Large Bust Swimwear

Large Bust Swimwear

While everyone wants to have a large chest, nobody ever thinks about how hard it is to find things that fit. Well, here at BeachCandy, we don’t want you to struggle any more. BeachCandy dedicates itself to making sure you have the perfect swimsuit.

We also want even large busted women to feel comfortable and secure in their swimwear. We have the perfect swimwear for large bust sizes to hold you in, and still let you feel covered up. 

We dedicate ourselves to making sure you have the exact bathing suit you need. BeachCandy Swimwear will always give you exactly what you want. Have a look through our list for the perfect large bust swimwear to see which style best fits your personality.

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bikini top for large busts

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

If you are looking for supportive swimwear, The ALEXA is a good place to start. This list starts off strong with the ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top. BeachCandy is known around the world for our superior fit, construction, and quality. The ALEXA is definitely the best way to showcase this. The ALEXA is BeachCandy’s most supportive triangle bikini top. It gives lift to round cleavage and creates the perfect shape to for any bust line.

Here at BeachCandy our designers highly recommend the ALEXA for our clients with D or E cup size. There is finally a swim top that lets bigger busted women not look skimpy and have full support. All of our designs are based on multiple client requests. Therefore, we can guarantee that this bikini top is perfect for the larger bust.

Besides, when you have big boobs, not only is it difficult to not show them off, but sometimes you want to! Let the ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top help you look your best with its simple triangle design. But just because the design is simple, it doesn’t mean this top has to be. We've added our guaranteed Swarovski Crystals to the bustline to help your chest sparkle in the sunlight. Not only will everything be in place, but your chest will look great in our range of styles to choose from.

This way BeachCandy can also guarantee you will find a style to fit your personality. All this while giving you the perfect fit you’ve never had. You don’t even have to worry about the halter top tie behind the neck. All of BeachCandy’s fabric is soft to the touch and durable, so there’s never any digging into your perfect beach ready body. 

sexy halter bikini

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

Don’t be mistaken by the order of this list, BeachCandy’s Rachel Halter Top Bikini is second to none. The RACHEL is BeachCandy’s #1 bestselling bikini top every season. The RACHEL Halter Top Bikini give the perfect lift for any sized client. Plus, it’s versatile with our Swarovski Crystal “Candy” sliders. You can use them to cinch down the top piece of this swimsuit to just the right amount of sexy. Or, oppositely, you can slide the Candy up for more bust coverage.

Whichever way you decide to move the sliders, BeachCandy understands. The struggle is real for women trying to find swimsuits for their big busts. This is one of the reasons why the RACHEL is one of our other designer recommended bikini tops for larger busts. BeachCandy understands how hard bikini top shopping can be and we would like to stop the compromise.

For our clients with a bra size of D, DD, or even E, the RACHEL Halter Top Bikini is perfect. With so many designs and colors to choose from, this top is perfect for mixing and matching. If you want, you can pick a simple solid color and pair it with your favorite bottoms. Our personal favorite, is pairing this bikini top with our ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms.

Now you can always be comfortable whether you’re at the beach or poolside. As long as you have one of BeachCandy’s RACHEL tops, you’ll never need a new bikini top. Stop compromising with the old ugly bikini top that makes you feel secure. Let yourself look cute AND feel comfortable so you don’t have to dread hearing the words “beach” or “pool.” 

underwire swim top

NILO Underwire Bikini Top

Speaking of feeling secure, every woman will feel safe in the NILO Underwire Bikini Top. The NILO was inspired by one of our clients’ favorite bras. This guarantees comfort for our clients as it is specifically engineered for those of us with larger busts. This 3-seam up bikini top offers mega-support and shape for all clients to feel secure in their bikini.

Plus, we finally have a bikini top that does not have a halter tie behind the neck. The NILO crosses over into an X-back, letting you adjust the tension to exactly where you need it. Now you can adjust the height and look of your chest without your suit having to rely on your neck. No more harsh lines or pain at the base of your neck with the comfort of the NILO.

This is the perfect swimsuit for big busts, with its underwire support. Any woman can finally be able to play beach volleyball in the sand without having to worry about their chest support. You never have to be punished for having a big chest at the beach again. You can move as freely as you need to and not be forced to lay on your towel and watch.

Let yourself have normal beach fun while wearing the BeachCandy NILO Underwire Bikini Top. With the adjustable tie strap in the back of the NILO, you can make it as tight as you need to. BeachCandy wants to make sure your chest stays where you want it to without sacrificing strings digging into your skin. 

supportive bikini top

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

Another one of BeachCandy’s favorite bikini tops is the ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top. This beautiful push-up halter top is perfect for any size woman, especially our busty clients. For those who do not need the push up feature, there is a substantial thin foam liner sewn into the cups. The ELLEN is hands down BeachCandy’s best selling bikini top.

Every time a client tries it on, they immediately love the way if fits! With an X-cross back, and some additional crossing underneath, the ELLEN is adjustable through the back tie. So there’s no need to worry about pressure on the back of the neck. The ELLEN also gives our clients great lift, support, and cleavage. It’s no wonder the ELLEN is so deserving of the title BeachCandy’s BEST bikini top.

Choose one, or a few, of the many different designs we have of the ELLEN. Every woman should make sure to own the world’s best bikini top. Like any of BeachCandy’s bathing suit pieces, add our guaranteed Candy to make sure you sparkle in the sun. You can add sliders, like the RACHEL, and show off as much cleavage as you feel comfortable with.

For our bustier clients, keep the Candy up higher for less reveal, and enjoy the shine. Every client is different when it comes to size and design. However, with BeachCandy’s promise and multiple options, there’s something for every woman no matter her shape or size.

bandeau bikini top for large busts

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top

BeachCandy really does think of everything for every woman. The HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini top is actually a bandeau for bustier woman. Yes, a bandeau bikini top for busty women exists! Finally, a strapless bikini that large chested women can wear without worrying about tan lines.

The HEATHER’s underwire feature is really the star of the show for this bikini top. The underwire helps the HEATHER give incredible lift, support, cleavage, and sophistication. Plus, the sides are reinforced for stability. This way you’re not worrying about readjustments every few seconds while relaxing in the sun.

The HEATHER gives our clients full security with its fully foam lined cups and adjustable strap in the back. The hook band in the back of the HEATHER lets our clients find the perfect tightness around their bust line.

With the added comfort on the sides, our clients don’t have to worry about this top squeezing them too tightly. Of course, there should never be a worry about the overall fitting. If there’s any concern about the size of the bust compared to the bust line, just contact us.

handkerchief bikini top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

It’s common for some of BeachCandy’s bustier clients to ask for tummy coverage. So we answered with the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top. The JENNA gives some flirty tummy coverage with its triangle cut, and keeps the shoulders tan line free. This bandeau styled tankini is perfect for all of our large chested clients with amazing support and comfort.

The JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top has a built-in shelf bra on the inside with full support. You won’t have to fidget with it all day to keep it in place. Just sit and relax in your lounge chair or on your towel. Enjoy how amazing you look in your handkerchief tankini top.

As mentioned earlier, BeachCandy will not rest until every woman feels comfortable in their bathing suits. The JENNA is the perfect example of this. It offers a fun way to hide some tummy and is still able to be worn as a bandeau-like bikini.

BeachCandy makes sure every client gets what they need out of every suit. If your personality is more sparkly, just add some BeachCandy to your order. If you are more conservative, feel comfortable in our more modest tops. No matter what, you will feel comfortable, supported, and secure in any suit you decide on.

push up pads

Bra Pad Inserts

Even with large busts, you may sometimes feel you need an extra boost. Our amazing bra pad inserts are perfect for giving you the best lifted, rounded cleavage. Once only available as add-ons to select swim tops, these are now available separately to use in most tops or even a bra. They're lightweight, comfortable, and perfect for swimwear since they don't act as sponges and soak up heavy water. Buy yours today!

Find The Most Supportive Swimsuit for You

We have many options to choose from as most of our designs are made from constant requests of our clients. In fact, each of the names of our designs are the names of the clients that requested them! At BeachCandy Swimwear we believe all women deserve to feel extraordinary in a swimsuit. Learn more about our Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms for Women.

While shopping the site if you would like assistance from our expert team when it comes to fit we are happy to help. Feel free to reach out to us via live chat, email, or by phone! Make sure to join our email list & be the first to know about upcoming events, new products, exclusive sales, & more. 

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