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The Best Summer Festival Outfits

What’s a great summer without enjoying a fun and local festival?

Make your festival experience more fun and pick out your best festival outfits. Don’t shy away from statement pieces like chunky jewelry, glitter-y cowgirl boots, and bright clothing. Festival wear is supposed to be fun and glamorous to really express yourself in ways that are new to you. 

All season long, you’ll want to be spending your summer days enjoying the warmth of the super sunny weather. We’ve all long awaited the full-enriching beach day adventures with family and night pool swims with friends. Really, the most memorable moments are made during the summer with our loved ones. 

Make the most out of your summer by taking part in your local summer festival. Enjoy live music, exotic foods, shopping, rides, and more. There’s just so much to participate in at a festival. Never miss out on the magical memories that you can make with your favorite people.

Here are some of our favorite festival clothing and accessory pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

maxi skirt for women

MARRAKESH Boho Maxi Skirt

Check out our favorite ultimate festival piece the MARRAKESH Boho Maxi Skirt

Our MARRAKESH Boho Maxi Skirt is a versatile skirt that can be paired with so many festival top options. You’ll feel so good about bringing out boho-chic vibes that can’t be replicated anywhere else. 

Under the hot summer sun, you’ll feel relaxed with the airy and silky feeling that the piece offers. It’ll feel like you have no boundaries while rocking this easy-going skirt. This piece can either be worn as a skirt or a dress. 

With adjustable ties that can go around your neck to fit as a halter dress. Your look can easily switch up from a more modest to a spicy look. It’s all about bringing in your own style elements to form a creative festival outfit. 

The maxi skirt features three different colors/patterns in the color rosas, turquoise, and azul. Details of this piece are unique in each color and offer an outwardly feel to the look. 

For a more spicy festival look… pair this piece with our ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top. Priceless in any color for that added shiny glam. We’re planning to have extra fun this season at the summer festivals. 

womens crop top shirt

MOTLEY Cropped Graphic Tee

Where can you find a fun and simple graphic tee? Look no further, our MOTLEY Cropped Graphic Tee is now available. Wear with any exciting festival-themed skirt, pants, or even over a dress. 

An outfit can be styled in multiple ways with this easy-to-throw-on top with various styling opportunities. There are so many possibilities with this graphic tee. Adjust the top using the cinched center ties in the front for either a cropped or normal t-shirt look. You can choose either the black or orange option, both can be styled accordingly to fit your own unique vibe. 

It’s fun to fit the theme of the music that you’ll be listening to at your next music festival. So, music festival outfits are often the most fun to shop for. A cute cropped graphic tee over a fringy skirt and some cowgirl boots. The best way to dress up for a music festival, especially if its country.

mesh cover up

JESSICA Mesh Cover-Up

Calling all of our minimal-loving ladies to rise!

If you feel like you shine the most in neutrals, we have the right outfit for you. Our JESSICA Mesh Cover Up is the perfect dress to wear for your next festival with friends. 

This spicy mesh cover-up dress has gorgeous cutout details on the back to show off your mysterious back profile. It has a simple criss-cross back pattern, a deep v-neck bust, and a scandalous slit in the front. You’ll definitely feel at your best when you enter the festival showing off as you should.

Accessorize this dress with our pretty Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals to mix up your simplistic look in style. Don’t underestimate the beauty of simplicity and your unmatched beauty will shine bright.

statement jewelry

MIA Crescent Moon Necklace

Chunky jewelry is a MUST at any festival. 

Our MIA Crescent Moon Necklace will complete your bohemian look with no problem. If your outfit is feeling slightly plain or could use an upgrade. Our MIA Crescent Moon Necklace will make the most perfect fit. Pair this piece with any outfit and you’ll immediately level up your look. 

Versatile festival accessories are not easy to come by, but BeachCandy is determined to have all that you need. This statement piece is made of lightweight wooden beads and adjustable qualities. You won’t have to worry about struggling with heavy or uncomfortable jewelry in the heat. So you can enjoy carefree during each live performance at the festival. 

womens fringe beachwear

DINA Knitted Beach Cover Up

Festival outfits when most exciting are honestly when it’s unpredictable. You’ll see all kinds of unimaginable outfits that will take your breath away. Get out of your comfort zone and try a beach cover-up as a dress for something different. 

Our DINA Knitted Beach Cover Up is the perfect option for this type of creative outfit. Festival dresses can be anything from skirts to beach cover-ups. 

You can style our DINA Knitted Beach Cover Up piece in any way that you like. This cover-up can be styled on its own with a bikini underneath, perfect for a music festival on the beach. You can rock your favorite bright summer bikini to add subtle details to your outfit. 

If you prefer something more modest, this cover-up can be worn over a simple slip for some functional elegance. 

Looking for that extra sizzle? Pair this cover-up with our WEEKENDER Reversible Thong Bikini Set for the ultimate in festival fun.

The DINA Knitted Beach Cover Up is a lace knit with fringe hem along the bottom of this divine piece. Pair this dress with your favorite chain belt and a cowgirl hat to give you that Western babe look. There’s nothing like a classic cute country girl fit for a music festival. 

cute belly bag

COACHELLA Women's Belt Bag

Festivals are always fun until you remember that you need to hold all of your personal things. The COACHELLA Women's Belt Bag is our favorite pick when it comes to festival bags. You won’t have to worry about losing your things. Or the uncomfortable weight of a normal bag with this lightweight belt bag.  

Our COACHELLA Women’s Belt Bag is made to securely hold your things during a festival all while being fashionable. You can use this belt bag for any occasion where you need to be hand-free. Don’t stress about where you’ll put your things or how uncomfortable you’ll be with a traditional bag. Our belt bag has got you covered.

womens organic fashion

SPIRIT Flutter Boho Shorts

Let’s face it, the boho style is simply the most superior style in festival and beach apparel. The freedom, comfort, distinctiveness, and versatility it offers are unbeatable. It’s undeniable that bohemian wear takes the crown for the summer. 

Continue this style route and take on our flowy SPIRIT Flutter Boho Shorts for the festival you’ve been preparing for. 

These shorts are easily accessible whenever you need them. It’s lightweight, silky material is made for comfort and the style, the best in the boho game. You can prepare these shorts with a tank top, graphic tee, or bandeau top for your styling pleasures. Go for our shorts in either our almond or besame colors to express your individual taste. 

If you want to style these shorts with a bandeau but want something unique. Take a look at our JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top in suede to match our SPIRIT Flutter Boho Shorts. The tankini top will add to that fun and comfy feel that you get from the shorts. You’ll never go out of style with this favorite duo.

long necklace

ATHENA Turquoise Pendant Necklace

It’s always fun to add some color to your outfit!

If you stick with neutral tones and feel like you don’t have enough color in your festival outfit. Add our simple ATHENA Turquoise Pendant Necklace to give you the splash of color you’ve been searching for. 

Festivals are meant to give you an opportunity to let loose and enjoy yourself when joining the occasion. This is the time to do something different and embrace color every once in a while. Our pink and turquoise beaded ATHENA Turquoise Pendant Necklace makes the perfect bold pop of color to your festival outfit.

Match this necklace with some fun pink bracelets and earrings for that matched quality to your outfit. Or if you’re feeling spontaneous, you can even match this necklace with your makeup for an extra snazzy look.

womens skirt set

BANDITA Two-Piece Skirt Set

Hold that thought, a complete two-piece set? Please, say no more. 

There is nothing better than a two-piece set where all of your worries about what to wear completely disappear. The worst part of figuring out what to wear for a festival is having a missing piece from your outfit. With this BANDITA Two Piece Skirt Set you won’t have to spend any extra time worrying about it. 

This stretchy halter top and mini skirt are the perfect settings for styling it with all of your imaginative capabilities. You can really take it in any direction that you want. If your upcoming festival is more than one day, re-purpose the look to make a completely new outfit. The options are limitless as you begin to brainstorm what accessories can be added to specialize your outfit. 

Time to Festival BeachCandy Style...

In the end, festivals are meant for the attendees to have fun and enjoy the moment. It’s possible that you might encounter your favorite artists playing live with yummy food you’ve been wanting to try.

You can never really go wrong when attending a festival. If you’ve never tried it, take a shot this summer and try a festival that you’re most interested in. Festivals will last all summer long and are waiting for you to join along. 

Have as much fun as you want in your outfit. When selected with care it can truly represent your personality and uniqueness amongst the rest. If you’re planning on attending a festival this summer and are unsure of what to wear. 

BeachCandy has a variety of colorful, comfortable, and awing pieces that will definitely catch your attention. From apparel to accessories, we offer everything you’ll need for your complete festival look. 

If you’re looking to read more on outfit ideas. Check out our Best Outfits For Destination Vacation Spots blog for more related content.

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Written By: Hannah Eltounsy

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