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The Most Sexy Bikinis for Women

Wearing a bikini is supposed to make you feel confident, looking your best, and feeling sexy when you wear it. Whether the bottoms offer tummy coverage or the top offers support, BeachCandy's bikinis will have you feeling your sexiest as well as empowered. Each bikini flatters your curves, enhances your body and will have you turning heads wherever you go.

Bathing Suit Bottoms

If you’re dreaming of sunny poolside loungers, a towel on the sand or splashing in the surf, you’ll need the perfect bikini to make your fantasies come to life. Contrary to what some people think, the truth is anyone can wear a bikini.

As long as you know what styles to look for, you can easily find something that flatters your shape and gives you a boost of confidence. Use this handy guide to find the perfect sexy bikini for your warm-weather adventures. 

High Waisted Bathing Suit Bottoms

High waisted bikinis are all the rage this summer. They have slimming support and help to create an hourglass figure. These have taken bikini bottoms from boring to sexy! 

The great thing about high waisted bikini bottoms is you’ll no longer dread those bikini moments in your life that compel you to suck the tummy in. You’ll be infatuated and feel the most comfortable wearing a sexy high waisted bikini.

full coverage bikini bottoms

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Being and feeling sexy doesn't have to mean less material, and the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms prove just that. We think every woman should feel comfortable and confident showing off her curves. With the smooth lines of this bikini bottom, it will make any woman feel her absolute best. These bottoms don't only give you confidence, they give you comfort.

Classic Bikini Bottoms

Classics are always sexy when made properly! Classic bikini bottoms designed with side tie details and a hipster silhouette like the CATIE shown in the video above are always in style. This style is captivating and an iconic fit for the summer. This bikini bottom provides that hip hugging look you know and love.

string tie bikini bottom

ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

Whether you want to rock that sexy number or have more coverage, this string bikini bottom allows you to be in control. The tie sides are idea for women who want to change their style whenever they want. The tie side bows provide a cute feminine touch but also a sexy detailing in the high rise side.

Supportive Bikini Tops

One of the most important things to note before you shop for a bikini is what body shape you’re rocking. Every body type is beautiful, but certain ones look best in certain styles. In addition to getting a more flattering look, choosing a bikini that works for you will also help you feel more confident.

For example, a busty gal needs a little extra support, while someone with a flatter chest will want to enhance cleavage with padding support. 

Push Up Bikini Tops

At BeachCandy our designs constantly redefine what a bikini should be and offer. Each design is made to enhance and lift key areas and to make women feel their most confident. Each push up bikini top promises amazing lift, fit, and enhancement to all your beach ready looks.

best padded push up bikini

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

The LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top is fully adjustable at the neck, back, and the center front cleavage. This means you can make sure you are secured, supported, and still comfortable, no matter what. The LAURA Bikini Top is perfect for women of any age, shape, or size who want a sexy swimsuit that enhances your cleavage by one cup size. 

Supportive Halter Bikini Tops

Imagine settling into a fancy beach chair, cold beverage in hand, the perfect ocean view in front of you and your shoulder straps digging in, or umm, worse, you realize you've been flashing unintentional side boob. Life's too short to spend your hard-earned vacation days wearing unflattering bikinis.

There is nothing sexier than wearing something that flatters your body type and offers support. The RACHEL halter bikini provides just that.

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

The RACHEL Halter Top Bikini is our #1 bestselling bikini top every season. Designed to be the best supportive bikini, it offers amazing lift from Small-E Cup. Comes complete with our Swarovski Crystal “CANDY” sliders, allowing you to cinch down for a sexier look or slide up for a little more coverage. 

push up pads for swimwear

Bra Pad Inserts

For extra sexy cleavage, consider our famous bra pad inserts. These will give you that extra boost you desire. Our amazing push up pads are available as add-ons to select swimwear, but now you can purchase them separately to add them to whatever top you wish.      

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