swimsuit tankini tops

Swimsuit Tankini Tops for Women

Swimsuit Tankini Tops for Women

If you are looking for sexy comfort or chic modesty then our Swimsuit Tankini Tops are perfect for you. There is something so flirty, yet comfortable when wearing any of our tankini tops to a summer party. Whether you are heading for an active day at the beach or relaxing poolside, you'll love any one of our best selling tankini tops.

At BeachCandy, we are all about sexy comfort being one in the same. We believe that both are important and neither of them should be compromised. Our team strives to make our beach babes feel the most beautiful when they wear our precious pieces.

We have so many options from colors and prints! To make your shopping easier and worry free, we have created a list of our top best selling Swimsuit Tankini Tops that you can rock this summer.

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halter tankini swimsuit

TYLER Halter Top Tankini

The TYLER Halter Top tankini is one-of-a-kind! Not only is it known to be extremely comfortable and flexible, but it also has incredible support. It has strong side wings to hold in every single bit of breast tissue to help keep the girls in place. The TYLER Halter Top also has a nice loose tank top feel in the torso area and adjustable tie back.

The TYLER Halter Top Tankini is perfect for our beach babes that are looking for coverage, but also still want to be a little daring and show some cleavage. It has the perfect combination and sexy and comfort.

And just to make these swimsuit tankini tops a little more bling, we added our signature Genuine Swarovski Crystals. The Crystals come on the side which can be adjusted depending on how much coverage you are looking for.  

bandana tankini top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

Our next best seller season after season is our JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top. Discover a new versatile style for those seeking tummy coverage and an edgy-cool look at the beach. This backless tankini top reveals the flattering sides without showing too much in the front.

It's the perfect swim top for any water activity. With enough support from the strapless built-in bra, it allows for you to be worry-free at any pool activity. At BeachCandy, there is no reason to compromise, this tankini swimsuit satisfies all the concerns without limiting style or comfort.

To get the most out of this tankini swim top, complete the look with our ALEXA String Bikini Bottom. These bottoms pair perfectly with the top by matching prints from top to bottom or feel free to mix and match with our assortment of colors and prints.

There's no wrong way to style this tankini swimsuit. Our only mission is to create a perfect swimsuit to compliment you. At BeachCandy, we understand and are aware of different body types, so with our expert team we adjust and fit the bathing suit towards your body until you leave feeling your absolute best.


cute tankini swimsuit

TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top

Dare to try something new by trying our TINA One Should Tankini Top. TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top is your elegant twist on a classic tankini top. With a blinged-out edgy one strap look, the TINA is your go-to the top if you want full coverage from the front to the back.

This top is classy and chic with a flattering neckline and a seamless finish. This head-spinning tankini top comes in a multitude of colors and prints and if it's not the right color for you don't hesitate to ask, we customize everything to size to fit, to style.

This one strap comes fully blinged out with our Swarovski Crystal “Candy” touch. This signature accessory is what makes the CANDY at BEACHCANDY, but have no fear if it's too much or not enough we can fix that. Lastly, this tankini swim top wouldn't be complete without our STACIA Boyshort Bikini Bottom. 

simple tankini swimsuit

LUCY Flared Tankini

Say hello to our LUCY Simple Flare Tankini top, that best matches the active babe. Not every beach or poolside is consisted of relaxing and tanning. And at BeachCandy, we prepare for those other activities. From the beach to poolside games, or to mothers running around watching their kids LUCY is the tankini top for you.

Mothers have enough stress in their lives and the last thing they need to worry about is having proper support. And when it comes to managing your kids the bathing suit will be one less thing you have to worry about.

At BeachCandy, we want to take care of mothers because they don't get nearly the attention that they deserve. The LUCY puts mothers first by making a cute, supportive swimsuit suitable for any situation.

There's a fine line with what some women feel appropriate playing poolside with their kids and we get it. Mothers deserve to feel and look beautiful regardless. This tankini top satisfies the desires of mothers who are looking for a modest, but chic swimsuit.

With a built-in bra, this is the active tank will make you feel confident AND sexy. It allows you to be on the go wherever your kids take you. Whether your active or enjoying relaxing with or without this kids this is a comfortable tankini top that will be your go-to for any beach or pool day.

Want to Complete this Look?

To complete this look check out our swim suit bottom: Our Signature ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini. This bombshell bottom elevates the classic top and creates a dramatic sexy look while staying modest on the top. The juxtaposition of the top and the bottom redefines what sexy is for mothers and pushes the boundaries of outside of your typical bathing suits. Don't be afraid to find you inner shine and rock this amazing set next time you're poolside. 

ruffled tankini top

SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini

This Frida Kahlo inspired look is part of our new collection that brings fresh bold sexy looks to the bathing suit scene. This sexy backless tankini top with a deep v plunge neckline in the front is the new fan favorite. Don't get distracted though from the sexy cut, because it's more supportive than it looks.

The SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini is equipped with supportive wings to hold everything in place with loose straps and adjustable tie in the back gives you the support and lift your seeking. These swimsuit tankini tops all have one thing in common chic attention to detail.

At BeachCandy Swimwear...

We have found the perfect solution of getting flirty fun cuts within a supportive flattering bathing suit. That also don't make you feel that you have to be fully covered up to feel good. This effortless tankini top is the perfect go-to look for any water activity.

Lastly, don't be afraid to pair it with a pair of jeans for a flirty fun night out. Also perfect for tropical beach vacay or a simple summer night in California. The SOPHIA is a fashion-forward look that never misses a beat.


scoop neck tankini

STACIA Slimming Tankini Top

The STACIA Slimming Tankini Top, also referred to as the SLIMMING Tankini is the most flattering top we have at BeachCandy. Designed with great tummy coverage, this tankini top is a home run. We know how hard it to find swimsuits that fit you and your lifestyle. Thus, this top makes no excuses, while providing a solution without compromise.

This semi high neck tankini top enhances curves by complimenting the shape of any silhouette. The STACIA also promotes activities. This top enables you to have fun without the fear of showing off too much. This keeps everything in place and allows you to worry less about one more thing.

BeachCandy wants to take care of women through our carefully crafted swimsuits. In addition, wee want our customers to feel good in their bodies. Therefore, that is why we customize to fit these suits toward the individual.

More About STACIA...

Next, though the STACIA Tankini top stands fabulous on its own and any bottoms would do, to complement the look, even more, try matching our KYLIE Swim Skort to add some flare at the bottom. This versatile innovative design is, cute, fun and allows for any activity level as well. What's more, this top keeps you looking and feeling like a fashionista.

Another look to try out is to match our ANGELICA Sheer Cover-Up, for a flirty fun look. This tulle ruffled coverup is sexy fun and flirty and enhances any bathing suit look. Feel free to dress it up or down because no direction is every wrong. These effortless looks will make you want to hang out by the water more often. What's better, it allows you to feel good and confident in your skin.

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We have more styles of tops and bottoms on our website. Please go check it out and see our newest and hottest ones for this summer! The BeachCandy Team strives to make the best swimsuits for all women at all ages. BeachCandy believes that every woman deserves to feel good and confident.

Learn more about our best bikini tops for women and mid rise bikini bottoms.

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