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Luxury Designer Bikinis for Women

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Luxury Designer Bikinis for Women

Luxury is a loaded word, generally implying that something is of indulgence rather than necessity. So, why are people so drawn to luxury items. 

Is it the status one might gain from buying and owning a luxury good? The sense of accomplishment? Or even just a liking for the finer things in life? 

It could be all of the above, but with a BeachCandy bikini, the draw is much more than post-purchase gratification. It is the investment in swimwear that, every time you put it on, will make you fall in love with your body all over again. 

The mantra: ‘quality over everything,’ is at the heart of BeachCandy and it holds true. Each BeachCandy bikini is handcrafted by in-house artisans, making these luxury swimwear pieces ones that you can enjoy forever. 

Take a look at our one stop shop guide to luxury below.

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luxury triangle bikini top

ALEXA Swarovski Triangle Bikini Top

When it comes to supportive bikini tops this one is the best of its kind. Typically triangle tops are flimsy and unsupportive, but at BeachCandy Swimwear strive for perfection. And no matter what woman you ask, she will say she likes her breasts lifted in a swimsuit. Therefore, each and every top at BeachCandy Swimwear was created to rise to the occasion.

The fit and unparalleled quality of this bikini top is simply a classic favorite. Every BeachCandy bikini collector owns at least one of these timeless treasures. Be sure to add our Signature Swarovski beading. Because babe, you were born to shine.

Furthermore, read what our founder & designer’s has to say if she were in the fitting room with you.

“Don’t be afraid to begin your BeachCandy collection with the color black. Our swimsuits fit so flawlessly & the quality is the perfect shaping thickness. Therefore, this is the swimsuit you will want to wear the most. Black is a great starting point and enjoy shining bright in your BeachCandy for a lifetime to come.”


Welcome to the luxury life. Complete with a top and matching, luxury bikini bottom, this high quality swimsuit is a one-of-a-kind MUST HAVE. The BILLIONAIRE brings the BeachCandy commitment to luxury to life, with over 100 hours of hand-sewn Swarovski crystals from head to toe. The crystals are strategically placed to line both the top and bottom in a way that’s sure to get all eyes on you.

We want our babes to feel like a billion bucks in this bikini- so we made it customizable! The luxury bottom is available in cheeky or full coverage, as well as with no scrunch, half scrunch, and full scrunch. Pair with a simplistic timeless beach cover up for the perfect polished look.

luxury thong bikini bottom

SAINT TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom

The SAINT TROPEZ is a dream every which way you look at it. It’s what we like to call our bare it all bottom, but make it luxury. This bottom sits high on the hips, and carves them curves out GIRL! 

What this bottom is lacking in butt coverage, it makes up for in detailing. Either side of the hips are lined with Swarovski beading and rust-free gold metal hardware. And of course, a girl’s gotta have options! These VIP Candy hips come in light VIP or full VIP, with the light being more economical with less sparkle, and the full being your shine bright like a diamond moment. 

push up swimsuits for women

TRACY Push Up Bra Bikini

The TRACY has us convinced now, more than ever that God is in fact, a woman. There’s no way this heaven-sent push-up bikini was just fate. It’s too good. 

With a revealing front and secure back design, the PRISCILLA is here to say the party doesn’t just have to be in the back. The high quality interior structure that consists of demi push up pads and a sturdy underwire lining for added support makes this bathing suit suitable for showing off your hard-earned tan lines. 

The TRACY is lined with a high-performance push-up padding to create minimal coverage and an inward tilt of the chest. Luxury = quality. The TRACY is a testament to this. Get your shine on with our must add-on Signature Swarovski Candy. 

luxury bikini top

SWAROVSKI St. Regis High Neck Halter Bikini

Red-carpet worthy swimwear guaranteed to make them gawk. The high neck is lightweight and embellished with gold and black hand-sewn Swarovski crystals, of all shapes and sizes. The halter straps, coupled with an added band across the bottom of the top, make the St. Regis of luxury support caliber. 

Our personal favorite part is that the high neck halter style protects us from additional sun exposure. Kiss your fear of fine lines and wrinkles goodbye. The St. Regis is the swimsuit you never knew you needed. Until now, that is. 

Pair it with our ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms to complete your red carpet ready ensemble.

beaded swimsuit

Our Signature ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini 

The ‘BRITB’ is further proof that luxury is in our DNA. This bikini takes us back to where it all began; when we really saw what the power of a good swimsuit can do.

This bestseller bikini is your #1 fan. It wants to fit you on your terms. From bottom coverage, to scrunch, to light VIP or full VIP, the ‘BRITB’ is all about you. 

With this bottom, we are able to hone in on our goal to remain as sustainable as possible. The use of Swarovski allows us to do so, as it is glass, not plastic, which is better for the environment. To us, sustainability is luxury. P.S. the BRITB also comes in GOLD :) get it while it’s hot!  

Shop our Entire Collection of Luxurious Bathing Suits for the Real Woman

We only mentioned a few select pieces but make sure to shop our carefully curated collection of perfect swimwear. From a supportive one piece swimsuit to free shipping, you have just stumbled upon the best of the best when it comes to swimwear designers.

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe every woman was born to shine in a swimsuit. Our story begins as a storefront in Newport Beach, California. With only 8 resort wear styles to our name, we begin by listening to what our women wanted. Year after year, style by style, our brand acquired its voice.

After 10+ years in the fitting room with women from around the world. We know what you seek. In fact, we used to have our customers bring us their favorite old swimsuits to show us what they liked and didn’t like firsthand. 

After careful observation and listening, we have built a collection based on what women wanted. In fact, each swimsuit is named after the first woman who inspired it. Our Signature Swarovski Candy came about when our founder decided most swimsuits were typically terrible on all levels. From quality to craftsmanship details, the BeachCandy brand was born.

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