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Shine Brighter than a Sequin Bikini

So today we would like to talk about sustainability and what that really means to us at BeachCandy Swimwear. At BeachCandy Swimwear, we have never been interested in shortcuts to success, cheap materials, or flashy fads.

Have you noticed throughout the years that the very topic of sustainability has become a trend and unfortunately sometimes a gimmicky sales tactic? Since we are not a bandwagon brand, we have dug deep into our core values to question every aspect of our business and how our procedures protect our planet.

Each BeachCandy swimsuit is ethically handcrafted in the USA with our Signature Swarovski Beading detail. We have always been very proud of our products and the care that goes into each and every piece. And now more than ever, in the new decade we intend to lessen our footprint more and more as the years go on. 

So this brings us to our next point. What woman does not love to shine her brightest? At BeachCandy Swimwear, our Signature Swarovski beading is so much more than just sparkle on a swimsuit. 

In fact, the Swarovski brand is known for their sustainable efforts from start to finish when creating their uncompromised product. Much like BeachCandy bringing you the uncompromised swimsuit.


We’ve noticed other fashion & swim brands using sequins on their swimsuits for the cheap and quick "sparkle factor." This is not our "brand" therefore we have never gone that route. Furthermore, sequins are made of PVC plastic and can sit in landfills for thousands of years without disintegrating. This is alarming and has been a taboo topic in the fashion industry. At the rate that the world indulges in fast fashion vs the rate of disposing of it… we all have to ask ourselves what really matters to us?

As a brand we are interested in taking care of our planet for future generations to come. And this value is so important to us we would never put the creation of a product as a higher priority. As you might have noticed our price points reflect the quality of our ingredients and ethical production measures taken. But as a brand, we are proud to say in the years to come you will not be able to find a trace left by BeachCandy Swimwear in our oceans or landfills.

Shop Sustainably and Shine Your Brightest

When you think of sustainable swimwear do you think of bland fabrics, granola, lack of detail or lustful designs? Well at BeachCandy Swimwear this just isn’t so. We are proud to bring you the ultimate sustainable swimsuit that sparkles. Here are a few of our favorites but make sure to shop the entire collection online for we truly make swimsuits to suit the needs and wants of all women.

jeweled string bikini

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

We are excited to share with you our most classic swimsuit that truly supports their wants and needs of any woman searching for a string bikini swimsuit. In fact, when shopping this swimsuit you’ll find on the product pages options of booty coverage, padding, scrunch detail, and of course our Signature Swarovski Candy. There is nothing quite like the fit and feel of a BeachCandy swimsuit. After all babe, you were born to shine!

jeweled bikini bottom

Our Signature BRITB VIP Swarovski Bikini

This is the bikini bottom that will go down in history. And already has! This swimsuit has graced the pages of countless editorials including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. In fact, our VIP Swarovski bikini was named editors pick in 2012. Each VIP Swarovski bikini bottom is hand beaded locally in California by trained artisans. 

And with our Swarovski beading guarantee, this is a piece you can treasure for a lifetime to come. Available in full or cheeky coverage so that you can feel your best while you shine your brightest.

supportive halter bikini top

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

If push-up is what you seek from a swimsuit look no further. Our ELLEN push-up halter bikini top with a corset back is the ultimate push up swimsuit to provide lift and support without any neck pain and a touch of shine.

ruched waist bathing suit

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

Is a one piece more your speed when it comes to swimsuits? If so, this is the ideal cut and style. Women have craved, coveted, and collected this one piece swimsuit season after season. The cut is classic, timeless, and it supports and shapes every curve. Of course we have the option of push-up pads if that is what you desire. We also offer our Signature Swarovski Candy with this style for a touch of shine.


The next time you find yourself swimsuit shopping and drawn towards a sequin swimsuit or otherwise, think twice. We stand behind our core brand values with resolute determination. We don’t have much time on this planet, so we might as well make the best of it and leave it better than we found it. Thank you for reading this important message and we hope it’s inspired you to shop with a purpose.

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