striped bathing suits

Striped Bathing Suits for Women

Striped Bathing Suits for Women

At BeachCandy we always want you to feel timeless, yet still on trend. All our swimsuits are perfectly up to date with the latest fashion trends so that you’re never feeling out of vogue. Printed fashion is always changing but stripe patterns are absolutely here to stay. 

Stripes of all kinds are timeless and look fabulous on anyone when placed properly. That’s why many of our incredible suits feature timeless St. Trope-inspired stripe prints so that our babes always look their absolute best. 


maternity swimsuit

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

This swimsuit is a favorite with all our clients even women with a baby bump! This simple yet sexy top is a must have. It’s a classic triangle top that goes great with anything and on any occasion.

The ALEXA top is super supportive with adjustable neck and back straps so that you feel comfortable and well taken care of. The support of this top is like no other and will perfectly hold your cleavage while lifting it up for an extra sexy look.

This top already has it all but it really stands out in our St Tropez Stripe Print. It gives that super chic lounge look that will have all eyes on you. Plus add some of our Signature Swarovski Candy for that extra shine, perfect for your next luxurious vacation. 

striped string bikini bottom

ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

This classic tie bottom makes for the perfect pair with the ALEXA top. You will look simple yet chic in this classic stripy duo.

These bottoms will always sit comfortably on your hips and never squeeze you because they are adjustable. The ties on the sides allow you to wear these bottoms however you like. You can order the ALEXA bottom in full coverage if you’re feeling a little modest or cheeky if you like to show some skin. Either way, these bottoms will definitely look great on you. 

Make sure to get them in our striped St Tropez print to match with you ALEXA top and you will be ready for your next getaway.

striped underwire bikini top

BRIDGET Tie Front Bikini Top

This super sexy top is perfect for any babe who loves a lifted cleavage, great support and extreme comfort.

This top is classic yet sexy, the padded cups offer some lift that is perfect on any cup size and the straps are adjustable so that they never bug you while you’re enjoying yourself at the beach. This top comes with built-in underwire cups that won’t dig into your skin for extra support and comfort. The BRIDGET top has a retro-inspired style with a cute tie in the front.

In our St Tropez print this top is super chic and makes it even more vintage. Go all out and get it with Swarovski Crystal Candy for extra shine that adds a unique touch to the top. Get this top with the ASHLEY Bottoms for a fun retro-inspired look that never goes out of style. 

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom (photographed above)

Cut on the diagonal, these gorgeous bottoms will look great on any of our BeachCandy babes. It is the perfect solution to all your concerns. It will easily chase away any worries you have while having you look sexy and making you feel comfortable all day long. 

The ASHLEY bottom is designed with extra lining so that your tummy is held in while you are left with the most gorgeous hourglass shape. You know that comfort is one of our priorities, that’s why these bottoms feature a seamless edge so that they never squeeze you uncomfortably. The ASHLEY is perfect for all the babes who want to hide their tummy concerns, it will make you look great while giving you the coverage you need. 

These bottoms will look extra chic in our St Tropez print. Pair them with the BRIDGET top mentioned earlier in the same print and you will be back transported back in time. You will definitely look like a retro goddess in this duo.

striped underwire bandeau bikini top

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau tops are super on-trend right now, they are perfect for (spf) sunbathing and to show off some shoulder this summer. Our HEATHER top is super chic and will fit you better than your favorite strapless bra. 

This strapless top is super flattering and will make you want to show off your shoulders more often. It’s designed with foam pads for comfort and lift, the back straps are adjustable so that you are secured all day long and never have to worry about the top falling down. The underwire of this top adds support and lift but is never uncomfortable so that you can enjoy your day worry-free. 

The HEATHER is available in many prints to fit your mood but in our St Tropez print, this top is even more sophisticated and chic. You will be feeling like a total babe while lounging by the pool in this striped masterpiece. 

Get this top with the ANGELICA Sheer cover up for some extra sophistication. You will have all eyes on you while lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand and all your friends will envy your look. 

striped beaded bikini

Our Signature BRITB VIP Swarovski Bikini

This bottom is one of our bestsellers, it is classic yet super chic and can be customized so that your bikini is perfect for you. 

These bottoms can go with any of our tops because they are simple and timeless. Go all out in these and get them in Full VIP with 500 handwoven Swarovski Crystals or stay minimal with our Light VIP option with about 150 crystals. 

These bottoms can also be ordered in full coverage for the babes who love to be supported or in cheeky coverage if you’re okay with showing some skin. Also add a scrunch for a lifted booty effect that is super sexy. 

These bottoms are available in our striped St Tropez print and will go perfectly with our HEATHER top. You will look incredibly sophisticated and will want to show off your bikini all summer long. 

striped ruffle bandeau bikini top

MADDY Ruffle Bandeau Bikini Top

Another one of our strapless masterpieces that feature the St Tropez print is the MADDY top. This top is perfect for any beach outings you have planned and will keep you supported while you get your tan on. 

The MADDY top is super secured and is designed with a bone structure on both sides for extra support as well as a hook backing. This top will never fall so that you you don’t have to worry while enjoying your day. 

Bandeaus are perfect for tanning, this top is strapless so that you get the perfect tan without the annoying tan lines. If you want some more support, keep your pads in but know that they are removable so that the top can fit you just the way you like it. 

This top is made with a ruffle design that is fun and flirty. Never compromise style for comfort in this top, you can have it all. Our MADDY top will look oh-so chic in our St Tropez print. It will be the perfect top to take on your next luxury vacation, you will definitely look like a bombshell. 

striped high leg bikini bottom

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

These high waisted bottoms are absolutely gorgeous and will make you look like a total babe. They are sleek and chic and can be paired with the MADDY top mentioned before. 

The MADDY bottoms are a sophisticated solution to your tummy control issues. They provide you with great coverage so that everything from c-section scars, stretch marks and any other concern is tucked away leaving you with the most gorgeous hourglass shape. These bottoms will fit you like a shape wear, but they stay comfortable and our high quality fabric will never squeeze you or leave marks. 

They are designed with a high cut leg on both sides so that you get those legs for days and your figure is effortlessly elongated. They are full coverage but aren’t matronly and will have you look like a goddess without showing too much skin. 

In our St Tropez print, these bottoms are super chic. Paired with the MADDY top, they are reminiscent of swimsuits back in the day, they offer a sophisticated retro vibe that will make you look and feel great anywhere you plan on going. 

HALLE Grommet Bikini

The HALLE Grommet Bikini has become infamously known by women around the world. Inspired by Halle Berry, our favorite bond girl, the HALLE suit was born to tantalize. Not only is this suit highly functional but it’s got an edge most swimsuits lack. There is nothing more exquisite than walking down a beach in our HALLE bikini.

With the adjustable lace up ties down the center front you can control your cleavage in a whole new way. We also provide the option of push up pads so you can feel an extra boost. When it comes to swimwear, there is nothing our team has not thought of. As for the double strap support & sports-bra like fit this brings us back to our point.

That the HALLE is the most perfect little bikini that there ever was. The bottoms are simply divine with their lace up hips & chic boy short coverage. The rise in the front and back we have been told by countless moms is SO comfortable. Whether you shop this style in our Revolucion Stripe or solid black you are sure to feel you absolute best.

womens swimsuits with stripes

HOLLY Women’s Swim Dress

Another one of our pieces that features stripes is our HOLLY suit. This swim dress is perfect for the babes who love the beach, but who want to show a little less skin. This suit is full coverage in the front, the back and on the thighs. 

It’s perfect for the women who want to feel secured and protected from the harsh rays of the sun while still looking pretty. The HOLLY suit is classy and chic and can be worn in our out of the water. It looks great on any babe, but is especially loved by our mamas-to-be. Shop this suit in the Revolución print for some stripy action.

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We hope you enjoyed our top picks of striped bathing suits for women. Make sure to browse the rest of our website for more amazing bathing suits and even more chic prints. While you’re shopping, if you feel like you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate and reach out to our expert customer service team for assistance.


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