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Old-Fashioned Bathing Suits Made in America

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Old-Fashioned Bathing Suits Made in America

Old-fashioned bathing suits are the rarest of all. From quality to timeless design, we strive to suit the exact wants and needs of women. It is important to find an old-fashioned bathing suit that you love, but that can also support your bust with the proper internal designs. 

It is rare to find a bathing suit that meets each woman’s unique needs and also incorporates her individual wants. However, BeachCandy Swimwear makes this easy. 

Finding that vintage look with comfortable padding and lining has just become so much easier. There is an art to making quality, luxury bathing suits at BeachCandy. It comes with a desire to meet every woman where they are at and implements their ideas into tangible realities. 

BeachCandy prides itself on quality, but also on versatility. It is important to be able to find a bathing suit with a modern look or old-fashioned aesthetic that has both. Regardless of the bathing suit, the suit must make a woman feel comfortable. 

Comfortable not just in the suit, but in the body. Confidence radiating and trust growing in this luxury brand. There are several BeachCandy bathing suits that can appeal to your needs if you are looking for an old-fashioned bathing suit with superior support. 

Retro-Inspired Quality & Style...

These designs are retro-inspired, designed with appreciation for the vintage aesthetic. Our bathing suits, here at BeachCandy, are made the old-fashioned way. They are made with great care and attention to detail so that each sew molds to the individual’s body perfectly. 

They are handcrafted to impress and flatter any woman. That brings us back to BeachCandy’s motto: Quality Over Everything, hand beaded and crafted in California. 

Vintage looks have become greatly desired in the fashion industry. Many modern looks have been inspired by the retro look. When shopping today, high-waisted bathing suits have made a comeback, leaving more lower cut swimsuits to embrace the higher cut look.

BeachCandy takes this and makes the bathing suits seamless, so that the high-waisted bottoms grip your sides and hug your waist without being too tight. This allows for more discrete coverage of the lower belly and a more modest look in the back. Many styles over the years have blended vintage designs with more modern looks. Many patterns have been brought back into style like polka dots and stripes to give it that retro touch. 

BeachCandy incorporates these factors into creating a design that is fashionable in today’s society while incorporating that vintage and retro inspired style. You are not going to find a swimwear company that puts as much care and attention to detail when it comes to support, sustainability, and style. 

Another one of BeachCandy’s mottos is that they are made to fit real women everywhere. Women everywhere have come and given their input as well as their requests for swimsuits to match their individual needs. We take this seriously and use it as inspiration for further development of our swimsuits. 

There are a wide range of bathing suits to choose from, all with flattering designs and cuts to meet different individual needs. These old-fashioned suits will give you what you need structurally in a suit with maximum comfort and timeless styles. Here are some retro inspired designs to begin to your old fashioned bathing suit collection. 

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

The ASHLEY high-waisted bikini bottoms flatter the vintage look while incorporating the internal structure to properly support your body. This swimsuit eases tummy control worries and creates a feminine look with an old-fashioned design.

The upper seamless edge is an important detail that allows for the high-waisted bikini bottoms to hug your sides. These bottoms create an hourglass shape without getting too tight and uncomfortable. Learn more about our sparkly bikini styles for women >

underwire bandeau bikini top

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top

Our HEATHER ruched hipster bikini bottoms display the retro-esque design immediately bringing attention to vintage inspired looks. It does so while also having modern support. It grips and supports each woman’s body. 

A popular old-fashioned choice, this bathing suit will easily become your next go to. This look hugs the sides without discomfort and provides that cheeky, yet modest look. It can accompany a wide range of our tops, but will especially compliment our tops inspired by other old-fashioned flair styles. 

old fashioned strapless swimsuit

OLIVIA Strapless One Piece Swimsuit

The OLIVIA strapless one piece, shows off a minimalistic retro inspired look. The OLIVIA is a supportive one piece featuring supportive elements such as a strapless foam bra. Along with great coverage on the bottoms with a high cut leg and a waistline that ties to show off the hourglass shape. 

The tie around the waist adds to that old fashioned look and makes the suit appear elegant with this vintage add on. The overall strapless cut and tight fit of this suit immediately compliments curves, but the added tie adds something different. 

This suit can be worn with many of our accessories or wraps to give it a more enhanced appearance. However, this suit alone works perfectly. This one piece contains the modern support with the vintage style, an unbeatable combination with unmatched support. 

high cut bathing suit bottoms

MADDY High Cut High Waisted Bottom

The MADDY high leg high waisted bikini bottoms accompany the bandeau bikini top perfectly. Both retro inspired with modern support to keep you active with that vintage aesthetic. The high waisted bottoms immediately bring attention to how old-fashioned swimsuits have evolved over the years. The top has an extra flair to it with the option of different patterns to make the look appear even more retro. 

The bottoms are French cut and seamless. The sleek look creates a beautiful hourglass shape that conceals the tummy area and provides modest coverage. They happen to be both stylish and comfortable with a smooth look that flattens and lifts. 

The bandeau bikini top provides a supportive lift that will enhance the cleavage for any bust line. The cut and style of this bikini also provides a tan-line free function that is complete with removable pads, loop back straps, and reinforced sides. The vintage look is complete with ruffles along the bandeau top to give the appearance of a larger bust as well. Premium support, comfort, and style.

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

The ELYSIA is a slimming one piece bathing suit that provides an elongated look with ruching as the waistline for that slim look and a bust line with premium support. The back provides a modest look with flattering factors that compliment the slimming look of the one piece while bringing attention to the vintage aesthetic. 

For even more of a complimentary look, add our Signature Swarovski Candy. This added scintillating detail will add extra elegance to the vintage look. When wearing this suit, you’ll feel like royalty. Sophisticated, elegant, and supportive, the ELYSIA is one that any woman would be confident wearing.

retro plunge one piece swimsuit

PRISCILLA Plunge One Piece Swimsuit

The PRISCILLA model is a sexy one piece that is perfect for the season and one of our hottest looks. The suit is complete with a deep plunge front, extra support to create an enhanced bust, and a cheeky back. This suit is perfect for anyone looking to show off a new vintage inspired one piece and show off their curves in the process. 

This look is more revealing, but cut in all the right areas to still provide maximum comfort and mobility. It is important to be able to wear a swimsuit like this while also maintaining an active lifestyle. Your trust will grow while wearing this suit to show you that you can show off vintage inspired looks with narrow cuts with the right support. 

old fashioned cut out swimsuit

GINGER High Back One Piece Swimsuit

The GINGER suit is one of our most popular that was inspired by a client’s request for full back coverage. This suit is complete with shelf bra support, full back coverage, and great tummy coverage. A bonus about the GINGER is that it has adjustable rust-free rings and slides for the straps. 

This retro-inspired bathing suit has that vintage look, but has a versatility to it that can gracefully accompany modern looks as well. The high cut out slit in the middle of the suit works with the high waisted bottoms so that the lower stomach is covered. But enough of the stomach can be revealed to also create a two piece feel.

The lift on the upper half of the bathing suit along with the high-waisted bottoms give the slit the appearance of a two piece in the front, but with a fully covered back.

As styles change over the years, it is important to be able to keep up with the speed of the fashion industry. Styles change, but looks from the past continue to influence and inspire more modern styles. 

As high waisted bottoms have made a comeback, BeachCandy has worked with this style to create a bathing suit that has different options for flattery. Whether this be for more stomach coverage, a covered back, or a more narrow cut to reveal your curves. BeachCandy has women covered around the globe.

Shop our Famous Fit for Real Women Online Now

There is no denying that real women need real swimwear. They cannot thrive from false advertising of styles that promise to flatter without the proper structural support. And you might ask yourself what happened to retro swimwear or that vintage swimsuit you cherished?

BeachCandy takes old fashioned, retro-inspired, vintage looks and adds their intricate supportive design to create bathing suits that are highly demanded on the market. These bathing suits have created an outlet for women to express themselves, grow trust in our evolving styles, and feel supported by our sustainable materials. 

Make sure to shop our entire collection of high quality swimsuits for women online. There is much excitement to have about what you can find at BeachCandy. With our top design team and handcrafted by local artisans in California. BeachCandy will work directly with you and your expectations of a perfect swimsuit that meets what you deeply desire. 

At BeachCandy Swimwear we choose quality over everything, for real women everywhere. There is truly nothing like the fit and feel of an American-made BeachCandy swimsuit. Never ever go on vacation again planning to leave your cover up on. Our swimsuits will inspire you to soak up the sun with radiant confidence. 

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