String Bikini Bottoms

The Perfect String Bikini Bottoms

We know that our BeachCandy Babes are in love with the fit of our perfect string bikini bottoms! A go-to style, string bikini bottoms are very flattering on your body and allow easy room for adjustment. These style of bottoms are a classic, and we have designed a variety of different fits just for you.

Known for being a sexy style, string bikini bottoms are perfect for showing off the right curves on your body and making those legs look long. While we have cheeky options, BeachCandy also provides a few modest approaches to the string bikini bottoms because we know that you also seek tummy coverage and comfort.

The string bikini bottoms that we designed are unique in every way, and we guarantee that you will want them all. In all kinds of prints and colors, you'll be coming back for more. Shop the perfect string bikini bottoms below and find your new favorite bottom.

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classic string bikini bottoms

ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

The ALEXA String Bikini Bottom is one of our bestsellers, and for good reason! This classic bottom is available in both Cheeky and Full Coverage to suit your personal look. For a more flirty look, you can also customize it by adding an extra scrunch in the back.

This bottom nicely rests on your hips to elongate those legs and show off your curves in all the right places. With a string tie, you have the option to control how loosely you want your bottoms to fit. Not only will you feel sexy in the ALEXA, you will also feel like you're glowing with its added Genuine Swarovski Crystals. Nothing would be complete without our signature candy, of course.

The ALEXA is the perfect option for an effortless yet sexy swimsuit look. For more of a tummy coverage option, wear the ALEXA in a full coverage fit! It sits up a little higher on your tummy to hide half an inch more, while still making you look amazing. Match  this bottom with our favorite MARIA Sarong Wrap Skirt to create the ultimate summer look. 

Grommet Bikini Bottom

HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom

For extra coverage and comfort, the HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom is a great choice. While it does not look like a typical string bikini bottom, the lace-up detailing on the side still gives you the freedom to adjust how it fits. Loosely tie them to subtly show off some skin or tighten them if you want a more secure fit.

The HALLE is one of our bestsellers because of its modest rise and coverage in the back. It conceals the tummy and any scars that may be there, making it a great fit for our ladies that want to feel beautiful in a swimsuit.

This swimsuit bottom is available in a Palm Print and a solid BLACK color. Because of its modest fit, the HALLE is the perfect bottom for ultimate support. We like to pair it with our MILOH Beach Cover Up Dress to show off just the right curves. The MILOH is a nice touch and reveals the cute lace detailing of the HALLE bottoms. 

adjustable bikini

CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottom

The CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottoms provide more coverage for  a string bikini bottom, while still highlighting the right curves. At BeachCandy, we want you to feel comfortable in a swimsuit which is why we understand the want for extra tummy coverage.

The side-tie looks like a fashionable keyhole which makes this bottom that much more unique. Available in a variety of different colors, the CATIE is sure to become a fashion staple in your closet this summer! It hugs your hips just right, and is more of a modest approach to the classic string bikini bottom.

If you seek a sexy string bikini bottom but still want the tummy coverage of the CATIE, we recommend you add a half-scrunch to enhance your booty! It is a flattering fit that is sure to make you stand out. Like most of our swimsuits, the CATIE can also be customized with Swarovski Crystals so that you shine under the sun this summer.

We love the comfort of the CATIE, so we suggest adding the HARUKO Short Kimono Beach Cover Up to this look for more coverage. The beautiful lace of this cover up loosely hangs on your body so that you have free movement. The open front feature of the cover up also allows you to choose how much or how little skin you want to reveal.

string bikini bottom

LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom

Want a more flirty approach to the string bikini bottom? Then the LEYLA Scrunch is the perfect style for you. This bottom gives you that perfect cheeky coverage that you're looking for. Its scrunch style gives your booty an extra pop that will effortlessly compliment those curves.

Since we prioritize comfort for our BeachCandy Babes, we designed the LEYLA without an elastic edge. This means that you won't have to worry about the bottoms digging into your skin. We want you to feel at home in a BeachCandy Swimsuit, and the LEYLA was designed for that purpose.

Its tie-strings end in cute tassels that provide an extra little pop to your bottoms! Available in three classic colors, this bottom pairs nicely with any of our BeachCandy Bikini Tops. It works great to highlight the right parts of your body and looks flattering on every figure.

We love to see the LEYLA paired with our FRINGE Skirt Cover Up. This combination is great for lounging by the pool, and the FRINGE gives a peek at the flirty fit of these scrunch bottoms. Together, these pieces work well to enhance your curves and give your booty a little extra pop.

adjustable tie bikini bottom

JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottom

For our sexy and daring BeachCandy Babes, the JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms are just the right style. These sultry bottoms show off just the right amount of seductive skin. We know that our BeachCandy babes want to show off that booty, so we created the JOANNE just for them.

These bottoms are nicely held together by the cute lace up design on the hips so that you feel secure in this skimpy option. The side-ties also end in flirty tassels in order to compliment the sexy look of the JOANNE. It will accentuate that booty and make you stand out, while still being comfy.

We also designed the JOANNE with seamless edges so that they rest nicely on your hips without riding up or tugging in the wrong places. Enjoy your summer in these sexy bottoms, knowing that your booty will pop just the way you want it to! No need to sacrifice comfort for style, you can have them both.

A sexy bottom needs a sexy cover up to go with it, which is why we suggest shopping our ROLANA Tunic Cover Up. This floor length mesh piece beautifully reveals the bathing suit underneath in a subtle way. It is the perfect pairing if you want to look extra sexy this summer.

best string bikini

GOLD Metallic Bikini Bottom

Looking for a one-of-a-kind addition to your swimsuit collection? Then shop our limited edition GOLD Metallic Bikini Bottoms. This exquisite gold bottom is for the lavish lady that wants to be the life of the party! Not only does the beautiful metallic gold reflect nicely in the sun, but with our signature Swarovski Crystal detailing, it also shines on its own.

We want you to feel comfortable in your swimsuit, which is why the GOLD bottoms come in a Full Coverage or American Brazilian option. Either fit will be a unique addition to your collection, and there is no denying how great you will look in this featured piece.

It is perfectly cut to make your body look amazing, and comes with cute adjustable tassel ties. To make your booty pop, just add extra scrunch. For all BeachCandy Babes, the GOLD Bottoms are a must-have.

Want more of our BeachCandy classics? Then shop our favorite ANGELICA Sheer Cover Up which levels up your look. This luxurious and silky cover up enhances the already unique GOLD Metallic Bottoms. Together, this creates an elegant outfit for your next vacation.


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