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The Perfect Lace Cover Up

The Perfect Lace Cover Up

Seeking a Sexy Lace Cover Up to Complete Your Look? At BeachCandy Swimwear, we know the importance of a complete look when it comes to swimsuits. That’s why we have such a huge cover up selection. Our cover ups are just as beautiful as our swimsuits and are also custom made from client requests.

Here at Beach Candy, we make sure your entire look is made to your exact expectations, and we know cover ups are important to help make that happen. In fact, if you don’t see anything in our store that you don’t think will fit your personality, just contact us and we can make whatever you need.

However, take a thorough look through BeachCandy’s Cover Up section before you make your decision. Our cover up selection has many different options to choose from to make your look complete. Our lace cover ups, for instance, are some of our most fun and gorgeous pieces we have to offer.

What makes them so special is the beautiful designs that are sewn into them. Not only do they have wonderful designs, our lace cover ups also come in different colors! That usually can’t be said for lace anything.

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Our lace cover up options come in black and white, short and long, and even pants and dress. So many options given in just one type of cover up. Imagine what BeachCandy has to offer in ALL of their cover ups.

The BeachCandy Lace Cover Up selection is just one way to complete your beach or poolside look, but you won’t be disappointed with any of our varying choices. Just read through this blog to see all of the fun and beautiful choices we have to offer, and remember we guarantee customization for everything.

kimono cover up

HARUKO Long Kimono Cover Up

Our HARUKO Long Kimono Cover Up is one of BeachCandy’s beautiful long kimonos that will make you feel like royalty the minute you put it on. It has a sweeping hemline to flow behind you as you walk along the sand, giving you the look of regality.

The HARUKO also has a straight fit to make sure it doesn’t hug your body in any uncomfortable way. The open tie front is perfect for letting you decide how much you feel like showing off your body.

While the lace fabric is see through with a fun circular pattern. Now you can make sure to still show off your suit whether you decide to tie the front or keep it open. The HARUKO is the perfect cover up to offer you everything you need in a cover up and in completing your swimsuit look.

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The best part about BeachCandy letting you make customizations to any order is how much better we can make your swimwear closet look, no matter what size you are. Even if you are short and can wear a skirt cover up as a dress, or tall and can wear a dress cover up as a skirt.

Order the HARUKO Long Kimono Cover Up, contact BeachCandy, and let us know you need to customize. Here at BeachCandy, we truly believe there should be no compromise in your swim attire. Our biggest concern is to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in your swim outfit.

Therefore, when you order the HARUKO Long Kimono Cover up, check your measurements contact us. We will make sure everything fits exactly where you want it to, and even looks the way you want it to. As long as you are happy, BeachCandy is happy.  

HARUKO Short Kimono Cover Up

Meet the twin to the Long HARUKO. The HARUKO Short Kimono Cover up is just as gorgeous, just as beautiful, just, as mentioned in the name, shorter. This Short HARUKO has all the same features as the Long HARUKO. With a straight fit to not hug the body and open front tie to show off exactly what you need.

The only difference is the fun mini length and sassy cut hemline to give you just enough coverage. Be proud of those legs you have worked on all year and show them off in this short cut Kimono Cover Up. This cover up goes down to your knees and is just as see through with the beautiful lace design. Yet, with the open front tie, you can decide exactly how much you want to show off.

Your bathing suit will look incredible under this Short Kimono Cover up. Shop our incredible collection online to pair this chic cover up with any fabulous BeachCandy Swimsuit. This lace cover up lets flashes of color pop up in between the fun circular design.

While still covering up any unwanted features with your skin or body. With a lace design, this cover up can hide any cellulite on the thighs or unwanted under arm. It can even help you cover up your tummy.

Complete the Look & Pair with a BeachCandy Swimsuit!

However, if you are wearing any of our BeachCandy swimsuits, our swimsuit can make all the difference. BeachCandy has you looking cute and sexy in this elegant HARUKO Short Kimono Cover Up. Whether you decide to choose the long or short option, BeachCandy will make sure you feel exquisitely your best. 

beach cover up pants

MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants

As the saying goes, “don’t mess with a good thing.” The MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants has the same fun circular lace design as the HARUKOs. This cover up, however, is just pants! Talk about completing a look. Any BeachCandy client can slip these cover up pants on over their suit bottoms and be ready to go anywhere.

All of BeachCandy’s swim tops are made to look stylish and show off your body, so why not let them? While feeling confident in your bandeau, bikini, or tankini top, put on the MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants and strut your stuff.

You can just wear them around the resort or by the pool, but then you won’t be able to get as many compliments. These pants were made to be versatile and let you show off your suit no matter where you are. But that’s not all they do.

Feel Your Very Best in BeachCandy Swimwear

The MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants come in three different colors, just to make sure they fit the style you’re going for. While you can never go wrong with black, we also have a white and peach option. BeachCandy is well aware of how flirty our clients like to be with just the colors they wear.

Not only do the MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants cover up your legs but they are as comfortable as your favorite yoga pants. The MARTINA also has a fold-over waistband, giving them a yoga pant-like level of comfort. Now you can hide your legs, thighs, and tummy all at the same time.

The MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants are the perfect lace cover up for chic thigh coverage. These pants flare at the bottom and are loose all the way down, so you can move as freely as you need to when you are out at the beach. 

open front cover up

NIKKI Open Front Cover Up

The NIKKI Open Front Cover Up is one of BeachCandy’s most popular strapless cover ups. This gorgeous lace cover up has a swirling flower design all throughout its entire length. Making this lace cover up nothing short of impeccable.

The NIKKI immediately opens up directly underneath the bust and drops naturally along the front of the body. With length like this, BeachCandy can make you look important, regal, stunning. Plus, if you only wear this pool side, the drape of the NIKKI will just make your suit look stunning.

The way this strapless lace cover up opens up, your suit and body are guaranteed to look incredible. All BeachCandy designs let you show off your favorite body features. This dress paired with your favorite BeachCandy suit is a perfect recipe for gorgeous. The NIKKI will look stunning on any client and turn heads to you, no matter where you are. 

dress cover up

SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up

Last, but certainly not least, the SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up is by far, BeachCandy’s sexiest cover up. Coming in our classic color way options of black and white. The SHERRY has a similar swirling flower design throughout the lace cover up design. This Maxi Dress Cover Up sits floor length with a single slit up on of the legs, traveling all the way up the thigh.

The SHERRY also has a soft stretch to it with a high quality slinky-ness, making you not want to ever take it off. The top of the SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up has a high rounded neck, lightly connected by two thin straps that sit on the shoulders and reach all the way down to the lower back.

As is natural of a cover up, you can wear the SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up over any of our wonderful BeachCandy swimsuits. This cover up is so versatile, you can show off your suit’s back coverage, arm coverage, and bust support as the SHERRY relaxingly drapes over your body and shows off your beautiful silhouette.

Yet, if you feel so daring, the SHERRY can also be worn as neglige! Purchase this simply chic maxi dress lace cover up in white and wear it on your wedding night. Let the lace leave some things to the imagination while you feel completely confident in your own body, just as BeachCandy promises.

Of course, ordering the SHERRY in black lets you wear it on any fun sexy vacation getaway, letting your significant other know your exact intentions. Whether you decide to wear the SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up outside on the beach or by the pool, or strictly inside, this purchase will not be put to waste.

Did You Know About Our World Class Custom Swimsuit Service?

While all of BeachCandy’s styles or designs may not be for you, our Custom Swim Service can bring any style to perfection for you. Bring in any inspirations and let us fashion something to fit your exact needs and wants.

So you can finally have a bathing suit you won’t want to take off. We can hide any body concerns and highlight your assets with ease like you have never experienced before. Learn more about large bust swimwear for women

If you already have your favorite suit, or need a cover up to go with your perfect suit, BeachCandy can do that for you as well. Really, any beach or pool related needs you have, just contact BeachCandy and we can try to make your entire beach and pool closet what you have always dreamed of.

How May We Assist You?

Need assistance while shopping online? Let our team of experts assist you via live chat, email, or by phone. It is our pleasure to help you find the swimsuit or cover up of your dreams.

In fact, we started the brand with the hopes to ensure all women could feel extraordinary in a swimsuit. Whether you shop our Ready-To-Wear Collection Online or embark on our Custom Swimsuit Experience we aim to serve perfection to women of all shapes & sizes.

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