Swimwear for Petite Bodies

Swimwear for Petite Bodies

Trying to style any body type can be tricky, but in particular a lot of petite women struggle finding shapes and pieces that flatter their body type. The trick to styling your petite body is by using pieces that elongate your body instead of cutting you off. We offer many petite swimwear pieces and plenty of advice to help you feel confident in your body. 

What is a petite body?

Petite women, like all other body frames, come in different sizes and body shapes. Petite bodies refer specifically to height, not weight. Generally, the rule of thumb is women who are 5’3” and shorter are considered Petite. But often it is more specific to your own body proportions.

Now that we know who is considered petite, I am going to share a few tips and beach looks that will help you style your beautiful, petite self! 

Tip #1: High Waisted Bottoms 

high waist bikini bottom

High-waisted bottoms are particularly amazing because they are designed to emphasize your waist at the most narrow point and emphasize your natural curves. Many petite size women struggle with finding bottoms to disguise their short legs. It is good to avoid basic string bikini bottoms, and go for something structured. 

Another added benefit to high waisted bottoms, is the element of tummy control. They usually sit at the waist and in return will cover your tummy to help you feel more confident. 

The perfect swimsuit bottoms for petite bodies are definitely the MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms. Not only are these bottoms high waisted, but they also offer a high leg cut out to make your legs look longer. 

Tip #2: Crop Tops

high neck bikini crop top

Crop tops are designed specifically for women with long torsos. By styling a crop stop, you are most likely finding a top that actually is the perfect length for your body. 

The key is to wear short, well-fitted tops that do not fall on your hip. We want to enhance your waist, not cover it up. This will give an illusion of a longer body rather than a short torso! 

Another great tip is wearing high neck tops. These will elongate your body rather than emphasize a shorter torso.

One of our favorite cropped Bikini looks is the SWAROVSKI St. Regis High Neck Halter Bikini. It offers a trendy, high neckline and a crop top that will make you look taller with the illusion of length and will also not create too much of a visual divide. 

Tip #3: Avoiding Some Colors/Patterns 

black string bikini

It is fascinating how colors and patterns can play tricks on our eyes. Darker colors often can help you look a lot taller, rather than lighter colors. In many elements of design, light colors tend to make an area look bigger, and in the case of clothing, shorter. 

Also, stay away from horizontal stripes to avoid widening your body to make it look shorter. The best print for a petite woman is often a solid, dark color like black, blue or burgundy. 

We recommend our ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top. It comes in a solid black color which will flatter your body. But also, with some added bling to spice it up, so it is not too boring! 

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We hope these tips will help you find a perfect swimsuit that can flatter your body better than just your average swimsuit. Your body is beautiful and should be styled in a way that makes you the absolute most confident! 

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Written by Kennedy Oakley.
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