Swimwear Brand Goes Plant-Based 

Swimwear Brand Goes Plant-Based 

Over the years, BeachCandy Swimwear has developed into an acclaimed swimsuit brand with efforts to improve more each year. As we enter into our twelfth year, our brand is looking to transition to a more eco-friendly rationale. We desire to reform our brand for the sake of the environment’s future. By implementing a sustainable and ethical mode of production, BeachCandy Swimwear will evolve and alter the fashion world with our positive environmental impact.  

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A Plant-Based Direction

Quality is an important aspect when it comes to fashion, so what other way can we guarantee a high quality product than with the use of plant based fibers? 

Plant based fibers are undoubtedly better materials to use because of their natural biodegradable qualities that make sustainability easier to attain. When natural fibers are used in production, the use of the product lasts much longer and the decay of the product does not negatively impact the environment, but is beneficial instead. Our BeachCandy Shifts Towards Organic Fashion blog offers more information that discusses the elements of natural fibers and how they can make a difference in the environment. 

BeachCandy Swimwear also wants to recognize that the use of synthetic fibers are unfeasible in the long run. Not only is it harmful for the environment because it is a large contributor to climate change, but it is damaging to human health. To make a change, our brand aims to use natural fibers that will offer the best quality products with minimal waste. 

Check out our blog on Saying No to Synthetic Fibers to dive more into the negative factors of synthetic fibers which features the effects of the toxicity it bears. 

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Recycling is Powerful 

As a brand, we recognize that the importance of going green is not just by using natural fibers, but by recycling materials as well. 

Excessive waste can be reduced if we as a society can change the way we execute certain materials for production by recycling them. It is best to reuse materials such as recycled polyester, recycled plastic bottles, recycled nylon, and more. BeachCandy acknowledges that waste and pollution is found everywhere in the world and at a high rate especially in large cities. 

Most wasteful/polluted cities:

  • New York City

  • Mexico City

  • Tokyo 

  • Los Angeles 

  • Mumbai

These five large cities and more unlisted offer an example as to how much waste has contaminated our world with pollution rising in an occurrence to this. Waste has been such an outrageous issue where people and animal’s health are being spared due to sickening overconsumption, fast-fashion trends, and non-disposable materials. 

Instead of renouncing post consumer waste, we can reuse such materials to create long lasting products. 

For example, recycled polyester can be used to our benefit because it requires less resources to reproduce than virgin polyester does. Production for recycled polyester uses 59% less resources and energy than virgin polyester. This is one of many examples on how wasteful materials can be reversed by simply using the concept of recycling. 

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Emitting a carbon neutral state is important to this process as well. Acquiring this balance places a large role between product development and the state of protection for our environment. 

Recycling our waste, implementing biodegradable use of materials, and shopping plant-based is the first step we can take. As a society, we need to end this cycle of heavy waste that is found in almost every country we visit. If we refuse to start now, then when will we begin? And how long will it be until the entire world is consumed by excessive waste until there really is nothing we can do about it?

These factors inspired BeachCandy Swimwear to move forward with a change to organic fashion. The idea is to help make a change in the world by restoring the environment. If we step back from harmful and toxic materials we can make that change possible. 

Our environment must be maintained and protected. Extreme consumption is not familiar to the environment, so naturally it will cause the world to slowly collapse sooner than later. 

Human Health

Protecting the health of society is something all sustainable companies need to provide. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an extremely important factor to include when developing products that test for toxic chemicals that may be harmful to people. To be OEKO-TEX® 100 certified is definitely something to acquire while on the journey of achieving organic fashion.  

This is what makes a product trustworthy yet is still ethical. It is important to certify that the product has been checked and approved by reliable health officials. Our blog, What is Ethical Swimwear? offers a list on how you can determine the reliability of the ethical marks. 

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Future Organic Collections

Our big shift as a sustainable swimwear brand starts with our new organic collection. We look forward to composing products that emulate our purpose as a brand and what we strive for in the future. 

To start off with one of our newest products, the PURE INDIA Copper Water Bottle is made with pure copper that carries the ultimate number of health benefits. Copper is a material that helps prevent many unwanted issues in health. 

Hammered Copper Water Bottle

With our new water bottle made out of copper, we hope to share the amazing benefits that it has to offer with our beloved BC babes. To learn more about this new product, you can click the link above to get more of an understanding on what types of benefits you can gain from this product. 

We hope to keep bringing in new and fresh products for our customers to offer a variety, especially with our new approach to making a change towards organic fashion. Our brand looks forward to new swimwear lines and collections that will include a more organic and sustainably sourced approach. We want to be a better change for the future. BeachCandy Swimwear is encouraged to carefully source and develop products according to how it can benefit the environment and stray away from anything obstructing this goal. 

Join us as we learn more on how to help the world together; the earth is our home and we must preserve it to the best of our ability.

If we have the power to do so, then why not do it? 

Written by Hannah Eltounsy

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