Swim Skirt Cover Ups

Swim Skirt Cover Ups

Swim Skirt Cover Ups

Let's talk swim skirt cover ups. BeachCandy is driven to help women of all different body types feel both comfortable and confident in any swimsuit they decide to wear. We are offer the opportunity to allow those to create their dream swimsuit and turn it into a reality.

Whether your vision is to create a swimsuit with a specific design or simply just create a swimsuit that best fits your body type, our unique fabric offers comfort like no other. Below you will find the different styles of our skirted swimsuits that we have to offer and you will be able to find the perfect style for you.

We have heard all too often women have concerns when it comes to showing their upper thighs in a swimsuit. Therefore, we have created several options to choose from.

As a brand set on solving all the world's swimwear problems. We will continue to innovate problem-solving high-fashion styles serving the direct needs of women. Yes we are a dream brand come true. No more fitting room troubles, or swimwear anxiety.

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Swim Skirt

The LISA Swim Skirt

Our LISA Bikini Skirt Bottom gives the perfect amount of coverage. Especially for those looking for a bikini skirt that is stylish, yet still has enough coverage to make you feel confident. With the fold-over waist band, this bathing suit cover is perfect for those who want more tummy control when going out to the beach or simply just getting your tan on.

This bikini skirt allows you to still be able to move around and have some fun in the sun while looking and feeling your very best. This can be perfectly paired with any of our of BeachCandy bikini tops to create the perfect swimsuit outfit.

Another detail we love about this style is that it can be worn with any bikini bottom. This means you can bring more overall thigh & booty coverage to any bikini in a matter of seconds. Problem-solved and anxiety-free on your next vacation with this lightweight packable option.

Pair this swimsuit cover skirt with any BeachCandy top from our supportive bikini tops to our cute tankinis. The fold-over waistband provides coverage & tummy control seamlessly with any look. Order in black for an easy match to any style or in a print for a little more life & fun added poolside. The sky is the limit at BeachCandy Swimwear. 

Best Swim Skort for Women

KYLIE Swim Skort

The KYLIE Swim Skort is one of our best and most popular bikini alternatives that everyone enjoys wearing. This unique swimwear cover includes a full coverage bottom that is part of the garment underneath. This design makes it very comfortable. With a build in waistband that makes you and your beautiful curves seem seamless and sexy. The feeling of confidence and sophistication in a swimsuit is priceless and the KYLIE has proven that time and time again.

Pair this with one of our BeachCandy bikini tops or sexy tankini styles for the perfect look. With this style, you will definitely feel your very best. Once your concerns are taken care of when it comes to swimwear & style is added to the equation the results are astounding. Enjoy your next vacay with a new found ease and delight with your BeachCandies packed & ready to go.

  beachwear sarong wrap skirt

MARIA Short Sarong

The MARIA Short Sarong swim skirt cover up is a must have in everyone's wardrobe. This swimsuit cover is a lightweight stretch mesh that makes it easy to dry, while being comfortable and stylish. This is a must have staple that makes any bikini bottom look more fashionable while providing a bit of coverage.

With this short sarong that you can easily tie at the hip, you will get the perfect beach look that everyone is going for.  This is perfect for any occasion or simply for a quick cover up after a beach day. Trust us add this one to your cart in one or more colors.


long sarong wrap

MARIA Long Sarong

Our MARIA Long Sarong is one of our many unique bathing suit cover ups that is designed to be worn TWO different ways. This lightweight mesh cover up ties at the hip, giving you more of a bohemian look. And it can also wrap around your body and tied at the neck giving you a full on cover up dress. While still having your BeachCandy swimsuit peek through your cover up.

This is a must-have recommended directly from our designer for many reasons but there is one in particular. And why that is, is precisely this. Have you ever been on vacation and wanted to pop up to get the next round of Mai Tais, but your nakedness stops you.

We have learned this simple cover up solves this anxiety instantly. Instead of pulling your cover up & having those around you notice your insecurity. Wrap this sleek lightweight bathing suit cover around your hips and voilà, you are carefree with something that is light as a feather in your beach bag. 

beachwear cover upcute skirted beachwear for women

SABRINA Beach Cover Up - Wear 4 ways including skirt option

One of our most fun and versatile swim skirt cover ups is our famous SABRINA 4-Cover Up. This cover up allows you to style the SABRINA cover up 4 different unique ways.

With doing this, you can easily pull off a different looks each time you go out by the pool side. It is able to convert into a strapless dress, one-shoulder dress, as a boat neck or a skirt. This comes in 8 different colors to choose from and is a perfect go-to cover up. Add this to your life and we guarantee it will be your go-to for years to come.

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Thank you for reading our blog on Swim Skirt Cover Ups. If we still do not have what you are looking for exactly you can always custom order through our Custom Swimwear Service! This is what takes every woman's BeachCandy experience to new heights. Through our Custom Service we have the ability to make you the swimsuit design of your dreams! Want to know more about how it works? Read our blog on How To Order a Custom Swimsuit.

Have any questions before ordering? Feel free to contact our expert team, it is our pleasure & expertise to help you find the perfect fit. You can reach our incredible team via email, live chat, or email. Happy Shopping BeachCandy Babes!

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