Swimwear Spring 2023 

Swimwear, Spring 2023 

Springtime has finally arrived, and we’re ready to freshen our wardrobes for the warmer months!

Spring break 2023 calls for your best pieces to make the most stylish outfits. If you’re looking for a change and want to up your style, BeachCandy’s Organic and Heritage collections carry essentials that you won’t want to pass up. With these two collections, we’ve formed a foundation of the best swimwear, accessory, and cover-up pieces that offer flexibility as you carefully choose which items you want to have this spring. 

Round beach bag

1. BELIZE Round Straw Beach Bag 

Who doesn’t need the perfect straw beach bag this spring? 

Our BELIZE Round Straw Beach Bag makes the perfect addition to your beachwear vacation collection for your spring break. Why not continue with the beach girl vibe and swatch your daily bag with this beach bag for a more elevated tropical look? Be on the theme while on vacation with this bag. It is made in a convenient size where you can pack everything you’ll need for your long hours at the beach. Bring your beach towel, sunscreen, straw hat, book, and more you can fit it all in this cute bag!

2. ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit 

The ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit is a gorgeous pick for those who prefer or need a one-piece swimsuit option. Every collection needs to have a one-piece in it. You’ll never know when you’ll be doing spontaneous water activities during your spring trip and want more security or to hide away from the sun during the last few days of your spring break. 

Our ELYSIA piece comes in four beautiful colors/prints that you can choose from depending on your own style! This one-piece swimsuit option comes in black, white, palm print, and tranquilo. 

Copper drinking bottles

3. PURE INDIA Copper Water Bottle 

Spring is a time when we refresh ourselves. Start off by owning a new water bottle. Our PURE INDIA Copper Water Bottle takes a healthier twist on your traditional plastic or metal bottle. After discovering pure copper benefits in India, we aim to share the benefits of the usage that come from this product. 

This water bottle is made to give several benefits that prevent unwanted health problems like infections, anemia, and cancer. Read more about the product under the “description” tab below the product’s image to gain a better understanding of the insightful benefits that it provides. Throw out your old toxic water bottle and swap it for one that fights for the better of your health. 

High Waisted Retro Bikini Bottoms

4. ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms 

Tummy control is no problem with the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom. If you’re having trouble searching for a pair of swimsuit bottoms with great tummy coverage, these bottoms will achieve the job for you. The ASHLEY is a full-coverage bikini that covers and secures the tummy area while feeling comfortable. You can also gain curve and shape from these bottoms as it seamlessly sculpts your waist. 

This bikini bottom will give you the perfect vintage-inspired look when paired with any bikini top you want to change up. As it's retro-inspired, these bikini bottoms match the swimwear trends we see today!

Pair these bottoms with the matching bikini top HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini with the same print for a complete vintage look.  

Lace bikini top and bottom

5. LA QUINTA Lace Bikini Set 

Our sexy LA QUINTA Lace Bikini Set is a gorgeous swimsuit set that fits flawlessly in your travel-packed bikini haul. Add this swimsuit to your travel wardrobe as you travel across the country to your favorite spring break destination. 

This set has a feminine touch stitched with intricate lace detailing. The bikini top offers comfortable chest support as the bikini bottoms have a moderately cheeky cut. You’ll definitely turn heads in this bikini on your spring break as you tan by the pool of your favorite resort in Miami. 

Swimsuit cover up.

6. SABRINA Beach Cover Up 

Need a beach cover-up? The SABRINA Beach Cover-up is the perfect match for any of your coverage concerns. 

Our SABRINA cover-up is a lightweight, easily compactable, and versatile piece used every day of your trip. Instead of packing multiple beach cover-ups, pack one with many styling features. This piece can wear as a one-shoulder, skirt, or tube dress! 

The SABRINA is one of our most iconic mesh beach cover-up pieces. It pairs beautifully with any bathing suit you wear. You’ll want one in every color after you try it out for the first time.  

Bikini organizer bag.

7. The Original BeachCandy Bikini Organizer™ 

As you pack for spring break, you might not know how to pack your swimsuits. The Original BeachCandy Bikini Organizer is an easy way to pack all of your swimsuits safely. Confidently check in your luggage without worrying about your swimsuits getting smushed throughout travel. 

The organizer comes in 6 pockets for each swimsuit to store. Pick out this product as a part of your organized packing journey. 

String Bikini Top

8. ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top 

The ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top is one of our most iconic pieces because of how versatile it is to match any bikini bottom. This classic bikini top is a timeless piece without going out of trend. You can always fall back on this bikini top as your go-to, backup, or special occasion piece. It can work on any occasion for any swimsuit season. 

Pair this top with the high-cut RYDER French Cut Bikini Bottoms to give you an elongated look from the waist to the legs. 

Turquoise pendant necklace

9. DRISHTI Yoga Necklace 

It’s always nice to spice up an outfit with jewelry. 

Go for the DRISHTI Yoga Necklace to give your look an extra special touch. It is a simple but beautiful way to bring out your personality. Statement pieces like jewelry are a great way to emphasize what’s true to your style. 

Plunge one piece bathing suit

10. PRISCILLA Plunge One Piece Swimsuit 

The PRISCILLA Plunge One Piece Swimsuit is the ultimate one-piece swimsuit for spring break. You’ll want to live in this swimsuit once you wear it. This swimsuit features a thick material with body-shaping qualities that will make you feel good about what you’re wearing. The swimsuit has amazing side tummy coverage that’ll make you feel gorgeous at every angle. 

Go for this swimsuit if you’re looking for support, coverage, and confidence at the same time. It doesn’t miss! 

Relaxation Awaits 

Don’t fret about what to wear during your precious spring vacation. Our top 10 listed products offered descriptions of the best pieces in BC’s Organic and Heritage collections to wear this spring. 

You’ll never run out of ideas on how to pair your favorite accessories with your best beach outfits on vacation. Just focus on relaxing as much as possible before you return to your routine. Outfits should not play a stressful role in your planning. Take it easy and go with the flow because it’s time for a break!

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