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Petite Swimsuits

Let's talk Petite Swimsuits! BeachCandy Babes are women of every shape and size. We slay at designing perfect swimwear for women with larger busts and curvy bodies. Alternatively, we have not forgotten about our petite ladies out there. Petite Swimsuits with stylish coverage and comfort are equally important.

Thin and unsupportive swimsuits can lay flat on your chest, what a tragedy. Swimsuit bottoms that aren't the proper size can stretch, sag and God forbid, give you a diaper looking bikini bottom!  We will not let this happen to you.

BeachCandy Swimwear designs tons of petite swimsuits for you that will enhance your cleavage and magnify your beautiful curves. Who doesn't want a little lift, a tighter fit, and an extra bit of confidence? We have created a list of ideas and suggestions of petite swimsuits that are perfect for the petite body type. Let's get right into it.

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Push Up Bikini Tops for the Petite Woman

For petite busted ladies, Push Up Bikini Tops are going to be a winner. This might not be a new recommendation, but we are strong supporters of the push up swimsuit here at BeachCandy.  There is nothing worse than a push up bikini top that looks fantastic but feels uncomfortable.

To achieve an enhanced cleavage without pressure around your neck is to not have it tie around your neck completely.  Lucky for you, BeachCandy Swimwear perfects a petite swimsuit that creates a pain-free lift for your bust. 

push up bra bikini top

CAMERON Push Up Bikini Top

Here we introduce you to the CAMERON Push Up Bikini Top! The CAMERON Push Up Bikini Top has adjustable bra straps that let you customize the push up your'e comfortable with. The SMALL and MEDIUM sizes have a built in push up pad.  This gives you a beautiful breast shape regardless of your natural shape. 

Our BeachCandy babes with smaller busts and petite body shapes rave about how naturally lifted their breasts look. The moment they put these petite swimsuits on, they truly fall in love with their bodies.  This BeachCandy petite swimsuit is perfect for wanting that subtle yet beautiful breast lift, who doesn't want that?

The CAMERON Push Up Bikini Top is fabulously created in both a navy and black color for our BeachCandy babes out there who prefer a more classic sexy look. Alternatively, this perfect push up top additionally comes in a fun Native Print, perfect for a beach vacation getaway.

This petite swimsuit top will allow you the dream cleavage you have always wanted. Why not choose to add custom hand sewn Swarovski crystals that perfectly line your bust line? If your still hesitant about this push up, have no fear!  We have a ton more ideas and suggestions for you if you keep on scrolling. 

best push up bikini top

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

We are head over heels for this bikini top & we just can't keep it to ourselves. If you're already sold on the push up style for a bikini top but are ready to take things to the next level, then the LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top might as well already be in your closet. This baby is truly a top that speak for itself.  When you put this top on, tie and adjust every strap so that it enhances and hugs your body to perfection, you will be blown away.

The LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top is similar to our first recommendation. The center front ties give you the option of having a super extra push and lift which makes this top give you a larger bust line. Now thats what we're talking about ladies.

This push up swimsuit is designed with supreme quality push up pads that are sewn right into the top so that you are effortlessly supported.  This LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top ties around your neck like a halter which hugs and pulls your breasts from the bottom to lift naturally and secure in place.

What is also so fun about the LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top is that comes in two extremely fun prints. As a matter of fact, Both the Rio Print and the Aqua Snake Print are perfect for the flirty and adventurous BeachCandy babe. With a print this fun and a bust so perfect, you will feel like the beach Goddess that you are. 

Best Push Up Top Ever

ELLEN Best Bikini Top

The title truly says it all! Put this BeachCandy favorite on and you too will be telling your friends that this is the BEST bikini top out there. The ELLEN Best Bikini Top is a designer favorite. It beautifully enhances any breast line regardless of shape and size.

For our smaller chested babes, this bikini top includes a double-sided push up pad that produces an extreme lift with your utmost comfort in mind. By simply looking to the photo at the top, you can admire how sexy and defined her breast shape becomes.

The ELLEN Best Bikini Top is constructed with a low cut front which adds to the enhancement of your breasts. This magical top creates the illusion of a halter but ties in the back in a super unique criss-cross.  The halter is what creates the extreme lift and the criss-cross ties in the back are what amplifies the support and comfort.

It is truly the best of both worlds. The ELLEN Best Bikini Top is perfect for every bust size, but its our customers with petite bodies and busts who have truly shown their admiration for the design.

Petite Swimsuit Bottoms

Let's talk bikini bottoms! Petite Swimsuits can sound scary, especially when it comes to petite swimsuit bottoms. However, we are here to make you look incredible regardless of your body shape.

Our petite swimsuit bottoms are designed to fit every booty big, small, and everywhere in between. We make it our mission to connect women with the right style that fits and forms perfect to their body.  Here we are going to show you the best petite swimsuit bottoms for you.

petite scrunch bikini bottoms

LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom

First on our list of Petite Swimsuits is the LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom. This petite swimsuit is one of the best scrunch butt bottoms out there! This LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom will hug your booty shape and enhance your curves in the best way. 

This petite swimsuit bottom has a full scrunch for the flirty and adventurous BeachCandy babe.  The LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom is designed with no elastic edge so the comfort on this bottom is absolute heavenly.  The design of these babies make it a great fit for every body size.

For ladies with a petite figure, the scrunch will enhance and create a beautiful shape for your figure. Ladies who are slimmer and want a curvier figure, no bikini is going to give you that more than these.

These bottoms are even more special because of the adorable fringe tassels at the end of every string. Not only is this a cute addition, it makes these petite swimsuits adjustable. As a BeachCandy Babe, you deserve to feel sexy, curvy and better than ever. 

skimpy fringe bikini bottom

JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms

This JOANNA Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms are your one way ticket to a sexy bikini bottom. These bottoms are perfect if you are looking for a more daring bottom that will naturally enhance your butt shape. This bottom is truly to die for. BeachCandy babes that are adventurous and want a bikini bottom that will take things to the next level, these are the ones for you.

If you are more petite when it comes to your butt, a full coverage bikini bottom might not enhance your shape. That being said, these Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms works magic in giving you your dream figure. The JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms have lace up straps on the hips that accentuate your butt and waist.

To top off the sex appeal and glamour, these bottoms come with the option of adding hand sewn Swarovski crystals.  These crystals will make you feel like a complete goddess. Take our word for it and hit the big blue bottom.  Here's to feeling sexy and fabulous in your own skin. 

Luxury Designer Thong Bikini Bottom

ST. TROPEZ VIP High Waist Thong Bikini

Oh baby! We are taking it up a notch and we hope you are just as excited as we are! This ST. TROPEZ VIP High Waist Thong Bikini is hands down a show stopper.  To all our BeachCandy Babes who want to show it all, this style of petite swimwear is for you.

Not only is this swimsuit high waisted to maximize slimming, additionally it's also a thong show off your beautiful curves.  The design of these petite swimsuit bottoms are purposefully crafted to sculpt your behind and create a juicy lift.

Of course, we are not going to leave you without the crystals! The ST. TROPEZ VIP High Waisted Thong Bikini's hips are decorated with handcrafted Swarovski beading with rust-free gold metal hardware. The sparkle on the hips will accent your curves and give you that extra sparkle.

This petite swimsuit bottom comes in a classic red, black, and white. You can never go wrong with a classic thong bikini, especially when the quality is this damn good. Treat yourself ladies because you deserve it.

Best Swimsuits for the Petite Body Type at BeachCandy Swimwear

Overall, here at BeachCandy Swimwear, we want your swimsuit to enhance the beautiful body you have already. No matter how petite you might be, there is no reason not to feel sexy and confident.

We create swimsuits for both larger and smaller bust sizes in mind. We guarantee that you will find a swimsuit here at BeachCandy that changes the way your body feels and looks in a bathing suit. Once you go BeachCandy, you never go back!

Petite with a Large Bust? We've got you covered! Check out our Swimwear for Larger Busts & Best Mom Bathing Suits.

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