Most Iconic Swimwear in the World

The Most Iconic Swimwear in the World 

Searching for a swimsuit can be the most difficult kind of shopping experience that you may have. When searching for a swimsuit, you look for certain qualities that will satisfy your specific preferences. An ideal swimsuit will allow you to feel comfortable with confidence all depending on how the piece fits and feels. 

Here is something to ponder: We want to feel one of a kind in a swimsuit but where do we start when we’re on the mission to find a striking piece? And what exactly makes an iconic swimsuit? 

It’s safe to start here! At BeachCandy Swimwear we carry collections that cater to these needs of our BC babes. We often believe that style content is iconic when it makes homage to iconic people. Actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, and Pamela Anderson are all iconic women that we look up to. 

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We want our swimwear to reminisce that attitude and style of a Bond girl. She has a glamorous soul, a charm that’s too bright where she’s nowhere near being dull. 

This fun collection of swimsuits will bring you to life with designs that will flatter your flawless figure. Here are some recommendations of bathing suits that will transport you to feeling like a star; dazzling, heavenly, and forever iconic. 

Icon Era Swimsuit Recommendations

String Bikini Top

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

You can never go wrong with such a strong bold color like red. If you want to be simple but memorable, red is always a good option. The ALEXA Bikini Top is a classic triangle bikini with beautifully stitched Swarovski Candy on the bust line for the perfect simple and chic touch. 

Red has always been a classy way of utilizing a pop of color to be easily noticeable. This top can be paired with our ALEXA String Bikini Bottom to create the perfect duo for a Phoebe Cates red bikini moment in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982.)

This bikini will make you feel like you’re a sex symbol from the Silver Screen collection of Getty images. You’ll feel luxurious while rocking a swimsuit top like this with such a fearless color. It is undoubtedly a fierce and attractive piece that will make for the perfect addition to your swimwear collection. 

Gold Beaded Bikini

GOLD BRITB VIP Swarovski Bikini - Limited Edition 

Another iconic piece to consider is our limited edition metallic GOLD "BRITB" bikini bottoms. This bikini embodies ethereal and goddess-like features; its soft gold color and carefully handcrafted Swarovski strap lining gives it a rare quality. 

This unique bikini bottom can be flawlessly paired with our limited edition GOLD Bikini Triangle Top for a complete swimsuit set. Pairing these two together will give you the ultimate iconic Loana look from the film, One Million Years BC (1966.) If you’re looking for that playful and flashy look, this piece is perfect for you!

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit 

What’s even more iconic than a red one piece? A black one piece. If you prefer more of a conservative fit, our ELYSIA Slimming One Piece will do just the job with class. Black is a color we all tend to levitate towards, it’s simply a color you can never go wrong with. 

This one piece will define your figure instead of taking away from it. It has a beautifully dipped low-back with a v-neck to show the perfect amount of cleavage. You’ll be comfortably enjoying yourself like the daring one piece swimsuits the Charlie’s Angels girls would wear at the beach!

Terracotta and White Beaded Bikini

LEGEND Beaded Bikini Bottom

You won't just be a girl in a bikini, you’ll be a LEGEND in a bikini. Our best selling LEGEND beaded bikini bottom is the perfect clay-colored bottom to style. This bottom can be styled similar to Halle Berry’s bikini in her role from Die Another Day.

It’s a piece that will stand out against your beautifully summer bronze color. You can attain that beautiful glowy look!

Instead of crystals, this bottom has sides that are carefully hand beaded with stones. They have a unique and truly impeccable look. This bikini bottom emulates an iconic sunny summer look with its radiant color and delicate details to the sides. 

Written by Hannah Eltounsy.

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