how to feel confident in a swimsuit

How to Feel Confident in a Swimsuit

How to Feel Confident in a Swimsuit

At BeachCandy, we discuss this common concern and question every day with our clients. As women, we are our own worst critics. Therefore, we have gathered our top tips on how to enhance your confident glow at a pool party or at the beach when you wear a bikini.

We want women to find a swimsuit that they feel comfortable in the moment they put on a BeachCandy. Our simple goal as a brand, always lies within creating swimwear that all women of every shape, age, and size can feel extraordinary in.

We want you to rock that bikini body and draw attention with your confidence. Once you have chosen your perfect BeachCandy the next steps are important so you can really enjoy your next vacay "swimsuit anxiety" free.

Top 25 Confidence Boosting Tips

  1. Try focusing on other aspects of your appearance like your hair. Spend some time creating a cute updo or beachy waves.

  2. Take it to the next level and glam up your beautiful face. No need to go overboard, just add some waterproof mascara, colored chapstick or tinted moisturizer! There are so many ways to get “natural” look while making your face pop.

  3. Add some highlighter to that fabulous body of yours. Focus on the collarbones, cheeks, and shoulders. You’ll sparkle like a beach goddess on the outside and feel like one in the inside too.

  4. Worried about having a small bust? Add some padding to your favorite bikini. Enhance your breasts even more by tying the strings tightly around your neck to pull the girls up.

  5. Have some fun with cover ups. Don’t focus on hiding your body, but enhance it. Try one that’s see through or tight around your curves to feel extra sexy.

  6. Not feeling your legs today? Wax gone bad? Throw on some cute little shorts or a skirt to make your booty pop while keeping you comfortable and confident.

  7. Be a golden goddess. Get a spray tan a few days before going out or use a quick lotion the day of. Tans are a great way to hide scars, bruises, blemishes and slim the body.

  8. Get a bikini wax and shave those legs. Nothing makes a woman feel better than smooth and touchable skin.

  9. Make sure your bikini FITS your body. Nothing will make you feel worse than a bathing suit that is too tight or too big...

  10. Ladies, posture is everything! Keeping your back straight makes you appear thinner, more confident, and doesn’t allow for slouching.

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  1. Remember that EVERYONE has insecurities... If you don’t focus on yours, others won’t either.

  2. Start the day with a positive mindset. Tell yourself you look great because you do! You are in control of how you feel about yourself.

  3. Experiment with different types of bikinis. You’ll never know which looks the best on you until you try it. There are two pieces, sexy one pieces, tankinis, halters, and so many unique flattering style!

  4. Having some tummy insecurities? Wear a flirty little one piece or tankini to hide and enhance.

  5. Bring your favorite group of girls to any beach outing. Supportive and encouraging friends can make anyone feel their absolute best. And we are sure they have insecurities too. Share your body concerns  with each other for confidence boost in seeing how we are all self-critical.

  6. Grab a sarong wrap before you go out. This gives you the option of having extra coverage if you need it.

  7. Add a little extra pop to your beach outfit with some cute sandals or even little heels. Nothing makes you feel longer and more powerful than a great shoe.

  8. Worried about being bloated on the beach? Don’t be! Prevention is key. Starting the day before, limit your intake of salty foods and carbs. Also drink lots and lots of water! Eat more veggies and small meals.

  9. Get those endorphins moving with a quick workout before heading off to the pool. Go to the gym, take a hike, walk the dog, or join a cycle class. Working out makes you feel better and is good for you too. We love win-wins!

  10. Who says you can’t accessorize at the beach? Wear a hat, throw some shades on, or add a little sparkle with small earrings or bracelets. You’ll look and feel extra glamorous.

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Five More to Go!

  1. Wear bright colors, fun patterns, and cool textures. Use these to compliment your skin tone, body, and personal aesthetic.

  2. Girl just live in the moment! You’re young and having fun. Grab some drinks at the bar with your friends and be present in the experience not your appearance.

  3. Moisturize moisturize moisturize. Having scaly skin would make any woman feel horrible. Keep those legs and arms of yours glistening. Buy some lotion with a dash of glitter to amp of your beach glam.

  4. Remind yourself of all the positive qualities you have. We always have more positives than negatives. You are so much more than one or two aspects of your body. You are smart, funny, loved, and a strong woman. Work it!

  5. Try a yoga class or some self-meditation to prepare for going out. This is a great way to start the day and puts you in the right mindset.


We hope you are ready to brave the best and show your best self! You are beautiful. Learn more about our tummy control swimsuits.

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