History of Fashion in India

History of Fashion in India

Fashion has evolved so much over time; we see fashion trends come and go in today’s age. However, when we go back to the beginning of fashion, we can see the true transformation of the industry. We can learn about the people during this time through their fashion, but it also gives us insight to where our outfits have originated from.

When we look back and see the traditional garb that was worn in India, we can connect it to many pieces that we still wear today. Many of our clothing items are the same as centuries ago, but made with different materials and modernized.

As far back as the Vedic Period in 1500 and 500 BCE, we see women utilizing a single cloth made of cotton to cover the whole body, and draped over one shoulder.

Men and women during this time were seen wearing the same outfits. During the colder months, there was a garment, but it was only one size and worn by both males and females. During this time, different social classes would wear the garb on different parts of the body.  

We see this fashion through the art created centuries ago and we see that they themselves were creating art in their outfits. There are paintings of women in embroidered and dyed clothing, which shows their creativity for fashion even centuries ago.

The evolution of stitched textiles in India can be found as early as the 10th century AD. The addition of color and patterns elevated fashion in India to a whole new level.

Young Woman Wearing Sari and Reclining.
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There is a statue of a woman from the Indus Valley Civilization which showcases her wearing heavy earrings and a tight-fitting, short tunic with a skirt and a belt like waistband with a medallion. We can see the starting of outfits coming together in this civilization. They combined jewelry and accessories to multi-garment outfits. We see different fashion trends throughout history, and how it reflects the societal and cultural standards during that time.

Sari was a trademark piece of clothing for India over the years. Along with Sari, there were many other ethnic clothing that were the staples of people’s wardrobes until there were western influences that introduced new forms of clothing like pants, blazers, and tuxedos. Indian fashion then combined westernized clothing with their cultural patterns to create a new style. Throughout these influences and changes, the Indian fashion industry included colorful decadent, patterned textiles that many other countries didn’t have.

Three women and one man in traditional Indian clothing.
Photo by RODNAE Productions

Made in India

According to a report published by Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), India is the world's second largest exporter of textiles (IIAD). India has been producing cotton and silk for centuries now. Most of their clothing is created with natural fibers that are healthy to wear. So we decided to go to the pioneers of fashion to help create our new resort wear.

We have decided to be the change in 2023. We want to encourage the textile industry to move towards organic ingredients, so we’re doing our part! We have teamed up with Indian fashion designers to shed toxicity out of our swimwear to create a new sustainable collection. And who would know better than the country who has been utilizing and producing organic, natural fibers throughout history?

During a trip to India, our founder of BeachCandy Swimwear searched for a solution. She wanted a solution to harmful fashion and wanted to redirect the brand to be the most natural, and sustainable it can be.

After searching through India and learning about the purity of natural fibers, BeachCandy then met its match to create a new collection that uplifts the confidence of women as well as their health. 

We found a group of local artisans that were excited and passionate to help us create natural fiber resort wear. Not only are we wanting to stray away from mass production factories and support small businesses, but we now have the opportunity to share the beautiful talents of these women. 

Examples of Indian fabrics.
(Fabrics shown are for example only.)
Image by wirestock on Freepik

These artisans have a platform to showcase their designs and we are bringing the ancient art of hand block printing back to life and introducing it to Western cultures through vegetable dye colors. Wooden blocks are carved into a pattern, then dipped into a natural dye to be pressed into the fabric. It’s a natural way to have printed designs on clothing. 

We will also showcase the traditional Khadi cotton weave that originated in India. We have decided to completely pivot 2023’s resort wear collection to highlight the beauty and elegance of Indian fashion. We want people to be inspired, uplifted, and feel better than ever with this new line. Fashion is more than just clothing now, and we want all the effects of fashion to be positive and help to make the world a better place.

Inspired by India

Many of the traditional Indian clothing will be used as inspiration in our new line. The Shalwar Kameez, which is commonly known as the Punjabi suit, is a traditional outfit from the Punjab region of Northwestern India. The minimalistic attire worn by men and women in India was influential towards the new line. As simple as the dress was, it displayed class, beauty, and intricacy. We can recreate the beautiful dresses worn in India as swimsuit cover-ups and resort wear. 

By having the new resort wear line created in Indian by skilled artisans we will be able to have their culture woven into our new line. It will be like nothing ever done before. We want to use inspiration from the world and cultures around us to uplift and showcase the beauty of the world. 

The line will not contain harmful bleaches and dyes and will be made of organic and natural fibers. The resort wear accessories will be healing as well as elevating your outfit. We have seen first hand that fashion can be successfully produced without these harmful additions, so we want to make it happen as well.

Throughout BeachCandy’s history, the goal has always been to help women feel confident and supported, and now that we have learned a way to do that on a whole new level, there’s no turning back. Because who wouldn’t want an accessory that also helps their immune system and health? Count me in!

Resortwear Meets Organic

Natural fibers are wool, cotton, hemp, silk, and bamboo and in 2023, we will utilize what comes from the earth to give back to people. There is no need to add in synthetic fibers, bleaches, and dyes that harm us and our home. These natural fiber garments are breathable, heat responsive, sustainable, and hypoallergenic. 

Plant based fibers are able to biodegrade naturally, as well as when it is used in production, the products last way longer and the product has no negative impact on the environment. Not only will these be used, but more recycled materials will be utilized in packaging to ensure the least amount of waste. 

Copper Water Bottle

As summer is fast approaching, a must-have for all your trips and resort time is the PURE INDIA Copper Water Bottle which is sourced from India. Pure copper is a healing accessory that helps reduce inflammation and lowering blood pressure. Not only will you be hydrated, but it’s a perfect accessory to any of your poolside fits. The copper water bottle is better than other water bottles because they don't contain harmful materials like plastics, and copper in contrast actually works to heal your body and prevent unwanted health issues. 

Swarovski Crystal Sandals

The Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals are also a must-have this summer. These sandals will elevate any outfit. But not only are they timeless and fashionable, but they are a part of our eco collection, which features genuine leather, so we are not using harmful materials. The quality of these sandals will last you for ages. 

tongue scraper

We also wanted to share the health tricks that we learned in India, and share it with our BeachCandy family. The PURE Copper Tongue Scraper will be available soon, and the benefits are unimaginable. The worst thing ever is getting sick right before or after a vacation, it can ruin or vacation, or if it’s after it can send you further into that post-vacation depression.

However, a tongue scraper may be able to help with that. It is made of pure copper from India which means it’s resistant to bacteria as well as offers healthy minerals. Tongue scraping improves your sense of taste, helps to boost your immune system, helps in the digestion process, and activates your organs. This practice has been used for centuries, and is a simple task that can save you this summer. 

New Organic Collection: Coming Soon

We are in the works of creating a brand new line of resort wear that’s made in India that combines high-class, eco-friendly, show-stopping, sustainable garments for an unbelievable, self-loving summer.

There will be a variety of different styles of wearing the pieces to create anywhere from an Indo-Western vibe to resort in Hawaii to boho beach lover. We will combine Indian dress with our own flare to create a unique piece that will hug all the curves and boost your confidence to a new height. 

Resort wear in the fashion industry currently is poorly made and mass produced. People then need to buy new summer clothes every year. But with our organic collection, the products will be able to outlast other brands.

We want our products to not only be strutted along the pool on your vacation, but also able to be worn year-round. These versatile products will be able to be dressed up or down and will be your new favorite go to.

We love our BeachCandy babes and we want the best for you. So we are determined to create a line of resort wear that is everything you desire and more that will increase your confidence, health, environment, and inspire others along the way.

By being a part of the BeachCandy family, you are also a part of the change and the journey towards a better fashion industry. So we thank you and appreciate you! 

Written by Olivia Barger.

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