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Top 5 Triangle Bathing Suits You’ll Love

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Top 5 Triangle Bathing Suits You’ll Love

Triangle bathing suits are a must-have look for any summer season. The triangle suit is truly a classic look that never goes out of style. At BeachCandy we have a stunning collection of high quality and fashion forward swimwear that is perfect for any occasion. 

Triangle Bathing Suits are so simple yet so elegant. Beautifully built for all body types, the triangle bathing suit will have you feeling and looking amazing. There are so many stunning colors and patterns, mix and match to find your perfect suit.

At BeachCandy, some of our favorite pieces this summer season are the ALEXA Triangle Bathing Suit Top, the JOANNE Fringe Triangle Top, the GOLD Bikini Triangle Top, the MAGGIE Classic Triangle Monokini, and the BILLIONAIRE BIKINI Top. Keep reading for more information on our top five triangle suits this summer season.

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classic triangle bikini

ALEXA Triangle Bathing Suit Top

One of our all time favorite triangle bathing suits is the ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top. The ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top is the best triangle top you’ll ever purchase. At BeachCandy, our fit, construction, and high performance fabrics create amazing lift from XS-E Cup. 

The fit of the ALEXA runs true to size. However, you can shop smaller or larger for enhanced coverage or cleavage. We offer options for padding or our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy at the neckline.

The ALEXA Triangle Bathing Suit Top is the definition of the perfect classic triangle bathing suit. The ALEXA is comfortable and chic for any activity. The design of the ALEXA is sexy, subtle, and sophisticated. We cannot wait to see you in your new ALEXA Triangle Bathing Suit Top.

JOANNE Seamless Triangle Top

Another favorite of our triangle bathing suits is the JOANNE Fringe Triangle Top. The JOANNE is a stunning alternative for the bestseller and BeachCandy Babe Favorite ALEXA Classic Triangle Top.

There's an added flavor to this killer string bikini design by making the JOANNE a seamless bikini top for the softest and most comfortable fit to date. The fabric of the JOANNE is guaranteed to hold up against any body of water. This top will stand the test of time keeping its shape and vibrancy. 

The JOANNE Triangle Bikini Top is a gorgeous suit for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Fall in love with not only the functionality of the double straps, but the style of the JOANNE. The double straps are a subtle detail that take a classic cut into a more modern style.

At the end of each strap are adorable tassels which allow the top to feel flirty and trendy. The tassels cultivate more movement when the top shifts and moves. This style makes anyone wearing it feel playful and sweet and ready for some fun in the sun.

Make the top sparkle a bit more and with the addition of some BeachCandy SWAROVSKI crystals to each tassel. For additional customization, add the option of push up pads to the suit. Order the top in a size larger, the contribution of push up pads will add additional support to the breasts, making them feel more supported and secure.

Similarly, if looking to order the suit in a size smaller, the push up pads would have a lifted effect, emphasizing the cleavage and drawing attention to the bust. Either way is a great look, and perfect for the summer season. Choose to wear it for a relaxing spa themed bachelorette party, or on the honeymoon. This bathing suit is the ultimate bridal swimwear option, the ultimate white triangle bikini.

metallic gold bikini

GOLD Bikini Triangle Top - Limited Edition

Another beautiful triangle bathing suit is The Metallic Gold Triangle Top. The Metallic Gold Triangle Top is a limited edition Gold Bikini, with a similar design to the classic ALEXA Triangle Bathing Suit Top. After the amazing success of our bestseller, our ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top we decided to create a limited edition Gold Bikini. 

The beautiful and bold gold color will have you feeling and looking your absolute best. Flattering all body shapes and sizes, this GOLD Bikini triangle top is a must-have for any and every woman. Whether you are planning your next trip to Las Vegas or about to go on your next exotic vacation, you will want to get your hands on the limited edition Gold Bikini Triangle Top.

The Gold Bikini Triangle Top is the best and most supportive triangle top currently available on the market. At BeachCandy, we are recognized around the world for our high quality and extraordinary fit, and the GOLD Metallic Triangle Top is no exception. The support of the GOLD Triangle top gives a lifted round cleavage-enhancing shape to any bust line.

There is no denying that this suit is one of our BeachCandy babes absolute favorites. We sell out of this triangle bikini top every season, especially in our supportive E-Cup size. This suit truly shines in larger cup sizes D, DD, & E. Order the Gold top and see its strength and beauty for yourself.

This must-have triangle bikini top is the perfect swimsuit for a day out on the beach, relaxing on any vacation or staycation. This top offers incredible lift, meaning you'll be held up and kept in place even in the largest cup sizes. Not to mention the option for our Swarovski Crystal Candy details at the neckline, taking this classic bikini top to a new level of glamour.

designer monokini swimsuit

MAGGIE Classic Triangle Monokini With VIP Candy

Another stunning triangle bathing suit is the MAGGIE Monokini With VIP Candy.

It's hard to find a triangle bathing suit that provides full coverage in the bust, back and tummy area. Thankfully, monokinis were designed. The MAGGIE Monokini not only provides amazing coverage, it will have you feeling secure and confident wherever you wear it.

We want women to feel confident no matter what when they wear a BeachCandy. The MAGGIE triangle monokini is the perfect one piece for any women out there who love to show off their skin, while still getting the best coverage.

The MAGGIE Monokini Swimsuit is a gorgeous monokini that has our bestselling triangle top attached. If you're on the lookout for a bikini-like one piece swimsuit, then this monokini may just be the perfect product. The MAGGIE Monokini Swimsuit is a stunner and a top pick for a lot of our new mommies!

The monokini swimsuit is perfect for women who are looking for a bit more tummy coverage without going to a full one piece swimsuit. This is also a terrific swimsuit for women who are interested in something that's a refreshing combination of alluring and modest.The triangle top provides dependable and adjustable support. Since the monokini has a nice triangle top, it's great for women regardless of how big or small their bust size may be.

If you have a larger cup size, your Maggie swimsuit will come with convenient double straps that can boost the support you receive. The swimsuit has a particularly long torso so our team can adjust it for you according to your torso length. This black monokini also comes in white-perfect for our beach brides.


The last of our favorite top five triangle bathing suits is the BILLIONAIRE BIKINI. The BILLIONAIRE BIKINI is a stunning triangle bathing suit that was once a custom order, but has now been added to BeachCandy’s RTW Collection Online. The exquisite BILLIONAIRE Triangle Top is visually stunning. This bikini top is so luxurious, many clients consider it's value to be that of precious jewelry.

Every BILLIONAIRE BIKINI is expertly handmade with over 100 hours of hand-sewn Swarovski crystals. Ensuring all eyes will be on you, the crystals are elegantly positioned across the seductive, yet supportive triangle-style top. Cut to enhance sparkle, glimmer and shine, the Swarovski Crystals are exquisite. The Swarovski combines impeccable workmanship with exceptional artistry to create gorgeous, twinkling, crystals that reflect light and glimmer with even the subtlest movement.

Designed for a life of pleasure, this swimsuit is intended for the jet-setting lifestyle of women around the world. This coveted style is worn by our elite clientele.From exceptional design aesthetic to exceptional craftsmanship and fit. We are known around the world for our superior fit, construction, and quality. Furthermore, this triangle top is no exception.

The support of this top gives a lifted cleavage-enhancing shape to any bust line. Where this top is especially outstanding is in the larger cup sizes D, DD, & E. Order THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI and see its strength & beauty for yourself.

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