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The Best Push Up Bikini Tops

push up bathing suit tops

The Best Push Up Bikini Tops

Push up swim tops are desired by many women, whether small or large chested. Women want their breasts to look the perkiest and fullest they can. It makes us feel feminine, sexy, and empowered with confidence. 

Often women have uneven breasts or do not like the shape or size. With our expert fit options, push up bikini tops give women that extra boost. Our bust-enhancing swimsuits work wonders for all. We have several styles for you to look your best and shine your brightest. 

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padded push up bikini top

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

As simple as they could get, LAURA is the push up bikini top you probably imagine when you think of them. LAURA is a classic string tie neck and back bikini with triangle cups. The cups have the push up padding sewn in for maximum quality. They won’t slip and are very comfortable to wear. 

The padding is located along the lower outer corner and comes around to the underside of the breast and side to push the breasts together to the center front. It creates a beautiful, rounded cleavage that adds a whole cup size. 

Choose to customize it with crystal beading along the inner side of the cups to enhance its elegance. 

TRACY Push Up Bra Bikini

Designed in the likeness of a real bra, TRACY is practically a waterproof bra. Cups are in the style of a demi bra and have all the benefits of it: non-constricting coverage that beautifully holds and sculpts the breast comfortably. 

Constructed with an underwire gives it an un-replaceable sturdy support. The back closure is similar to a real bra in the way it is a rust-free hook. Slim string ties allow it to be adjusted to your liking. 

Comes with the option to customize it with “candy” alongside the inner side too. 

CAMERON Push Up Bikini Top

CAMERON is a unique mix between the ALEXA triangle top and the TRACY bra bikini; designed similarly to the structure of a bra but with thin string tied back and bra-like adjustable shoulder straps. Together these design elements allow for a personal, great fit. 

Some people prefer this type of style because it doesn’t tie around the neck. Sometimes it can be bothersome to wear that style but we have a neck tie gel that helps with discomfort from neck tied bikinis. It is a life-changer. 

Also has optional beading alongside the inner side of the cups. 

ELLEN Push Up Halter Bikini Top

A fashion forward bikini top for fashionistas. The feature that sets ELLEN apart is the halter neckline with fashionable straps; they aren’t your classic string ties but thicker straps that give it the unusual, eye-catching look it has. 

It gives a great looking cleavage with its padded cups and is one of our bestsellers for a reason. 

Small and medium sizes for the ELLEN top have double-sided push up padding to give an unparalleled, extreme boost. Whereas, large and extra-large cups have thin foam liners. 

Unlike the other tops, ELLEN beading are “sliders” that encase the thick, comfortable, and fashionable straps of the top. They are tube-like crystals which add a different style to the beaded bikini tops. 

Our bathing suits are truly unmatched in the market. 

Our cup support, quality, and fit are superior to other brands. They are typically engineered with bodily concerns or in likeness of bras to optimize support. On top of that, we have a full line of beaded bathing suits; other brands may have a few beaded swimsuits but they do not have full lines like BeachCandy does. 

The swimsuits will last you wear after wear and will retain their fabulous color. Beading is guaranteed if it were to become damaged because we want you to be able to keep wearing our outstanding swimsuits that make you feel as beautiful and confident as you should feel in a bathing suit. 

Pair these unbelievable push up bikinis with bottoms. Some of our styles have the choice for butt scrunches which add volume and makes them bum appear even rounder. Shop our bottoms now!

Some of our bestselling bottoms include the ALEXA String Bottoms, LILY Swarovski Hipster Bikini Bottoms, and SKYLER Slimming Bottoms. 

Cover ups would polish that swimsuit look, look through our collection of cover ups to find one you love! There are short and long cover ups in the style of robes, sarongs, jumpsuits, pants, dresses, and throw overs. 

At BeachCandy Swimwear...

We believe every woman should own a swimsuit they look and feel their absolute best in. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to designing swimsuits to fit every woman's wants and needs. No matter your age, size, or shape, you are sure to find the swimsuit of your dreams here at BeachCandy Swimwear.

Didn't find exactly what you had in mind? Check out our BeachCandy Swimwear website! We have swimsuits of every style and design so you are sure to find your perfect swimsuit. Learn more about our no pinch swimwear >

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We have the option for complete customization of swimsuits and can tailor swimsuits to perfectly mold to your own body. If you already had a specific design and look in mind, please reach out to us! We can help you design and create your ideal swim look here in our offices! 

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, we can create any design you desire. To start, take ourCustom Swimwear Quiz  and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind swimsuit. Our passion for quality and fit drive our purpose here at BeachCandy to put out amazing swimsuits and customer service.

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