Best Supplements for Women

7 Best Supplements for Women

Another week, another Wellness Wednesday! Everyone knows that supplements are supposed to be good for you, but who actually knows where to start? Well, this is precisely why we hold a special space for these tried and true holistic wellness recommendations. 

This week we are going to cover all the best supplements for women. Our bodies are always working to keep us optimal and need a helping hand with today’s nutrient-deficient foods. Supplements can be something we tend to ignore because we believe it’s being fulfilled through our diet. But the truth is, there is never enough nutrition in our food sources to fully suffice your body's needs.

Therefore, we’ve created a list of the best supplements for women we believe will be highly helpful to your everyday health. Hopefully by getting to know some more about these supplements, you will be able to figure out what you might be missing and work them into your everyday routine. 

These recommended daily essential vitamins and minerals should accompany a healthy, balanced diet. We highly recommend the brand Pure Encapsulations because they don’t cut their nutrients and vitamins with filler. They are also gluten free, dairy free and soy free for women ages 21 and beyond.

BeachCandy’s 7 Best Supplements for Women

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  • A good multivitamin always plays a role in the supplemental discussion. We start here because we want to make sure you feel educated and can find ways to work this into your routine. Multivitamins are very popular because they provide everything. The purpose is to fill nutritional gaps and make sure you get your daily nutrients without strange side effects.

    Multivitamins consist of vitamins A,C,D,E and K, calcium, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B12 and beyond. A daily multivitamin is the easiest way to get every nutrient you might be missing throughout your daily meals. If pregnant, substitute this for a prenatal vitamin so you and baby get what you need.


  • Vitamin D3 offers a broad range of psychological support. It helps support your musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurocognitive, immune and cellular health. 

    Vitamin D is the perfect way to fill the gap you may be leaving from not eating enough fish or consuming enough dairy. Made to support your health in a huge way, a vitamin D supplement should fit perfectly into your day. 

    Did you know they are finding a link between autoimmune disease and vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D literally keeps the roof on your healthy home so eat foods rich with in, enjoy the sunshine in moderation and take a daily supplement to ensure good health.


  • Similar to vitamin D, vitamin C can also be very helpful to your musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurocognitive, immune system, and cellular health. It’s also very helpful to your physiological health.

    Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, broccoli and many more foods. A vitamin C supplement can equal up to eight oranges, so why not take this in the morning. Vitamin C powder is also a good way to get your daily dose but make sure to look at the label for sneaky sugar and fillers. If energy is what you seek, add a boost of Vitamin C and see how you feel.


  • Magnesium is often a nutrient that can be missed every day. It’s often found in dark greens like spinach and our absolute favorite snack, organic pumpkin seeds.

    A magnesium supplement can help get you the right amount of metabolic health. Magnesium supports your metabolism to break down amino acids, carbohydrates, fats and other essential nutrients. It can also help improve your heart and bone health.

    Magnesium is often available as part of a calcium supplement, which is also important for women. Magnesium directly combats depression, PMS, boosts exercise performance, and is anti-inflammatory. This is another great way to start the day.

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  • Omega-3 fatty acids are a key essential to heart health. They can lower your blood pressure, slow the development of plaque in the arteries and so much more. Adding this to your daily supplement routine is also great for any joint or body pain. 

    Omega 3 can be found in fish like salmon, tuna, and lake trout. The American Heart Association recommends eating wild caught fish twice a week. With an omega 3 fish oil supplement, you can go about your usual diet while not fearing you are missing anything from it. 

  • MACA

  • Here at BeachCandy, we highly recommend maca supplements for women due to its help with your hormonal health. Maca helps balance hormone levels, any conditions like PMS, PCOS, or oestrogen dominance. It also helps with improving fertility, libido and stress management.

    Maca can be also helpful to women going through menopause. It can help reduce hot flashes and night sweats. Along with not having effects on your body composition, it also enhances physical performance and helps fight off fatigue. If you want boundless energy give Maca a try. Here is our favorite brand to buy – organically grown in Peru for the most authentic source that has been a health treatment for centuries. 


  • Collagen is a very helpful supplement for the overall health of your body. It can help preserve bone and increase muscle mass. It also can lead to healthier hair, skin elasticity and joints.

    Naturally produced collagen in your body breaks down over your life as you age. Collagen is found in your bones, muscles, blood, skin, and protein in your body.  A collagen supplement can keep you on track with your daily needs even when your body isn’t producing as much.

    If anti-aging is something you seek, Collagen is essential in your life journey. Whether you find a capsule or powder for your smoothies or even baking, Collagen will have your body age with grace. 

    Last but not least, make sure to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes wrinkles!

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