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Vacation Packing List

vacation pack list

Vacation Packing List

Your flight is booked, hotel reserved, and you've been daydreaming about umbrella cocktails and sandy naps ever since you clicked BOOK right?! For fact, we know the feeling... As the time draws near to packing you might find you want to bring more than necessary or feel lost all together.... Don't worry, we are here to make your life easy with the ultimate packing list.

We have created a packing checklist of our must-haves and a few extra travel items often forgotten. Enjoy & Happy Packing!

Let's start with our favorites shall we?

  1.  Swimsuits! (Depending on the amount of time you are going but we love to be extravagant and bring at least 5 swimsuits, they are small enough anyways right?) Check out our Bestselling Swimsuits this season!     

    Best Push Up Top Ever

    Try the ELLEN Best Bikini Top is perfect for every tropical vacation. This bikini top is perfect in fit, quality, and style! You can't go wrong with a swimsuit that lifts and enhances your natural bust line in a magnificent way. In addition, the ELLEN Best Bikini Top gives you that stylish halter look but without any neck or back pain due to the criss-crossing in the back. You feel so comfortable and secure in a top like this, ready for any and every beach adventure.

  2.  Cover Ups (1 per swimsuit is the goal, always exciting to have a fresh look each day... Here's a few of our favorites... SABRINA, FRINGE TUNIC, and definitely a must the MARIA Sarong.     

    Versatile Honeymoon Cover Up

  3.  A handful of light fun dresses for dinners and day trips. BeachCandy Swimwear has tons of Beach Cover Ups like the CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up shown in the photo below and the ANIMALE High Neck Maxi Cover Up. Both of these beautiful dresses are perfect to wear over a swimsuit at the beach or even with heels for a night out in town. Many of our customers rave about how these dresses can truly be worn everywhere!  Maxi Cover Up

  4.  A pair or two of jean shorts... could be worn down to the pool, sightseeing, or hiking.

  5. Also, a few of breezy tank tops and a few beachy skirts

    best cover up

    SABRINA Beach Cover Up is a wonderful choice for both a beach shirt or even a skirt. What's more, you can wear this fantastic design in 4 different ways. No other beach cover up can do that. It is extremely light weight and carefree. This breezy beach skirt will leave you feeling like the goddess you are.

  6. 1-3 pairs of sandals and 1 pair of closed toe walking shoes.

  7. Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals

    The Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals are a fantastic choice for a glamours day shoe. Hand crafted genuine Swarovski Crystals and pure genuine leather are the most signature feature of these sandals.. Thus, this shoe is perfect for a walk on the board walk or a day in the town. For instance, our customers rave about how comfortable and long lasting these sandals are.

  8.  Workout clothes & gear

  9.  2 bras... (1 regular and one strapless) nude in color is always a good way to go... underwear enough for each day, goes without saying.

  10.  1 jacket to wear on the plane (being cold while flying is the worst) and also in case the nights cool off or it rains...

  11.  Light jewelry to intermix with your dinnertime looks  (earrings, stackable necklaces, etc)

  12.  Phone charger and if you've rented a car... an A/C Adapter for the car to charge your phone while touring around.

  13.  Toiletries... deodorant, razor, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, etc...

  14. In addition, sunscreen but make sure its a size TSA won't confiscate into your Vacation Packing List.

  15. A hat or two to keep your face protected from constant sunlight.

  16. Sunglasses 

    womens luxury brand designer sunglasses

    The BEVERLY Sunglasses by IVI are oversized shaped frames with soft curves. These are perfect to pair with every BeachCandy swimsuit and cover up.

  17. Camera, charger, laptop if needed, but we recommend going technology light so you can really lean into vacay mode!

  18. Download a few books to Kindle and really take your mind on vacation.

  19. Passport (as needed) and of course look into Visas, Immunizations, etc if needed where you are headed.

  20.  Small purse (keep it light on vacay) to carry ID, Credit Cards, lipstick, and phone.

  21.  Romantic Getaway? Don't forget to pack lingerie and even a few tea light candles into your Vacation Packing List surprise your love with a sexy night in.

Custom Bikinis

If you have everything taken care of but are still struggling to find perfect bikinis that fit you to a T, don't worry. In fact, give us a call at BeachCandy Swimwear and we will work with your measurements, shape, and style to personalize a swimsuit for you. What's better, if you live near Costa Mesa, you can book to have a personal fitting here at our design loft. Therefore, you can look through a plethora of designs, materials, and styles and create your own. In addition, we want you to leave our studio with a swimsuit that was made for your body, literally!

Most Importantly Don't Forget to Have Fun!

If you forget anything you can always shop when you arrive and really break your mind away from life at home and sink into the deep relaxation of vacation. It is so important to take time to recharge and reset!

In conclusion, vacations are about spending time with your friends, family, or even just taking time for yourself. Be proud of your body and love your self the way you are! Actually, every woman is gorgeous in their own way. Thus, we are here to show you that. We hope you BeachCandy babes have a relaxing and well deserved vacation. Tag us @beachcandyswimwear in all your bikini pics! We can't wait to watch you thrive! Xx

If you are a fan of our brand, then look through the rest of our products for everyday or vacation wear.

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