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BeachCandy’s Statement Costume Jewelry

You can find the perfect swimsuit, but sometimes a certain something is missing. You may be looking at your pictures from the vacation, and you know you look stunning in your bathing suit but it just doesn’t look complete. Well, we know a thing or two about swimsuits, but that’s not all BeachCandy has to offer. Our closet has statement necklace pieces that you’re sure to love and that will tie your entire outfit together. 

Elevate your BeachCandy swimsuit or any outfit with our statement costume jewelry that’s perfect for any occasion, at the beach or not. We’ve listed some of our favorite pieces, browse them below! 

Natural-Toned Necklaces

MIA Crescent Moon Necklace 

If you’re looking for a gorgeous earth-toned necklace to complement your BeachCandy swimming suit, the MIA Crescent Moon Necklace is just for you. The wooden elements of this necklace have been smoothed out to perfection, so there’s no worries about skin irritation. The focal point of this piece, the crescent moon, is attached with a faux leather strap. And beautiful multi-toned beads flawlessly complement the wooden beads. 

One of the best parts of this necklace is that you can pair the MIA Crescent Moon Necklace with not only your swimsuits, but any outfit. The subtle tones of this piece are flattering with anything you put on. 

boho moon necklace

MAURITIUS Long Boho Necklace 

Just like her sister, the MAURITIUS Long Boho Necklace features a statement crescent moon pendant that makes an impact while also staying understated so you can be the focal point. The gorgeous pearl toned beads, along with the natural darker toned pieces create a beautiful contrast that perfectly accents the crescent moon. 

One BeachCandy Babe had this to say about the MAURITIUS: 

“This necklace is everything! From the length to the color, it’s my go-to accessory to add to any of my summer outfits."

MYTHOS Layered Necklace 

This stunning layered and beaded necklace is sure to make you stand out. The wooden beads that adorn the MYTHOS Layered Necklace are perfectly smooth and are complimented by the gold elements that are sprinkled throughout this necklace. 

The purple toned beads that embellish this piece pair stunningly with the gold and wooden beads that surround them. They come in a variety of forms, each equally elegant in nature. 

The smaller circular beads have been crafted to be textured and multi-toned, changing appearance as they shift.  Our longer cylindrical beads have a beautiful ombre of purple and gold, and the larger circular beads come in a mixture of colors and patterns, adding a perfect touch of dimension. 

ATHENA Gold Shell Necklace 

While this piece may look like a simple choker, the ATHENA Gold Shell Necklace is anything but. Each of the puka shells that adorn this necklace are unique in color, ranging from pale creams to deep tans, accented with streaks of various tones. 

And of course, taking center stage is the gold puka, the element that this gorgeous piece is named after. The golden shell will also pair perfectly with any of your gold jewelry pieces! 

Still not convinced? Hear what one BeachCandy Babe had to say about the ATHENA: 

“This necklace is so unique! I love the hints of gold and feel so tropical when I have it on. It’s super cute to wear with a suit or my evening dresses. Totally recommend."

Multi-Strand Chain Necklaces 

MARBELLA Rosé All Day Necklace

The MARBELLA Rosé All Day Necklace is sure to elevate any outfit that you pair it with. The different textures that are provided by the beaded strand and the paper clip chain bring an incredible dimension. And not to mention the evil eye pendant that completely elevates this piece.  

A BeachCandy Babe says of the MARBELLA: 

“I love that this necklace gives me protection with the evil eye, but it is so gorgeous as well. I love the blinginess and dress it up and down. It’s not too heavy and it pairs well with everything in my closet."

stacked chain necklace with beads

MYKONOS Stacked Necklace 

Complete with two strands of chains and two strands of beads and sea glass, this MYKONOS Stacked Necklace has been meticulously designed and crafted. Our goal with this necklace is to transport you to your paradise, whether it’s Mykonos itself or the beach that’s just a car ride away. We worked hard to achieve the perfect balance between color and the more natural tones of gold and white. 

Fitted with an adjustable clasp, this stacked necklace is a breeze to put on and off. The textured sea glass beads are an eye-catching element, as are the white beads with black streaks. Thanks to the materials that have been used, this necklace is the perfect light weight. Since the overall tone of this piece is natural and fairly muted, the MYKONOS will pair excellently with whatever you wear.  

Eye-catching Statement Necklaces

arrowhead necklace

SCARLETT Statement Necklace 

The edgy and dramatic arrowhead-shaped pieces that make up this necklace are the perfect companion to your BeachCandy swimsuit or your go-to evening gown. The unique shape of the SCARLETT Statement Necklace Fitted with an adjustable clasp, you can quickly throw on this necklace as you head out the door to your destination. The chain accents add dimension to this piece, while also giving it a trendy feel. Look and feel stunning and sophisticated with the SCARLETT. 

multilayer chain necklace

JACKSON Pendant Necklace 

We think that the JACKSON Pendant Necklace may just be the perfect statement necklace. This gorgeous piece has many unique individual elements that all come together to create one stunning piece of jewelry. The gold chains adorned with lustrous deep brown beads provide amazing texture and depth, while the faux leather pieces add that extra length. 

Gold puka shells and golden circular pendants are the perfect little details that take this piece all the way. The neutral tones of this necklace make it the ultimate companion to your bright BeachCandy bikinis, or anything that’s in your closet! 

Babe, You Were Born to Shine!

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Written by Bridget McIver

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