Swimsuits To Wear On Your Honeymoon 

Swimsuits To Wear On Your Honeymoon 

Love is in the air in the upcoming honeymoon season!

The honeymoon phase is that sweet euphoric feeling that any newlywed couple experiences as they embark on their exciting marriage. There is so much to consider while planning the events of a honeymoon to make it a smooth and memorable event. As you plan this occasion, you are on the lookout for outfits that illustrate your character for this baecation and one of the most important parts of a honeymoon wardrobe is definitely a honeymoon swimsuit set. 

Picture yourself lounging out by the pool or catching waves alongside your new spouse all while looking eye-catching to their view. BeachCandy Swimwear is excited to commence on a journey with you to choose the swimsuit set of your dreams for your upcoming honeymoon stage; a part of your life that is important to the new marriage experience. 

Depending on what you prefer, BeachCandy Swimwear offers one piece swimsuits to bikini sets that will flatter every inch of your figure all in comfortability. During each day of your honeymoon, stun your spouse with your phenomenal BeachCandy swimsuit and at night, flaunt it with that sexy dress that suits you so well. 

Here are some special honeymoon-ready swimsuits to choose from: 

Ruffled Bikini Top

ROCHELLE Ruffle Bikini Top

Even if it’s the post-wedding era, why not add to your honeymoon swimwear collection with a bridal swimsuit? In our Bridal Collection, there are many beautiful options of white swimsuits to choose from. If you are looking for a more cute and casual bikini for your honeymoon, the ROCHELLE Ruffle Bikini Top is a great pick. 

This bikini top has goddess-like features that will make you feel otherworldly. It has soft flirty ruffles all over the bikini top with two small swarovski candy details on each necktie. If you want to give off a more bridal vibe, then this bikini top will be the perfect fit for your honeymoon. 

You can even go more towards the colorful route when you’re searching for swimsuit options for your honeymoon if you prefer to add some color to your honeymoon wardrobe.

For a cover up, pair the ROCHELLE with our ethereal white SABRINA Beach Cover Up that can be styled in so many ways from a dress to a skirt look based on your own personal style preferences. 

Best Bikini Top

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

Red is the intimate color of love. So why not enrich your honeymoon with a red colored bathing suit that symbolizes the love you have for your spouse? The ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top is the perfect color and look for your romantic getaway. 

This top has our Signature Swarovski Crystal sliders on each shoulder strap for a little bit of glam to complement the spicy Bésame color. The top offers excellent lift without any strain on the neck. Don’t miss out on this stunning bikini top to stir some romance with a little red spark in between. 

What’s a good bikini bottom that will shine alongside our lovely red bikini top ?Don’t fret, we have the perfect bikini bottom to complete this special match. 

Beaded Thong Bikini Bottom

ST TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom

To make the bikini set complete, pair the ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top with the gorgeous ST TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom in Bésame to finalize the look. If you’re looking for a high waisted bikini bottom that is glamorous and chic, go for this bikini bottom style. The stunning bikini bottoms are detailed with Swarovski crystals comfortably hugging at the hips.

You’ll definitely feel more unique when you show off your curves in this bikini bottom strolling down the beach hand in hand with your loved one. 

Slimming One Piece Bathing Suit

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

If you and your spouse are doing some water activities that require a lot of movement, then a one piece might best suit that situation. The ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit is the perfect one piece that will allow you to move comfortably during any activity you take part in. 

This swimsuit has four beautiful prints and colors to choose from including the palm print style shown above for more of a summer vacation feel to a romantic honeymoon escape. The bathing suit has modest coverage with green Swarovski crystal sliders around each strap. 

This one piece bathing suit will leave you feeling refreshed and excited about what’s next to come on the honeymoon adventure.

Complete this honeymoon baecation look by accessorizing with our BELIZE Round Straw Beach Bag. You’ll be stunting on everyone at the beach with your beach style look. You can keep beach essentials with you like your necessary tanning oil and sunglasses!

Honeymoon Heaven 

The honeymoon is one of the most romantic, intimate, and significant parts of the love journey with your partner, so planning for an ideal honeymoon can be a tough and worrisome process as there are so many things that must be decided ahead of time. You two love birds are most likely stressed before the big day, so take some time to calm your nerves by picturing your escape to your heavenly destination. 

Relax your mind as you tend to the specifics of what your honeymoon will consist of. Imagine yourself on that dream heavenly destination such as Hawaii, Maldives, Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, etc. The perfect tranquil paradise will be the crowning touch to your beautiful marriage.

On this new journey, BeachCandy Swimwear wants our BC babes to feel and look good at every angle and in every destination across the world. Assemble your dream honeymoon wardrobe from our world class collections of swimwear, resort wear, and accessories. You can find it all here, so no need to stress about this part of the honeymoon planning!

Written by Hannah Eltounsy.

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