favorite part about this piece is the adorable fringe tassels on the ends. They complete this playful look by adding a boho vibe. If you're wanting more elegance, our Swarovski Crystal beading make a high fashion finish.

Scrunch Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

Most of all, we are obsessed with the LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottoms and how lightweight they are. They come complete with no seams and a sexy scrunch butt that creates a beautiful illusion.

This is a low-cut bottom with skimpy coverage, so be prepared for all the jaw drops! Don't forget to complete this amazing bikini top with LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom. They are the perfect choice for paring with the LEYLA Bikini Top.

Thus, this bottom and this triangle bikini top will be your dream bikinis. They will complete you with a dreamy look. The bottom does not have an elastic edge. It's also a great fit for any size. Do you see those adorable fringe tassels? They add a sass twist onto the classic bottom.

Although this bottom is a low-cut with a cheeky coverage, it has adjustable hips. Thus, you do not have to worry about revealing too much skin. In all, the swimsuit bottom is very perfect for all the occasions. Trust us, it's just perfect.

best halter top

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

Look no further for a comfortable, sexy, and flattering halter triangle bikini. Our main focus while crafting this suit was undeniable comfortability, and it fits like a bralette bikini top. Our expert designer wanted to create a halter top suitable for XS-E cup shoppers, and we succeeded. With so many print options, you're bound to find one you love.

For smaller busts, add our supreme quality push up pads. For everyone, we recommend adding Swarovski Crystal sliders that cinch up or down to your preference. They can easily enhance your cup size and are removable.

Our RACHEL Cheeky Boyshort Bikini Bottom is a fan favorite as well. It's seamless so no after what your body type, it will fit like a glove. The boy short design gives extra coverage in the front, and the cheeky backside has adorable keyholes with optional Swarovski Crystals.

Ruffle Bikini Top

ROCHELLE Ruffle Bikini Top

We are in love with this playful ruffle top! A touch of Swarovski Crystals will turn this look from casual to elegant. These ruffles will solve your problems if you want the illusion of a bigger bust. For even more enhancement, add extra push up padding.

The JENN Slimming Scrunch Bikini Bottom pairs with this nicely. However, if you're not ready to show off your backside, we offer it in full coverage too. Either way, the added elastic scrunch sewn into the back will give your booty a pop. This bikini bottom is guaranteed to hug your body curves naturally and will not squeeze at the hips bottoms.

However, unwanted tightness will not be happened to this bikini bottom. The bikini bottoms come in full coverage yet have a Brazilian cut in the back. You can also have a scrunch version. BeachCandy babes choose your favorites and serve your own desire best.

Additionally, this seamless bottom has this cut out design to add this perfect with a scrunch deal to compliment women's body curves. Those straps are seamless which means you they will not dig into the hips.

The JENN Brazilian Scrunch Bottom Bikini has many features that our customers love including seamless feature, scrunch butt bikini bottom and simple no-tie bikini bottoms. It is one bikini but owns all the best features. These Brazilian style bottoms can be paired with any your favorite bikini top for a hot summer look.  

The Billionaire Bikini


Turn heads in this jaw-dropping triangle bikini. This is the ultimate loungewear while you're drinking champagne poolside in Las Vegas. Most importantly, this top is very supportive because we always want our customers feeling confident and secure.

This seductive top has hundred of handwoven Swarovski Crystals embedded, and it has lifetime guarantee. Even better, the larger the cup size, the more this top shines bright!


THE BILLIONAIRE Luxury Bikini Bottom is expertly handmade to match the top perfectly. Our expert designers spend over 100 hours embedding the crystals to make sure you look top-notch. Additionally, this VIP Bottom was in Sports Illustrated as Editor's Pick, so you know this is a high quality swimsuit.

The Billionaire Luxury Bikini Bottom once was only available as custom ordered. Now, they become available to our BeachCandy babes online as well. This bikini top is just like a precious jewelry that for people to collect them. Do you know that both of our BILLIONAIRE pieces are hand-made in our studio located at Costa Mesa in SoCal?

In addition, all the Swarovski Crystals are elegantly onto the bikinis. Every piece takes 100 hours to complete. It is not just a masterpiece of luxury and shining but more like a work of craftsmanship. BILLIONAIRES will make our BeachCandy Babes shine like a bright star in the sky.

cut out bikini bottom

The VICTORIA Cut Out Top

Just like all out other triangle tops, this is with superior design, construction, and quality fabric. Firstly, the sexy cut outs are a unique and flirty style. Secondly, we doubled the support with an extra adjustable string.

Our Frida Collection suits are the love, care, and inspiration from the beautifully artistic Frida Kahlo herself.

Lastly, our VICTORIA Cut Out Bottoms are specially for C-Section moms. The high rise in the front allows coverage, but the cut outs allow amazing tan lines. This bottom won't squeeze you but instead fit in all the right places.

It is such a sexy yet comfortable bottom. However, you will be so surprised by its design. It is exceptionally simple yet featuring the cut out detail. What's more, the bikini bottom also has a moderate rise for C-section scars. The cut out design just adds the sexy and sass vibe to your final summer hot look.

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Triangle Bikini Top Edit!

Thanks for reading all about our our swim tops. They are built to last for years to come with amazing fit and quality. Every woman should feel extraordinary in a bathing suit, no matter her body type. Our mission is to #StopTheCompromise and change the swimwear industry for the better.

If you're looking for a bandeau bikini top, check out our blog all about our best strapless bikinis. We post daily on our Instagram to keep you updated on upcoming flash sales, new bikinis, and more.

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