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Sexy High Waisted Bikini Styles

The high-waisted bikini is a style of swimsuit that can suit any woman for a variety of reasons. Not only has the high-waisted look been inspired by older looks, it has become very popular when designing modern swimwear.

High-waisted bikinis can be worn for the style. But the two piece also provides coverage that a traditional two piece swimsuit cannot provide. If you are someone looking for more stomach or back coverage high-waisted bikinis are a perfect choice. It can serve as a two piece swimsuit that covers what you like. 

BeachCandy bikinis are versatile, two piece swimsuits that reveal the amount of skin you are most comfortable with. High waisted suits also reveal a more slimming appearance with its smooth and tight seams. The benefit of wearing these bikini bottoms is the great coverage with their slimming look. But without being too tight around the waist. 

This can be a difficult characteristic to find in a high-waisted two piece. There are far too many high waisted bikinis on the market that squeeze the waist too tightly. Instead of providing a more slimming look, they squeeze your sides and exposes what you were hoping would hide. 

High waisted bikinis can flatter your curves and can renew your confidence. With their seamless fit, you will find the high-waisted bikini, the one that you had been looking for along, is waiting for you here. 

It is important you feel comfortable and secure in your high-waisted bikini. This kind of bikini bottom will keep your bottoms from slipping and will give your swimsuit look a unique twist. It is time to get yourself what you always deserved--a quality high waisted bikini that makes you feel genuinely sexy. 

Here are some high-waisted bikinis offered at BeachCandy Swimwear...

high cut bikini bottom

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottom

The MADDY has a flattering French cut that is seamless to provide you with a sleek look. This makes it continuously slimming and flattering as you wear it time and time again. The MADDY will make you feel secure in your swimsuit from the bottoms to the top. It is now possible to show off your curves and hourglass shape in a high waisted bikini that you can trust.

It provides you with a modest look inspired by vintage designs. This look never gets old and will always make you feel unique and comfortable. The quality of this bathing suit is unmatched with its hand stitched fabric. 

This gives it a delicately sleek look that provides more stomach coverage. And gives you the confidence you have been looking for. 

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

This sexy high waisted bikini has all the pluses of our comfortable design. There is ruching in the waistline and seamless fitting so that for comfort that does not squeeze. This is an elegant and simple high-waisted bikini bottom that has extra stomach coverage. Another gorgeous option to choose from and made with quality that makes you feel confident. 

These swimsuits are dedicated to breast cancer survivors. The model featured wearing these high waisted bottoms is celebrating her body in the #StrongerTogether Capsule Collection Bikini. 

A motto that BeachCandy continually stands by is that these swimwear options are made for REAL women everywhere. All women deserve to feel confident and flattered by their bikinis, especially in stylish bikinis. 

Our swimsuits ease lower stomach concerns and flatter the curves on your body in a seamless fashion. This sleek high-waisted bottom is dedicated to women who survive. We are all stronger together and can show off our confidence in this high waisted bathing suit bottom.

beaded bikini

SAINT TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom

The SAINT TROPEZ is a bathing suit bottom that brings the old-fashioned high waisted style back with a cheeky edge. These bathing suit bottoms are built to be cheeky and sexier than any high-waisted bikini bottom you have ever owned. 

These high-waisted bottoms are unlike any of our others and are made to utilize and embrace your hourglass shape. They enhance and flatter your curves making you feel secure in our quality materials. Intricately designed to be worn with seamless comfort, the SAINT TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom will surprise you.

black rib bikini

REVERSIBLE Ribbed Bikini

Our latest edition to the collection is our REVERSIBLE Ribbed Bikini. This versatile bikini provides sexy high waisted coverage with a strapless tan. The adjustable ties on the top & bottom allow for an ultra carefree and supportive fit. But our most favorite feature, is the reversible option of the black ribbed side or day glow neon yellow. 

This is the perfect swimsuit for any woman who loves a solid black bikini with beach party flair. It is time to level up your wardrobe & rock this irresistible set. There is truly nothing like the quality, fit, and feel of a BeachCandy bathing suit. Make sure to shop our entire collection of equally timeless options and coordinating beachwear styles too.

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These bathing suit bottoms are a few of our tummy concealing swimwear options. This summer is the perfect time to introduce yourself to our top of the line, high waisted bikinis. Flattering and elegant, these bathing suit bottoms are inspired by old fashioned looks with comfort of the modern era.  

These pieces can be worn with our wraps and accessories to complete your newfound, high waisted look. Once you wear BeachCandy, you will not want to return to cheap high waisted bottoms. Especially those that become worn out after a few trips to the beach. 

BeachCandy is innovative and productive when designing swimwear. We take quality materials to introduce comfort that is unmatched anywhere on the market. Our high-waisted bikini bottoms are special because it takes our quality materials, hand stitched by top local artisans to take comfort to the next level. 

Style is just as important as comfort. BeachCandy aims to satisfy real women everywhere, meeting their wants and needs regardless of their story. Love to shine? Our Signature Swarovski Candy will give you the best sparkle. Learn more about our favorite swim tops for women.

Need an extra boost to your cleavage? Our Bra Pad Inserts are here for you!

Check out our website to explore our high waisted bikinis and more at and our instagram @beachcandyswimear. It is time to experience extraordinary swimwear and give your body the comfort and fit it deserves. 

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