swimsuits with tummy control panel

Swimsuits with Tummy Control Panel

We all have some insecurities we wish would go away, one of them being tummy control concerns. At BeachCandy, our main goal is that you feel your best in our swimsuits, that is why we have designed many pieces that our perfect if you’re looking to protect your tummy area. They will have you feeling great anywhere you go.

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ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

This gorgeous one piece is perfect for women who want some tummy control. It is extremely slimming and elongates your body for the ultimate goddess look. The cinched waist is what gives a slimming effect that holds your tummy the way you want it to. 

Adding to that, the back is low cut for a sexy back as well as a high cut leg to elongate the look. By wearing this piece you are sure to turn some heads. Make sure to complete this amazing one piece with our Swarovski candy for some extra shine. 

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

High waisted bottoms are a perfect way to hide any tummy concerns you may have. That’s why we HAD to include the ASHLEY in our list of tummy control swimsuits. 

These bottoms will give you full tummy coverage and will make all your worries go away. The high quality fabric and the design of this piece hold each and every curve effortlessly, without squeezing you, for the perfect hourglass shape. These bottoms were specifically designed for women who prefer to protect their tummy area. It is built with extra lining to shape the stomach even better. 

Pair this piece with our RACHEL Halter top for a glamorous look that will have you feeling worry free all day long. 

high leg high waisted bikini

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Another one of our high waisted bottoms perfect for tummy control concerns is the MADDY bottoms.

These slimming swimsuit bottoms are seamless for a sleek finish that won’t hug you too tightly and instead provide you with the ultimate comfort. The sides are cut a little higher for an elongated leg effect that is to die for.

Most importantly, these bottoms will hide any of your tummy control concerns, say goodbye to muffin top, c-section scars or any other concern you might have and will leave you with a gorgeous sleek hourglass shape that you absolutely need in your life. 

These high waisted bottoms will match perfectly with our MADDY bandeau top, it is extremely supportive despite the fact that it has no straps and the ruffles add a super fun and flirty spin on a classic bandeau top. These were made for each other and this look will make you feel super sexy and confident while protecting your tummy area. Compromise elsewhere.

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

These are the most comfortable bottoms you can get. They don’t squeeze at the hips or the stomach, they’re full coverage and the foldable waistband is a perfect way to adjust to the coverage you want on the tummy area. 

These bottoms are specially made for the babes who want the most coverage and comfort available without giving up the possibility to look sexy. They will fit you better than your favorite yoga pants and all your tummy control concerns will fly away. You’ll be able to enjoy any of your summer activities without a worry in the world, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

The KIMBERLY bottoms will go great with the NILO top, they provide ultimate support and the underwire won’t ever hurt you. Comfort meets practicality and style with this pair. 

tummy control bathing suit dress

HOLLY Womens Swim Dress 

Is there a better way to look effortlessly cute and protect the tummy than with a swim dress? I think not, that’s why our HOLLY swim dress is a must have. 

This piece offers coverage in all the right places, perfect for the self conscious women. You will feel incredibly supported and protected in this swim dress so that you can enjoy your day without any worries. The cut of this swimsuit will cover your tummy area just the way you like it so that you won’t have to feel uncomfortable while hitting the beach.

Get this piece in black for an elegant “little black dress” look that is perfect in or out of the water. 

full coverage tummy control swimsuit

GINGER High Back One Piece Swimsuit

This one piece swimsuit offers the ultimate coverage. It is full coverage on the back side for more comfort and the front holds your tummy the right. 

The keyhole cutout in the front of this bathing suit adds a trendy touch that is still perfect for hiding any tummy control concerns you might have. The high quality fabric of this piece is extremely comfortable and will hold each and every curve perfectly. 

Complete this look with any of our amazing beach cover ups for a glamorous look perfect for lounging by the pool like a goddess. 

sexy tummy control swimsuit

SAMANTHA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

This unique one piece is super trendy with the criss cross design on the front. It is a unique spin on a regular one piece that is super sexy but still offers you the coverage you need. 

The SAMANTHA will hold everything in place so that you can stay active on the beach without worrying. The front holds the tummy the way you need so that and tummy control concern will be a thing of the past. 

You won’t have to substitute style for comfort in this piece. It is super sexy with the cutout front, the high leg and the hourglass shape it creates but is still incredibly comfortable with it’s full coverage at the rear and super soft high quality fabric that fits like a glove. Add this one piece to your collection and you will never have to compromise ever again.

CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

These sexy bottoms are definitely a must have in your swimsuit collection. These bottoms offer comfort and glamour for any summer activity you might have.

The ties on the sides are adjustable so that these bottoms can sit comfortably on your hips without squeezing you, they are full coverage on the back side for some sun protection and most importantly, they have a little rise at the front to prevent any tummy control concerns you might have. 

Pair these bottoms with the HEATHER top for ultimate comfort and style. It is tan line free and will support you perfectly while having you look amazing. In this duo you are sure to look and feel your best anywhere you go. Want to learn more about our stylish swimwear to hide your thighs?

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These pieces are just some of our many swimsuits with tummy control panel, make sure to browse the rest of our websites for more amazing pieces perfect for you. If you have any questions while shopping for your own BeachCandy, don’t hesitate and reach out to our expert staff and they will be sure to help you.

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