Tummy Control Swimsuits

Tummy Control Swimsuits

Tummy Control Swimsuits. We’ve all been there, uncomfortable in a bathing suit, but not wanting to miss out on the fun. No woman should ever feel anything less than sexy and beautiful in a bikini. The hardest part is finding the perfect suit that will cover any insecurities you may have while flaunting your assets.

The struggle is real when it comes to finding that tummy control swimsuit that will cover all those problem areas, but we have the solution. We want all women who wear a BeachCandy to feel confident and carefree when out on the beach or hanging by the pool.

If you’re searching for the ideal tummy control swimsuit, you’ve come to the right place! BeachCandy offers the best of the best when it comes to tummy coverage swimsuits. From one pieces, to monokinis, and covered tops, we offer a wide variety of styles and designs.

All great if you are looking for tummy control swimwear. There is no reason why a swimsuit with great coverage, shouldn't still be trendy and fashionable. We have designed Tummy Control Swimsuits that are drop dead gorgeous.

Below is a list of our best tummy control swimsuits we offer to hide the tummy. 

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Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

If you have been looking for a slimming swimsuit, look no further. The ELYSIA One Piece is a magical swimsuit for you. This one piece is perfect for enhancing your natural curves while hiding the dreaded “tummy pooch”. The ELYSIA also adds stylish detail like ruching around the waist and a slightly open back.

Offering a beautiful elongated look for anyone who wears it, the ELYSIA will give you extreme support in the bust line. This one piece is the perfect blend of comfort and sexy. The modest and support design is great for all shapes and sizes.

Our customers fall in love with how beautifully this hugs their body. Without any squeezing, this one piece will fit you to perfection. If you are ever concerned with fit and size, give us a call at BeachCandy. We will work with you and your body shape and size to custom design you a swimsuit that fits you like a glove.

If close by, you can come to our design loft in Costa Mesa to get a even more personalized fitting. We don't want our women settling or compromising when it comes to swimwear. You should fee drop dead gorgeous and comfortable every time you go to the pool or beach. 

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

ASHLEY High Waisted Bottom

Looking for that two-piece design, but not wanting to expose the stomach? Take a look at our ASHLEY High Waisted Bottoms. These bottoms allow you to rock that bikini look while feeling secure in with your mid-section. This slimming swimwear adds extra tummy coverage with double-lining around the waist.

And the best part is these bottoms is that they are made with material that won’t squeeze around your waist. With these perfect tummy coverage swimwear bottoms, you can stay toned and confident in these truly incredible bottoms.

High Waisted Bikinis are extremely in fashion right now. We have hand-crafted our high waisted swimsuits so that they accentuate your body and highlight your curves.

Pair this beautiful bottom with our SWAROVSKI St.Regis High Neck Bikini Top that's shown in picture above. With a bikini top this glamorous, no one will be focusing on your waistline. We are truly listening to our customers and we want to make your swimsuit shopping experience the best one yet.

  High Cut High Waisted Bottom

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bottom

If the Ashley High Waisted Bottom offered TOO much coverage for you the MADDY is the perfect bottom for you. The MADDY is the ultimate tummy control bikini that doesn’t feel like an extreme amount of coverage.

The high waist design gives you that sexy hourglass shape while keeping your tummy well concealed. This French Cut High Waisted Bikini Bottom is designed to be seamless and extremely soft to touch. The High Cut creates a sexier look than the ASHLEY.

The shape and design of the MADDY French Cut High Waisted Bottom is perfect for our fun and flirty BeachCandy babes out there. You will effortlessly feel fabulous and ready for the next pool party.

High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

This swimsuit is great for our babes with big busts and tummy coverage concerns. The HEIDI one piece is a halter suit that slims the stomach area, lifts the breasts through a shelf-bra structure, and adds ultimate support. But don’t worry you are trading in style for comfort. With this one piece, you are getting full coverage.

The HEIDI creates a very chic look that will have you standing out on the beach (in a great way!) No other one pieced will give you the confidence that the HEIDI will. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to beautiful.

Additionally, the side ruching slims your waist and creates a narrow waistline. Women are often concerned with one piece swimsuits leaving an unflattering pouch on their waist.

However, we have worked hard to customize this fit to perfection. When you slip this swimsuit on, you feel the quality and security that suit truly entails. Click the button below and try this baby out for yourself.

Handkerchief Tankini Top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

Don’t settle for anything less than amazing! It is difficult to find bikini swimsuits that hide belly fat while remaining chic, sleek, and sexy. At BeachCandy we have created the perfect solution - the JENNA Handkerchief tankini bikini top. This bikini is made for our fashion-forward beach babes out there.

The JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Bikini Top is the the perfect alternative swim top that gives you more tummy coverage. We have seen so many women complain about how all the cute swimsuits are bad quality and poor fit. Then they complain that all the comfortable swimsuits are unflattering and unfashionable. We are here to change that.

The JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top is a perfect example of how we are done with compromises. This technically strapless bikini top has a built-in shelf bra that shows off your shoulders and collarbone while the bottoms gently covers the belly. The greatest thing about this top is it doesn’t cling or hug the stomach area tightly.

It is truly such a well crafted and fabulous top! Whether or not you are worried about your tummy, everyone wants this swimsuit. The loose handkerchief style offers movement, style, and an overall carefree vibe - perfect for your next tropical getaway.

Tie Side Monokini

SANTORINI Tie Side Monokini

This monokini is for our ladies who are ready and willing to show a little more skin. The SANTORINI Tie Side Monokini is one of the sexiest one pieces BeachCandy offers. The design offers great breast support while the style shows off your curves.

The panel down the center front slims and conceals the appearance of your tummy and waist while showing as much skin as possible. This is the perfect suit for anyone who is ready to be flirty and flaunt their amazing little body! If you are looking at the picture above and don't think this monokini will look good on your body, have no fear.

Although it is showing more skin, we have carefully designed this piece in a way that will actually conceal your tummy and highlight other parts of your body. This sultry monokini style still offers great coverage for any of your tummy concerns! This is a quite popular postpartum swimsuit for new moms! We want this monokini to fit your body like a glove.

That is why if you give us a call here at BeachCandy, we can work with your body measurements and shape to customize the fit of this swimsuit. What other swimsuit company will do that for you? That is how much we care about helping women, especially older women feel great in their swimsuits.

  Ruffle Strapless One Piece

LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

Looking for something a bit romantic with tummy control? Our LIZ strapless one piece was made for our babes looking for a more feminine and flirty vibe. The ruffles at the neckline create an elegant and classic look while offering tummy control throughout the waist.

This one piece allows you to flaunt your personal style while staying comfortable. No one will think you are trying to hide your waistline because they’ll be too busy looking at how beautiful you are.

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

SUSAN Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

Searching for a sexy one piece, we have sexy nailed. The SUSAN mesh one piece is an undeniably unique and flattering design. This one piece hugs your curves, shows off some skin, and holds your tummy in with our double-lined fabric.

The mesh allows just the right amount of skin to peek through without an ounce of discomfort. Empowered & feeling like the sexiest version of yourself while remaining comfortable in your skin, is the best of both worlds.

  tummy control one shoulder swimsuit

DARLA One Shoulder Swimsuit

And last but not least, our darling DARLA one piece. Our most fun and elegant one piece yet. This classic one piece is guaranteed to make a statement. On top of this smashing style, the DARLA swimsuit offers amazing tummy control.

The asymmetrical neckline keeps all the attention upwards while our ruched double-lined waistline keeps you toned and covered. The DARLA One Shoulder Swimsuit is the perfect combination of sexiness and class. Many of our BeachCandy Moms love how young and carefree they feel in this wonderful one piece.

 This DARLA One Shoulder Swimsuit is perfect for tummy control, comfort, style, support and more. You can't go wrong with this swimsuit. Grace the beach with your beautiful body in this beautiful suit.


BeachCandy Swimwear completely understands the struggle of looking for swimsuits that cover your tummy in the most flattering ways. We have listened to what women have had to say for years about what they want in a swimsuit.

We want to share our secret designs, quality, and fit for you. No more having to compromise for unflattering swimsuits just because you want a little tummy control. We can't wait for you to fall in love with BeachCandy. Learn more about our swimwear made in the USA.

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