History of BeachCandy Swimwear

The History of BeachCandy Swimwear

Hello friends, my name is Brit the founder, pattern maker and designer at BeachCandy. It all began with a dream that all women deserve to feel spectacular in a swimsuit. 

Inspired by a lifetime of insecurity in swimwear alongside a passion for constructing garments from a young age. So upon graduation from Pratt in Brooklyn, New York I set out to rectify a massive missing in the swim industry. Substantial, high quality swimsuits that secure, support and shape the body. I actually trademarked the name BeachCandy my Junior year of college and launched 3 years later with my life savings.

BeachCandy Store in Newport Beach

We Opened Our Doors in Spring 2011...

March 2011 – We celebrated the opening of our flagship BeachCandy store on Pacific Coast Highway. On the shores of Corona del Mar, Newport Beach California.

A swimsuit sanctuary where all women could come to find their idea of the perfect swimsuit. Word spread quickly as we offered one-of-a-kind custom swimsuits with production in the back of our store. Women would come from around the world to design their idea of the perfect BeachCandy swimsuit.

Our first year in business, BeachCandy was named Editor’s Pick in Sports Illustrated. Since then, we have been featured in the swimsuit issue 7 times. Celebrated in countless publications throughout the years. Our dedication to quality and dream of allowing women to shine with confidence in a swimsuit has come true. 

BeachCandy stands alone in an entire industry unparalleled from high quality craftsmanship to our exquisite hand-beaded Swarovski crystal details. This is the “Candy” of BeachCandy…

Organic Fashion for Women

In 2020, after celebrating close to a decade in business we moved the BeachCandy brand exclusively online. Making our famous one-of-a-kind fit accessible to the world. Each and every style is inspired by the fitting room voices of our customers throughout the years. In fact, each style is named after the first woman who inspired the concept.

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January 2023 – As we head into the new year, we are proud to announce our transition to a natural fiber future. As we have always been a pioneer in our industry we are eager to embark on this next journey. Learn all about the toxicity of synthetic fibers here. As we work to protect our health and the health of our planet moving forward.

On a personal note, after a lifetime of ignored signs and symptoms, last year I was diagnosed with (AS) Ankylosing Spondylitis. Upon learning there was no cure aside from weekly chemical injections I was determined to find an alternate escape. After intense study of autoimmunity, epigenetics, and eastern medicine I learned what seems to be hidden in plain sight. 

Toxicity of all forms in our world is the root cause of almost all diseases today.

Since this awareness, I transformed my life and today live symptom-free through a non-toxic lifestyle. And now, ethically I can no longer produce our famous swimsuits from synthetic fibers and exist as more of the problem. But rather find a solution that is unmatched in the market today. So here we climb to the next peak and I promise you the view will be spectacular at the top.

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