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The Sexy One Piece Bikini

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The Sexy One Piece Bikini

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we offer a wide variety of sexy swimwear for all women. Our sexy one piece swimsuits and monokinis come in many styles. From high cut to low, and your choice of sexy or modest necklines. Our collection of swimwear has the perfect fit for you. 

The time has come for sexy one piece swimsuits, bathing suits and monokinis to shine! These styles are all the rage right now and are giving the skimpy bikini style a run for its money. Stylish one pieces are beautiful on all women. 

And no matter how deep the plunging neckline or how shocking these suits are. Our sexy one piece bikini styles represent and cultivate an essence of classy feminine sophistication.

The comfort of these sexy styles are unmatched to say the least. Every woman knows the struggle of having to constantly re-adjust. And tug at a bikini set to make sure everything is in place. 

But with our sexy one pieces and monokinis at BeachCandy we’ve got you covered. Our one piece and monokini styles definitely solve this seemingly never ending problem. Our suits are designed with our babes in mind and we want you to feel comfortable and secure in any setting. 

Feel Sexy & Secure in Your Swimsuit

No matter the occasion, whether you’re lounging by the pool or the beach. No one wants to experience the occasional slip up from a bikini coming undone. This is a situation you don’t have to worry about with BeachCandy Swimwear. 

There are many reasons why opting for our sexy one piece and monokini styles is a great choice. To start, BeachCandy’s sexy one piece and monokini styles are stunning on any body type. 

These styles work your curves subtly while making a knockout statement. Ranging from petite to plus size, our suits fit all women, and do so beautifully. Another great reason why you should opt for our sexy one pieces and monokini styles. They will keep you covered, secure, and confident!

We take pride in the fact that our swimwear at BeachCandy has support and security like no other. The bust line of these suits accentuate your feminine physique while supporting you. Bottom line, you feel extra safe and sexy when tackling any beach outing. 

In addition, our sexy one piece and monokini styles at BeachCandy are unique and intriguing. These styles are so much more than your average bikini or simple one piece. These styles are so trendy and fashionable due to their fascinating cut outs and designs. 

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SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini

One of our favorite sexy monokini styles is the SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini. The Santorini Side Tie Monokini will surely become your new go to one-piece string bikini. The SANTORINI is stylish and fashionable, but yet oh so comfortable. 

The SANTORINI is a must have piece for your swimwear collection. This suit has adjustable side ties perfect for any body type, and has a beautiful halter neckline to go with it. 

The SANTORINI monokini is perfect for on the go because it goes with everything. This suit is ideal for anything. Lounging by the pool, going to a beach party barbecue, days on the boat, water sports, you name it! 

Due to the comfortable fit in all areas, the SANTORINI monokini makes it hard to want to wear anything else! Every woman can admit that oftentimes it's difficult to find that flawless one-piece bikini. One that fits and covers the chest, tummy and bottom areas. At BeachCandy we hear you, and we designed the SANTORINI Tie-Side Monokini for these reasons specifically. 

Whether you have a small or large bust, the SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini will fit you perfectly. The cup size on this suit is very generous and forgiving and will support any chest size. Additionally, the SANTORINI’s halter neckline makes this suit adjustable for your needs. 

This suit is made with a stretchy and forgiving material that creates both tummy coverage and a fitted look. Also, the SANTORINI monokini has adjustable tie bottoms so you will feel secure all around.

The SANTORINI Tie Side Monokini is stunningly beautiful. If you love to glisten in the sun, add our Swarovski Crystal Candy for a touch of our famous shine. The Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy are hand sewn for long lasting glamour and won’t wear and tear over time.

If you love the look of the SANTORINI, but want something a bit different. Take a look at a few more fabulous options.

beaded swimsuit

MAGGIE Classic Triangle Monokini

The MAGGIE Monokini is another great option when it comes to sexy monokinis. This style utilizes our bestselling triangle top. You have the option of choosing full or light VIP "candy" at the hips. Since several measurements are needed on the monokini style (torso length, waist, bust size, coverage, etc.), a customized fit is available.

At BeachCandy, we recognize that it can be difficult finding a bathing suit. Especially one that provides great coverage in the bust, back and tummy area. Thankfully, the MAGGIE Monokini was designed to suit all of your desires.

The MAGGIE Monokini provides great coverage, and will have you feeling confident, sexy, and secure wherever you wear it. At BeachCandy, we want women to glisten with confidence. 

The MAGGIE will help you to feel at ease in your own skin. This classic triangle monokini is the perfect one piece for any women out there. Perfect for a sophisticated sexy look while still getting the best coverage.

The MAGGIE Monokini Swimsuit is a delightful monokini that has our bestselling triangle top attached. If you're on the lookout for a bikini like one piece swimsuit, then this monokini may just be the perfect product. 

The monokini swimsuit is perfect for women who are looking for a bit more tummy coverage. Without graduating to a full one piece swimsuit. This is also a terrific swimsuit for women who are interested in something that's a refreshing combination of alluring and modest.

sexy plunge monokini

PRISCILLA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

Another sexy option for this summer season is the PRISCILLA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit. This sexy suit is very similar to the SANTORINI Monokini if that style interests you. The PRISCILLA Sexy One Piece is styled as a one piece but shows off almost as much skin as a bikini. 

If you’re looking for a suit that is sexy but tasteful rather than skimpy, The PRISCILLA is the perfect option. This bathing suit has a cheeky bottom, plunging neckline, and amazing bust support. Perfect for any babe wanting to show off their feminine curves.

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The monokini swimsuit is the perfect one piece bikini for all women alike. Each and every BeachCandy bathing suit is ethically handcrafted in Los Angeles. From cut to sew, BeachCandy proudly stands for quality over everything. With any of the styles on our website you can not go wrong, each piece is precious and timeless.

Women crave, covet, and collect BeachCandy Swimwear worldwide. The incredible craftsmanship & lasting quality brings our loyal clientele back season after season. The beauty of a BeachCandy swimsuit is unmatched in the market today. 

So if you are through with the compromise when swimsuit shopping. You are ready for the BeachCandy experience. Learn more about our triangle bathing suits for women >

There is nothing quite like the fit and feel of a BeachCandy bathing suit. While shopping our beautiful collections feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Our expert customer service team is happy to assist you. Become an official BeachCandy Babe & follow us on IG for the latest & greatest.

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