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Modest Swimsuits for All Women

Finding a modest swimsuit that fits everywhere you need it to is hard. Finding a modest swimsuit that hides everything you want it to is harder. But finding a bathing suit that fits, hides everything, AND is cute is next to impossible. Unless, you buy from BeachCandy swimwear that is.

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we can not stress enough how important it is to us that you feel comfortable in your swimsuit. We prioritize your needs before anything else, and that includes the look of the suit. Now, you can finally have a suit that fits perfectly in all aspects, hides what you want it to, and matches your personality. All you’ll have to do is put it on and look cute.

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At BeachCandy, we have plenty of modest swimwear styles for you to choose from. Even better, we have plenty of fun and cute modest swimsuits. There’s no longer a need to dread hearing the words beach day or pool day. BeachCandy has a specifically styled suit for everyone. And if we don’t we can make one for you! With BeachCandy’s full customization policy, you just need to contact us.

If you see a suit you like that may need adjustments just let us know. And if you don’t see a suit that matches what you’re looking for, shoot us an email with what you have in mind. Either way, the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start making the perfect suit for you.

If this sounds too good to be true, just keep reading and let us prove it to you. We have a list of the perfect modest swimsuits to help you look cute under the sun. To give you a good idea of what BeachCandy does, all of the names of our suits are from women who requested that type of suit. Our entire store’s purpose is based on satisfying our clients. Just read on and try not to buy us out of all our suits.

High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit + GREYSTONE Maxi Tunic Cover Up

One of the most modest swimsuit at BeachCandy is the HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit. This swimsuit gives you completely full coverage of the upper body, while still giving you support and comfort. The HEIDI has a high neck and absolutely no cut outs to make sure all of your skin is protected from the sun, never leaving you with strange tan lines. 

The back of the HEIDI also gives great coverage to protect you from the sun, while the legs and booty stay completely covered for modesty. While the outside of the suit covers you up, the inside gives you full support. 

The built in bra inside this suit has all the strength of your favorite sports bra, making sure you stay inside and comfortable. The security you’ll feel in this suit is that of your most comfortable bra. Wearing the HEIDI will not only hide your unwanted features, but will also make sure you feel confident in it. 

Pair this High Neck One Piece Swimsuit with a beautiful long cover up to keep your look modest. The BeachCandy GREYSTONE Maxi Tunic Cover Up is the perfect cover up to look gorgeous while hiding unwanted features. While your suit covers your top half, this full length maxi tunic will hide arm and leg features when you’re out of the water.

The design on this tunic is beautifully made, making sure you will always look your best when you feel like covering up. There is never a reason to compromise a beautiful look just because you are nervous about parts of your body. Let BeachCandy worry about what you want to showcase and hide, while making sure you look and feel comfortable and confident.

Strapless One Piece Swimsuit

LIZ Strapless One Piece Swimsuit

While the HEIDI focuses more on hiding the tummy and/or chest and back area for most women, the LIZ Strapless One Piece Swimsuit focuses on the arms. For most women, their least favorite feature is their arms. While tummies are hard to face, they are an easy fix, and easy to hide.

Arms however, can be a difficult feature to hide while still looking cute and fashionable. Luckily, as requested by another client, the LIZ was created! This versatile one piece can work in many different ways to help you get the arm coverage you want. The ruffle neckline is what makes this look so adorable and flattering on any body type.

It helps hides those under arm features, but gives this one piece swimsuit a bit of flare. You can even wear the off shoulder ruffle neckline many different ways, under the arms, above the arms, or just over one arm and under the other. However, that’s not the only way you can wear this one piece swimsuit, there are even detachable straps.

This suit was made to stay on, but as we all know, water has other ideas for our cute looks. If you have to go into the water, just stick the detachable straps on. These straps are designed to not dig into your skin, they’ll just do their job and hold everything up for you. This swimsuit is perfect for modesty, as it hides your tummy and your arms.

Womens Swim Dress

HOLLY Womens Swim Dress

Arms and tummies are not the only combination of features women like to hide. Some women worry about their thighs as well. Unfortunately most women have to resort to board shorts to hide their thighs, making them feel less feminine. Fortunately, however, BeachCandy has remedied this with the cute solution of the HOLLY Womens Swim Dress.

While the HOLLY is a little more revealing in the neckline, it doesn’t overdue it, and the bottom of the dress makes up for any lost fabric. This Swim Dress has a classic 50s look to it, with its perfect thigh coverage and fun ruffled hem. This design lets you look cute and feel confident without compromising your fashion sense or comfort. Just as you will feel while wearing this suit, it has beauty inside and out.

To make sure you don’t feel unsupported in this suit, BeachCandy included bra-styled adjustable straps and a built-in shelf bra. Mostly all of our suits come with this feature, whether it’s a one piece or bikini top as that is the number one complaint when it comes to bathing suits.

And of course, if the suit doesn’t come with this feature, we can always customize it for you so it does. None of our straps will dig into your skin, and all of them will showcase your chest in the best way possible. As our main priority is making sure you get everything you need, this one piece swim dress was made to keep you feeling modest, but looking sexy.

modest tankini swimsuit top

LUCY Flared Tankini

If a one piece bathing suit just isn’t your style, we have cute, fun, and sexy tankini tops to help you keep your tummy covered. For instance, the LUCY Flared Tankini has full tummy coverage and a built-in shelf bra, to, of course, make sure you look and feel supported.

The rounded lower cut neckline of the tankini lets you look flattering in the spaghetti straps to show off your chest. It’s a simple style and design, while giving you lots of room to move around and be active. However, the best part about this tankini has to be the flared bottom.

This flare at the hem of the LUCY tankini makes it so the top is not too fitted on your body. This will help you not feel like a ten pound sausage stuffed inside a five pound bag. You will feel loose and comfortable in this tankini top, especially once you customize it to your needs.

While sticky wet bathing suit material can’t be helped, as long as you stay dry in this LUCY Flared Tankini, there will be no unnecessary clinging to the tummy you’re trying to hide. This is the perfect solution to a modest swimsuit without having to compromise for a one piece. Just throw this tankini on for your day at the beach and get ready to feel comfortable and confident, and look great. 

Slimming Tankini

STACIA Slimming Tankini Top

Similar to the LUCY is the STACIA Slimming Tankini Top. This tankini is perfect for those who want modest swimsuits with some tummy coverage. It is a flirty tankini that allows you to be active effortlessly.

The STACIA slimming tankini top comes with ca supportive shelf bra, adjustable neckline, and provides that perfect amount of coverage that every women is looking for. Even more, feel free to add padding in the bust line if you want more enhancement in the chest area.  Pair this with one of BeachCandy's bikini bottoms to complete the overall perfect beach look

modest swim skirt bikini bottom

KYLIE Swim Skort

Another piece that fits into our modest swimsuits category is our one and only KYLIE swim skort. This stylish swim short is one of our most popular pieces year after year. If you are looking for more coverage in a bikini bottom, this skort is perfect for you.

It comes with full coverage bottoms underneath the skirt that will make you feel comfortable and free. Not only that, it also comes with a waistline that will eliminate and uncomfortable squeezing at he hips.  Perfect for those modest women out there looking for bikini bottoms with coverage.

Modest Swimwear

LISA Swim Skirt

Our LISA Swim Skirt is similar to the KYLIE swim skirt and is another favorite of ours. The LISA is the ideal swim skirt that provide the perfect amount of coverage, yet still looks very sexy on. It also comes with a fold-over waistband for those who want more tummy control in their lower stomach. Worried about too much of your thighs showing? The Lisa swim skort is also a perfect piece for the thigh conscious women. 

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Feel free to check out BeachCandy's website for more modest swimsuits, colors, and styles. Looking for a gift? BeachCandy Swimwear also offer gift cards! Feel free to reach out to our expert team for assistance via live chat, email, or phone. Learn more about our lace cover ups for women.

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