Gift Ideas For Women

Gift Ideas for Women

Gift Ideas for Women

Finding the perfect gift for the women in your life shouldn't be as difficult as one makes it out to be! With summer fast approaching, BeachCandy Swimwear is your best friend when it comes to gifts for women! BeachCandy Swimwear makes it easy to find a gift with a myriad of unique swim pieces and options. Check out our featured swim pieces and vacation attire that we recommend for your next gift.

Each piece is specifically designed so each woman feels their very best when they wear BeachCandy swimwear and clothing. By visiting BeachCandy Swimwear, you are sure to find a unique gift for the most treasured gals in your life.

Give the Gift of BeachCandy Swimwear to the Women You Love Most

Maxi Beach Cover Up

CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up

For the inner hippie in your life, the CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up makes a great gift for your free spirit girlfriend. With its bright colors, breezy material, and bohemian vibe, the CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up is sure to please the flower child in your life. The CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up can be dressed up or down with a flowy, carefree feel to fit one's perfect mood and atmosphere.

The CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up is a definite stand-out and is sure to turn heads wherever it's worn featuring a maxi length and off-the-shoulder design. Whether you're wearing it at the pool or out in the town on your vacay adventure, the CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up fits every occasion and won't fail to dazzle and pop.

The CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up works for women of every age and shape. With its airy, flowy material and fabric, the CARNAVAL Cover Up is really just a maxi dress in disguise! The long maxi length allows for its versatility and can be worn as a cover-up or as an everyday dress.

The bright accents and colors of the dress make it a summer must-have for one's ideal destination getaway or even a fun carnival or music festival. The CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up can be dressed up or down with boho waves and sandals or a clean, polished updo for a fun girls day out or to run errands around town.

Crochet Beach Cover Up

BALI Crochet Tunic Cover Up

The BALI Crochet Tassel Mini Tunic Cover Up is the perfect little Boho-Chic piece to gift! The delicate crochet accents on the back and front of the tunic cover up add pops of color and delicate detailing to this ideal summer frock. While the BALI Tunic Cover Up does lean more towards the shorter end of the spectrum, one can most definitely wear it in a multitude of ways - as a cover up, a short dress, a top.

Along with the extreme versatility of the cover up, the BALI Tunic Cover Up can also be dressed up or down so you can wear it on your way to the beach, as you adventure through your vacation destination, or even to run errands at home! No matter how one wears it, the BALI Tunic Cover Up is ideal for every woman, no matter her age, size or shape.

The BALI Tunic Cover Up adds a dainty spin on one's overall look and essence. The BALI tunic cover up is a fun, girly version of the typical tunic cover up one typically sees at the beach or pool. However, with its unique crochet accents and frills, it can be worn in a variety of looks and styles. By adding a pair of cute summer sandals or even sneakers, the BALI tunic cover up suits every mood and overall look.

Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

This dress is most definitely for your girlfriend who dreams in Old Hollywood glitz and glam. The PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress screams vintage and classic with its Audrey Hepburn feel and essence. No matter the occasion, one can wear this classic dress anywhere on any occasion due to its clean, simple lines.

With its summer print, the PENELOPE Cocktail Dress can add a much-needed vintage twist to a fun day by the pool or beach. Every woman will feel and look absolutely divine in it and that is the essence of the PENELOPE Cocktail Dress. One can wear the PENELOPE Cocktail Dress as both a cover-up or as an everyday dress so you don't have to compromise style and class any day, anywhere.

The PENELOPE Cocktail Dress is the epitome of combining summer and elegance into one piece. One typically wouldn't think that of combining summer and Old Hollywood but the PENELOPE Dress makes this duo look absolutely incredible.

The PENELOPE dress is yet another BeachCandy piece that you can dress up or down. You can style the PENELOPE Cocktail Dress with a pair of classic white sneaker as an everyday outfit or a pair of pumps or heels to add a bit more elegance and class to the overall look.

Strappy Bikini Bottom

KASKADE High Neck Bikini Top

We can't forget the rocker girl in your life! And you most definitely won't with the KASKADE High Neck Bikini Top! The KASKADE is the perfect amount of glam, show, and taste with its black fabric and strappy accents. It provides the ideal amount of coverage while not failing in the least in adding personality and individuality. The high neck top works for women of all ages and sizes, providing utmost support and coverage with added glam and accents.

The KASKADE Bikini Top can be paired up with your favorite swim bottom or with the KASKADE Strappy Bikini Bottom to tie the look all together, making it the perfect gift set! This Bikini Top won't fail to please even if worn with a pair of shorts or skirt after your long day at the pool or laying out in the sand after a dip in the ocean.

The KASKADE High Neck Bikini is simple and clean in theory but aesthetically exciting and equally fun to wear. While unique and eccentric in its accents, the KASKADE Bikini Top is also sporty and chic. With additional straps in the back for extra accents and details along with the high rise of the top.

The KASKADE Bikini Top isn't just ideal for a pool day but whatever other activities one has planned for the rest of the day. The KASKADE Bikini Top provides top support so you have one less thing to worry about as you enjoy your day out in the sun. Because, the truth is, your swimsuit should be the last thing you need to worry about it.

gift her the perfect swimsuit

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

Whether worn at the poolside or on a Caribbean getaway, the ELYSIA is the perfect swimsuit for every occasion. Available in three colors and prints, the ELYSIA is the perfect gift for the classy lady in your life. With simple beading on the straps, the clean-cut one piece swimsuit stands out all on its own.

Offering optimal coverage and shape, the ELYSIA Swimsuit fits every shape and size with a slimming look and feel. The ELYSIA is feminine, sexy, and confident with its v-neck accent and low, rounded back. The ELYSIA is one of BeachCandy's bestseller swimsuits and it's no wonder why; every woman who wears the ELYSIA not only looks their best but feels their absolute best.

So, why not give your gal pal the best with the ELYSIA?

Clean and simple is the name of the game and the ELYSIA Swimsuit ticks all of the boxes. The ELYSIA Swimsuit is an easy swim piece to dress up or down due to its one piece styling. One can mix and match different colored cover ups and bottoms with the ELYSIA's solid prints.

You'll be sure to look fabulous even after your long day at the beach has come to an end. Whether you're planning on going into the town and catching a quick lunch, you can switch up the ELYSIA swimsuit to fit your desired mood and atmosphere.

monokini swimwear for women

SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini

Sometimes, all we want is the feel of a bikini without having to wear a bikini. A monokini is a perfect option when you don't want (or should have) to compromise. The SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini is the ideal swim piece! Available in five different colors and prints, the SANTORINI gives you that bikini feel without the bikini.

Extremely comfortable and feminine, the SANTORINI is adjustable and flatters every shape and size. The SANTORINI features simple beading on the top to add a bit of sparkle and flair to the simple piece. The monokini also highlights front cut-outs to add a sexy twist to the monokini. The SANTORINI Monokini features side ties on the waist add an extra feminine touch to its overall clean aesthetic.

The monokini is often considered the happy medium between a one piece swimsuit and a bikini. The SANTORINI Monokini provides the look of a bikini while providing the coverage and support of a one piece swimsuit. After your long beach day, the monokini can be easily styled like a one piece.

One can wear the SANTORINI Monokini with an additional cover up or bottoms following your beach or pool day. One can also add more personality and individuality by adding prints and colors with the SANTORINI's solid colored fabric.

ruffle tankini

SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini Swimsuit Top

The tankini happens to be another happy medium between a bikini and a one piece! The SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini is the perfect swimsuit option for one's next beach day or even a vacation getaway! The SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini comes in two solid prints so you can get a classic, monochromatic swimsuit look.

The added ruffles distinguish the SOPHIA tankini from the typical, solid tankini in a classic, elegant manner. The SOPHIA tankini offers the ultimate support and coverage of a one piece swimsuit; the drawstring in the back and the longer top also adds extra coverage.

The SOPHIA tankini gives a bikini feel and look with a separate bottom and top and the open back. Ideal for all women,  the SOPHIA tankini never fails to please, no matter one's wishes or preferences. The SOPHIA tankini can be styled just as easily as a one piece.

One can always opt for a pair of bottoms to go about one's day per usual following their water activities. With a pair of shorts, a skirt, or even a dress, you can style the SOPHIA tankini however you want! With the added bonus of always looking elegant and feminine. Learn more about our sophisticated swimsuits for women.

unique gift for bride

ROCHELLE Ruffle Honeymoon Bikini Top

The ROCHELLE Ruffle Honeymoon Bikini Top is just the right amount of fun, flirty, and delicate in a bikini top. Don't steer clear of this perfect bikini top because of the name; the ROCHELLE Bikini Top is perfect for any occasion! The ROCHELLE Bikini Top's delicate ruffles adds a dainty twist to the overall look without looking too extra.

The solid white of the bikini top maintains an overall monochromatic yet classy look that fits every woman and style. However, the ROCHELLE's triangle shape and enhancing effect of the ruffles do tend to please women on the smaller side of the spectrum.

The ROCHELLE Ruffle Honeymoon Bikini Top is the perfect balance of flirty with classic. One can really never go wrong with a monochromatic swimsuit look and an added ruffle accent. However, you can mix and match the ROCHELLE Bikini Top with a rainbow of different bottoms.

The delicate ruffles will never go overboard but will simply add an extra dainty touch to the entire swimsuit look. The ROCHELLE Bikini Top pairs easily with a handful of looks and designs; you can never go wrong with bright cover-up or bottom.

Best Gift for Women in Your Life

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