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The Sexiest Fringe Swimsuit Styles

Fashion trends always come and go; this time, fringe is forever. Whether the fringe trims your ties or adorns the neckline, it will always look cute.

Fringe isn’t just for jackets and other clothing items, it will look amazing with swimsuits as well. The fringe at BeachCandy is designed to enhance every body figure, no matter what, you’ll feel perfect in our bikinis. 

At BeachCandy, we always promise to bring you the most timeless styles to love season after season. Also, we promise that you will feel confident in our bikinis. BeachCandy has every bathing suit you’re looking for, so you might as well get everything.

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Our fringe on our bikinis are designed with our comfortable fabric, promising the best comfortability! Our fringe can be anywhere on our bikinis, sometimes on the ties, on the bottoms, or on our cute bikini tops.

When you wear fringe on the beach or in your backyard pool, you’ll be the ultimate trendsetter. BeachCandy always has the best fringe swimsuits and you might be tempted to collect them all.

Every woman will thrive in our BeachCandy bathing suits. BeachCandy provides comfort, glamour, style and the best quality when it comes to bikinis. We have every style to fit everyone, whether you like full coverage or little to no skin.

supportive swimsuit tops

ALEXA Bikini Top

ALEXA is one of our best selling bikini tops, especially since it has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated. In our triangle top, the fringe is on our bikini back ties. With our adjustable ties, you’ll be able to see the fringe from anywhere. 

In this beautiful bikini top, you have edges at the bottom to hug your bust area. It won’t be too tight or too loose, it is promised to be the perfect fit! You shouldn’t feel like you’re going to have a mishap in the middle of a perfect beach day. 

ALEXA is comfortable for any bust, no matter what size, for its available A- E. Our fabric and fit will lift your girls to the perfect position. Just like any of our bikinis, you can add our Candy option and extra padding.

ALEXA is perfect for every type of woman, whether you’re a mom to be or an upcoming Bride, you have to have this suit. ALEXA is most adored in our black color way. 

fringe tie bikini bottom

ALEXA Bikini Bottom

You can’t forget about our ALEXA String Bikini bottoms to match with your ALEXA bikini top. In our ALEXA Bottoms, the fringe is featured on our adjustable side ties. ALEXA is one of our best tie sides bikini bottoms. When you wear these bottoms, you’ll always love to flaunt the fringe at your hips. 

Also featured in Sports Illustrated, you will feel photo-ready in our bottoms. ALEXA also offers full coverage on your rear, and extra coverage on your tummy. You’ll feel amazing in these bottoms that you will never want to take them off. You can wear ALEXA all day, even if you’re not going to the beach. 

These bottoms have different options, such as cheeky and full coverage. No matter what option you choose, you’ll feel confident in every wear. The fringe on ALEXA will make you stand out. It’s the ultimate confidence booster to your bikini style.

sexy fringe bikini

JOANNE String Bikini Top

Bring in more strings please... In JOANNE, there’s so much fringe that you might get tangled in it; but don’t worry about any mishaps, you are greatly secured in this bikini. The fringe in JOANNE makes the bikini top look super sexy on anyone. 

The fringe is featured everywhere on this bikini top, like the sides and the back. The longest fringe on this top is on your neck. The fringe will go all the way down to your bottoms. There’s also fringe on your ties.

Whenever you wear JOANNE, you’ll feel super sexy and super confident. It’s one of our sexiest bikinis at BeachCandy.

You can add Candy or push up padding to JOANNE. JOANNE is the sexiest fringe bikini top you can buy and you’ll feel great wearing it; JOANNE is the best bikini for every woman who wants to be feel sexy.

JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms (photographed above)

If you’re looking for the sexiest bikini bottoms, the JOANNE Brazilian Bottoms are the best ones to buy. In JOANNE, you have seamless edges that will hug your rear perfectly, We can’t forget about your Brazilian cut that will look great on any butt. 

At your hips, you’ll find your fringe and it’ll enhance your hips as well. The fringe is on the side, and it comes in as tassel ties. It’s the ultimate sexy bikini and you will feel confident in it too. In JOANNE, you have the option to add a little scrunch on your rear and our Swarovski Candy.

micro fringe bikini

LEYLA Embellished Bikini Top and Bottom

LEYLA is considered one of our sexiest, skimpiest bikini tops. As a triangle bikini top, it has a ruffled bikini top, which gives you the perfect lift on your cleavage.

Here at BeachCandy, we consider LEYLA to be the best bikini on enhancing smaller busts. So if you want to enhance your cleavage, LEYLA is the best one for you. At the end of every string on LEYLA Bikini top, your fringe tassels are there to shine. It’s the perfect amount of fringe for any bikini. 

In our LEYLA Scrunch bikini bottoms, it is our cheekiest bikini bottom yet. With the scrunch in the bikini bottom, it enhances your rear and your hips! Without an elastic edge, it makes these bottoms our most comfortable bottoms yet. 

The fringe on our LEYLA bottoms is on the ends of every string ties. The strings on the side will enhance your hips beautifully. With the LEYLA bikini top and bottoms, it makes the best fringe bathing suit. 

full coverage fringe bikini swimsuit

CATIE Keyhole Tie Bikini Bottom

Our CATIE Bikini Bottoms are the best adjustable full coverage bikini bottoms. CATIE is super fashionable and has a sexy opening at the hips. The fringe is on the side ties at the hips! It gives you the perfect style for any bikini day. These bikini bottoms also offer tummy control, so you’ll feel flat in all the right places.

You can match CATIE with any of our bikini tops. It doesn’t matter which top you buy, like one of our fringe tops or just a plain bikini top, it’ll look great on you. CATIE has our Candy and Scrunch option to make these bottoms perfectly yours.

SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini

Our SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini offers the best amount of skin in all the right places. In this one piece swimsuit, it has a halter neckline with adjustable side and neck ties! The monokini shows everything great about your body, like your hips and cleavage.

The fringe tassels are at the ends of each string, making the monokini the sexiest and the one with the most string.

SANTORINI will fit and enhance every woman. You can add our Candy option for more glitz and glam and you’ll be shining like a diamond. This style has its own options for brides. It is offered in our bridal white color way so you can feel like an iconic beachy bride. You’ll feel like a royal bride in this timeless monokini.

fringe ruffle bikini top

ROCHELLE Ruffle Triangle Bikini Top

In ROCHELLE, you have more ruffles and more fringe! Here at BeachCandy, we love more of every style, such as more fringe, less skin, or more coverage.

ROCHELLE is the best ruffle top and gives you the perfect lift. It’s super flirty and will always be the best bikini top for the playful woman. The fringe is at the end of every string for added style. It will make your back have the best amount of fringe possible.

SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini

Just like ROCHELLE, our SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini gives more ruffles and fringe. In SOPHIA, the fringe is featured at the neck and back ties. With an exposed back, the fringe gives you the perfect swimsuit body. The fringe will run down your back and you’ll want SOPHIA in every color way.

SOPHIA is a halter top, with adjustable side wings that will hug your sides perfectly. The side wings will give you the perfect lift. Around your tummy area, SOPHIA is designed as loose tank top. 

With the ultimate tummy coverage, you’ll feel super confident in SOPHIA. If you want to add a little more style to SOPHIA. You can add one of our sarong wraps and it’ll look like you have a swim dress.

ruffle fringe one piece swimsuit

LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

At BeachCandy, we offer the best ruffle, fringe bikinis. One of our best one pieces is our LIZ ruffle one piece swimsuit because it has the perfect amount of everything, fringe and ruffles. This one piece comes with detachable fringe straps. When you add the strings, you can have a little bit of fringe covering your back. 

This swimsuit is the perfect slimming one piece with a ruffle off-the-shoulder top. LIZ completely covers your body, while enhancing your cleavage and giving you the perfect lift on your butt.

LIZ is offered in many different color ways, like black, white, and our animal print style, Wild Thang. Learn more about our sexy swim cover ups > At BeachCandy, we offer the best fringe and ruffle styles for everyone! In every fringe bikini mentioned, you can add any of our accessories, like our beach bags and jewelry, or our sarong wraps.

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