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Our Favorite Swim Tops for Women

At this point, you may be completely over swimsuit shopping to the point of giving up. From hours spent in a small dressing room, to packages of cheap swimsuits that don’t even fit, all just to settle for a swimsuit with little to no support and they usually don’t even last you longer than one summer so you are forced to do it all over again next year. If this sounds familiar, you have come to the right place!

As a woman-run company, we have experienced this difficulty first hand and made it our main mission to make swimsuit shopping easy for women! All of our swimwear is made with our customers in mind, from using the most durable and trusted material to guarantee that your swimsuit will last to designs that are made specifically to support you, you will finally feel confident with your swimwear purchase.

We have also worked to make shopping easier for you! From ensuring correct sizing, to creating adjustable straps so that you can fit your individual body, and  by creating our personal BeachCandy Swimwear blogs, so that we can assist you every step of the way until you find the right swimsuit for you!

Say goodbye to those flimsy unsupportive tops and hello to swimwear that is made to work for you, not against you! Here are some of our favorite swim tops for women to try and make your life just a little bit easier, because you have more important things to worry about. 

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strapless underwire top

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini

The HEATHER underwire bandeau bikini top is unlike your typical bandeau top. This stylish top offers the most amazing support and lift through the use of underwire foam cup strapless bra, an adjustable tie in the back, and reinforced sides for extreme stability.

Say goodbye to terrible tan lines and hello to the perfect sun-kissed look that will allow you to bring out all of your favorite off the shoulder summer tops! A phenomenal option for any size from A-E cup, because we believe that every woman deserves equal and incredible support.

The HEATHER bikini top comes in our four beautiful designs and patterns so that you are able to find exactly what you are looking for. There will be no more settling for swimwear on our watch.

beaded bikini

ST. REGIS High Neck Halter Bikini

If there were a red carpet for bikinis, we are pretty sure that the SWAROVSKI St. Regis high neck halter bikini would get best dressed every single time. The halter neckline works to give this suit the most amazing support, while also providing the perfect sun protection for your sensitive chest. The power mesh slings on either side of the bust line are what really ensure the built-in support that we promise.

The one-of-a-kind details of gold and black hand-sewn Swarovski crystals make this look red carpet ready and will have you embracing the goddess that you are! Invest in yourself and feel beautiful for years to come in our SWAROVSKI St. Regis High Neck Halter Bikini top.

sporty bikini top

JENN Scoop Bikini Top

Simple meets sophistication with our JENN scoop bikini top. The top features a criss-cross x-back design with the adjustable straps, so that you can be certain that this top isn't going anywhere no matter what you chose to do in it. Dive into the pool, run on the beach, or just lay in the sun and feel confident in your swimwear.

The JENN features a seamless material so that you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable and unflattering edges! This scoop neck bikini top comes in seven, yes you heard that right, unique and vibrant patterns that will be sure to make you the center of attention anywhere you go!

Pair the JENN scoop bikini top with our JENN brazilian scrunch bikini bottoms for the complete look that will be perfect for any vacation or just to lay out on your back patio.

VICTORIA Cut Out Bikini Top

Engineered for extreme lift due to the thick double-lined material, the VICTORIA cut out bikini top is what dreams are made of! The adjustable ties that are featured around the neck and on the back of this beautiful bikini top allow you to fit the top perfectly to your individual shape and size.

A new and unique take on your basic triangle top, the cut out designs that are featured on the straps bring this top to new and uncharted territory and we are obsessed! We give this sexy suit a 10 out of 10 score. Perfection on support, fit, and style, does it get any better than this?

TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top

The TULUM offers the most terrific versatility, adjustability and has been engineered for hassle-free support and comfort! The snug crossover design and the adjustable halter neck work in symphony for the most incredible lift and support. 

The contemporary flair of the TULUM makes this bikini top so attention grabbing! The cutouts that are featured under your breastbone give this top a sexy feel! Wear this amazing top on long walks on the beach or even get away with wearing it to your favorite hot yoga class as a flattering top.

supportive underwire bikini top

NILO Underwire Bikini Top

Specifically designed for women with the largest cup sizes, the underwire bra top is a 3-seam up for mega-support and shape and features NO tie around your neck, the straps cross over into an X-back, so you can adjust the tension. 

Image your absolute favorite bra and that’s exactly what the NILO is! The simple and sophisticated style will have you feeling confident and supported for any of your summer adventures. The NILO underwire bikini top comes in three beautiful patterns and colors; our sophisticated black, our tropical tranquilo, and our fun and flirty wild thing print.

We want every woman to feel like they have options at BeachCandy Swimwear, no matter the shape or size! Embrace your curves and find swimwear that supports and enhances each and every one.

bandana bikini top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Swimsuit Top

The JENNA Tankini offers a little more coverage than your average bikini top, but a little less coverage than your basic tankini top for those women that are looking for the perfect in between! A fresh and fashionable way to provide tummy coverage without anyone realizing.

The JENNA features a shelf bra for awesome support, without the need of any straps. The strapless design allows for a flawless sun-kissed look, without the concern of any annoying tan lines.

Our handkerchief designs present the perfect carefree feel while wearing a bikini! We completely understand why this is one of our best selling bikini tops for extra coverage and you will too.

tank top swim top

STACIA Slimming Tankini Top

Are you looking for a more modest take on swimwear? The STACIA slimming tankini top offers a supportive shelf bra, an incredible adjustable neckline, and the perfect amount of coverage.

A tankini top is a great option for women that are looking for extra coverage over their tummy and the loose fit of the STACIA ensures that there is no worry of that unflattering clinging look that happens when other suits are wet. 

Pick from our four vibrant color choices; the sparkling navy, our bright and beautiful goddess, sophisticated black, or the fun and unique aqua snake pattern.


Each and every style at BeachCandy is a timeless bestseller for the BeachCandy brand. After almost 10 years in business, we have worked with countless women in our fitting rooms. And after careful observation, each and every style has been born. Originating in our listening to women of all shapes and sizes from around the world. 

Let Our Expert Team Help You Find the Perfect Swimsuit

We believe it is the right of all women to feel their absolute best in a swimsuit. Therefore, we do whatever it takes to ensure a perfect fit- - including personalizing your order. Our designer swimwear is made with the best quality for women of all ages, body shapes, and cup sizes. Whatever your style, we offer something for each and every woman around the world. 

Call or email us to schedule a personal appointment with our CEO and designer herself, Brit. What makes BeachCandy so different is that we offer our clients the option to design their own bikini! Whatever your concerns or desires we can create your dream bathing suit!

If you didn’t find the swimsuit of your dreams after looking through our site, be sure to reach out to our amazing customer service team to help! They are happy to assist you in any questions you may have and are available via live chat, email, or phone.

 Most of our styles offer personalized options! Anytime you want to start you can reach out to us or the expert team. Learn more about why we are the best place to buy swimsuits.

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