Must Pack Swimwear

Must-Pack Swimwear for Vacation

After traveling around Europe for the past year, I have learned one of the most difficult parts about a trip is finding the right clothes to pack for each destination. Especially for a beach holiday, packing the right swimsuit is a must. It needs to be comfortable so you can sit by the beach for long hours, flattering for all of the vacation Instagram pictures, and match the clothes you are packing. I always struggled with picking out which bikinis to bring, but after a lot of trial and error, I have come up with a guide. 

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The first thing to decide when packing for a trip is whether you need to pack light or if you have room to pack options. If you travel light, then it’s a good idea to pack mix-and-match bikinis. You can change your bottom or top and create a whole new bikini. It is easier to do that if you have one patterned piece and one solid color or if you have more solid color bikinis than patterned ones. 


Handkerchief Bikini Top

Miami is a hot spot destination for a beach vacation, and you will be living in your swimsuit! A great option is the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top. Not only can you wear this as a swimsuit, but it would also work with a pair of black jeans for a night out in the city. If you need to pack light this is a perfect option because you could wear it with black, white, or any solid color bottom. The "Wild Thang" leopard print also fits in with the spice of Miami.

Gold Bikini Top

Another sassy option for Miami would be the GOLD Bikini and this would catch the eyes of everyone. The gold bikini is a mix of sexy and classy intertwined to make a luxury bikini, perfect for your weekend in Miami. The GOLD would look stunning in a pair, but also would match almost any other bikini you have in mind. It also would elevate any beach or pool party outfit, whether it’s white denim shorts with flip flops or a black coverup that the gold sneaks through. 


WOW, an Italian summer, sounds divine! Whether it’s Cinque Terre in the North, the romantic Almafi Coast, or the lovely Sicily, having the perfect bikini is a must! 

Swim Skirt Bikini Bottom

The KYLIE Swim Skort is too perfect for all of the water activities, whether you’re out on a boat in the crystal blue waters, or hiking from one beach town to the next in Cinque Terre. You can match the skort with any top from BeachCandy Swimwear. Not only can you wear this to the beach, but it can be dressed up with a top and heels for your afternoon lunch at a Trattoria. The skort is so versatile and is a staple for your vacation.


A Mama Mia summer? Sounds lush to me! The Greek islands are an amazing summer holiday and offer so much. Not only are you going to be relaxing on white sand beaches with crystal clear water, but there are lavish swimming pools, swim-up bars, ATV riding, hiking and so much more. Everyone in Greece lives in their swimwear for the summer, so there is no need for actual clothes!

The Elysia Slimming One Piece is the perfect swimsuit for the Greek Islands. You can not only take the most amazing Instagram pictures, but it is comfortable and great for swimming through the warm waters of Santorini, Crete, or Corfu. Also, if you’re snorkeling or in need of a rash guard, this one piece offers that extra coverage on your stomach. 

Swimsuits Galore

No matter where your summer vacation is to, there are so many options for packing the most perfect bikini. You can pack all solid colors and color block bikinis, or add in some patterns with matching colors. With a BeachCandy swimsuit, you can be sure to feel your most confident, beautiful, and sexy so you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation!

Written by Olivia Barger.

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