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How to Have the Perfect Swimsuit Experience

After 12 years as a brand, we are well equipped to advise you on how to find the best swimsuit experience. It all begins and ends with comfort and confidence throughout the process. All too often, women trade convenience for comfort and, ultimately, confidence. This is the price women pay everyday as they miss out on the most precious of times, vacation.

Vacation for many of us is an occasion that comes but once a year...if we are fortunate. Therefore, perhaps we do not have enough practice with this one simple detail: What we pack determines our level of comfort during this time. This boils down to how we shop for ourselves in the first place. 

And this brings us to the question… Do you take the time to find the perfect swimsuit for yourself?

How to Determine Your Perfect Swimsuit

This body-positivity process begins with asking yourself the foundational question of… what functions do you want the bathing suit to perform? Do you want a full coverage swimsuit or something skimpy and revealing? Do you like a firm fit without ties or do you enjoy the adjustability of a string bikini? Do you need ample support in the bust line or do you prefer padded push up?

These are the questions, when answered, will bring you to your idea of the perfect swimsuit. Though the perfect swimsuit experience does not stop there... We must then have the accessories in place to glide with confidence down to the pool without needing a thing more except the menu du jour.

So here is our checklist of items that makes your swimsuit experience perfect….

Perfect Swimsuit Experience Checklist

  • Secure, well-fit, supportive swimsuit that makes you feel radiant.
  • Your favorite pair of sunglasses, lenses cleaned and ready for sunlight.
  • Your hat for sun protection and coverage.
  • A pullover caftan, dress or tunic so you have a full coverage option for the day.
  • A short or long sarong pareo to wrap around yourself as you saunter to the pool bar.
  • Mineral-based sunscreen for face and body (see recent post, toxicity of chemical sunscreen.)
  • Organic lib balm or lip gloss with UV protection.
  • Bottle of water, preferably in glass, stainless steel, or copper (plastic is toxic.)
  • Your favorite reading material, Spotify playlist, or podcast downloaded and ready to go.
  • A nice, large beach bag to toss all your items in.
  • Your favorite pair of sandals to strut with confidence.

Our Most Adored BeachCandy Style Recommendations Are…

Classic String Bikini

The ALEXA Classic String Bikini is a good old fashioned bikini that is made to securely support the body. Available in full or cheeky coverage this is the bikini you will cherish for a lifetime to come. Handcrafted with every detail brought to perfection. The matching top of this swimsuit is available up to an E-cup and our larger busted fit is adored by women around the world.

Handkerchief Bikini Top

Next up, we have our JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top for those of us desiring a bit more tummy coverage. This style will bring your look to new heights as you flourish with confidence knowing you can grab a strapless tan and feel comfortable too. Pair this top with our ALEXA string bikini bottoms or the RYDER bottoms if you would like even more tummy coverage.

Sexy Slimming One Piece Bathing Suit

If a one piece is what you seek look no further than the ELYSIA for our modest full coverage fit with a sexy modern feel. This swimsuit has been a staple for so many BC babes throughout the years with its signature Swarovski candy sliders. There is nothing like the fit and feel of a BeachCandy swimsuit.

Make sure to add in our famous MARIA sarong and RHANDY caftan to ensure a perfect experience time and time again. Check out our accessories to fall in love with beach bags, hats, poolside jewelry and more. 

Shop BeachCandy’s Famous Fit Online Now

BeachCandy got its start as a local swim shop in Southern California in 2011. Women from around the world would travel to this destination to be fit by our founder for the perfect swimsuit. Since then, we have brought the brand exclusively online so our famous fit can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. 

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