how to overcome obstacles in your life

5 Most Common Obstacles in Life

How to Overcome Obstacles in Your life and Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Sometimes, good mental wellness and body health feels so far out of reach and impossible to get a hold of. Here at BeachCandy Swimwear, we encourage women to cultivate the best version of self everyday. In this week’s wellness article, we talk about 5 different ways to reach your dreams without roadblocks.

Holistic health is a way of living that includes working on more than just your physical and mental health. It’s an approach to life that focuses on physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual health, so the complete wellbeing of our human existence is energized, awakened, and ready for every opportunity life presents.

Our goal here is to introduce you to some common obstacles on life’s path and how to overcome them. As we work to heal and live as purely as possible in our toxic world we will be sharing these findings with you, even if only for the sake of awareness and to show that you are not alone.

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  • Physical Illness or Disease

  • Physical illness and disease can stop us from anything in our daily life. It can leave us bed-ridden or with a feeling of exhaustion the moment we get out of bed in the morning. While it’s not something you can cure in minutes, there are many ways to prevent future illness and help out your immune system. 

    It starts with unlearning the nutrition facts we have been taught through our conventional medical care and adopting anti-inflammatory nutrition habits that soothe inflammation–the root cause of all disease.

    The perfect way to start is with a self-care routine and listening to your body. You can track any progress you're making in your daily life by creating a morning schedule to set your day for success. Any small steps you can take each day to heal and provide self care is a triumph to be celebrated. Keep loving yourself and listening to your body and over time, you will heal.

  • Carelessness

  • We’ve all been there; doing something we know isn’t good for us or vice versa–not doing something we know is good for us. We don’t mean to be careless ,but it happens all the time. It seems like nothing at the moment, but what we don’t notice at first is that we are stunting our own growth in our interests and future.

    Something like yoga cannot be performed properly when we are careless and inattentive. It is an art that can help heal the soul and mind but can have you facing obstacles like carelessness. Try the centering breathwork of yoga; it can bring new life to your day’s ambitions.

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  • Burnout, Heaviness

  • A common roadblock in life is the feeling of burnout. It’s the lack of interest in a once highly interesting activity, possibly due to overexposure or stress caused from the activity. Facing a challenge like burnout or an overall heaviness on your shoulders is beatable without giving up said activities. 

    Practicing energy building and meditation is a great way to face and get through these feelings. Self-care practices and investing in “you”  is the best way  to get through burnout. Instead of fighting against these feelings, thus helping them grow, you should listen to what it is they are asking for. Having a healthy conversational relationship with your conscious is a great way to keep out feelings of burnout or having a burden on your shoulders.   

  • Doubt

  • Doubt can cloud your mind in three different ways; doubting yourself, doubting the technique, doubting the world. You must make sure that you’re confident with yourself, your daily practices, and the truth is, the world is out of your control. Best to focus on you and the world you are building within and surrounding you.

    Self doubt can be solved through self affirmation and counteracting the negative energy affecting your confidence. For doubt in the practice, we must all remember that practice takes time and energy, so when this challenge arises, we can stay focused and keep on track to achieve your goal. It’s important to not change directions every time there is doubt because you won’t be able to grow and build your life efficiently and effectively.

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  • Laziness

  • Laziness is an obstacle that can creep up at any time and can hit hard when it comes to any kind of work that is good for us. Daily routines that set you up for success need consistency in order to break you of bad habits. You must be disciplined and have willpower, otherwise you will not be able to reach any set goals. 

    The sluggish feeling of laziness calls for some movement to essentially “get the blood pumping” in your body. This can be solved as easily as lying on your back. Rock back and forth a bit, go into a spinal twist or two, and then raise your hips to open the body. These movements and poses put you right into practice while also getting you moving and out of your lazy slump.

    We hope that these tips will help you on your way to reaching your goals and achieving the happy, healthy life you deserve.

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