Synthetic Fibers

Saying No to Synthetic Fibers

After almost 12 years in business, we have come to the realization that we must be the change moving forward. The truth is synthetic fibers are toxic from production to when finished and worn by people around the world. And with the toxicity in our world today, what we wear matters more than ever. 

Moving into 2023, be the change with BeachCandy. Take a stand with us as we lead the way into a natural fiber future.

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What Are Synthetic Fibers And Why Are They Toxic?

Fabrics like Spandex, Acrylic, Lycra, Nylon, Polyester, and Rayon are made from synthesized polymers which are generally plastics. Prior to World War II clothing was made entirely of natural fibers. An American researcher / inventor of the first synthetic fiber made to handle war time surplus–nylonending up committing suicide. Could his depression have been caused by his constant interaction with these highly toxic chemicals?

Today synthetic fibers make up 70% of the world’s fibers. Some say they are mandatory due to their water resistant or easy to wash properties. There are countless scientific studies proving the negative effects on those who wear synthetic clothing with over 8000 carcinogenic chemicals used to create these materials we wear everyday. 

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The manufacturing of these products that will virtually never biodegrade is polluting our air, water, soil, and wildlife worldwide.

To dive deeper into the toxicity of synthetic fibres, many require petroleum with the release of natural gas to be manufactured. For example, polyester is made from coal and petroleum and when worn, is toxic to the body and unable to absorb moisture. Compared to natural, we know these ingredients are terrible for the public, yet brands still pile the shelves season after season.

The use of natural fibers is certainly not revolutionary, but it is a mandatory move towards good health. And as of 2023, we will be reshaping natural high fashion style while making wellness the trend of a lifetime. 

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Support Our Efforts and Be the Change with BeachCandy

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