Fourth of July Style

BeachCandy’s Fourth of July Style Guide 

Each summer, we come together to celebrate our country, celebrating in Stars and Stripes. However, when hosting or even attending Independence Day events, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. BeachCandy is here to help with a style guide to help you look, feel, and be your best this holiday weekend. 

Long Denim Dress       Organic Cotton Pants

What To Wear

With so many festive events happening, it is likely that you will attend multiple events in one day. This is where the beauty of clothing versatility comes into play. BeachCandy designers carefully chose fabrics, designs, and patterns that would allow for maximum movement, comfort, and style no matter what. 

When styling for more casual events, such as backyard barbecues and days on the lake, it is important to consider comfort. No one wants to spend their entire day wishing they had worn a different shirt or pair of pants, due to extreme discomfort. Choosing items that are looser and less thick will allow maximum comfort in scorching summer temperatures. Our LORETTA Button Down Denim Dress is an excellent choice, alongside our Organic Cotton Flare Pants, paired with a tee or tank of your choice. 

Hitting the Water this Fourth of July?

While many of us believe the most important clothing to wear on the fourth is a combination of red, white, and blue, the most important article of clothing to wear near the water is a life vest, especially for your kiddos! While it may seem obvious when participating in water activities that wearing life vests is a must, oftentimes it is forgotten. Practice mindfulness and double check this year!

Read More About the Importance of Water Safety Here

Organic Cotton Dress

As always safety comes first, fun second, so now let's talk clothes! If you are headed to the beach, on a boat, riding jet skis, or any other water activity, it can be hard to know which swimsuit will perform best for your needs. July outfit ideas can seem impossible in the heat, but BeachCandy has just what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a stunning coverup to relax in, check out our Organic Cotton Wrap Dress and pair it with your favorite pair of sandals. 

Full Coverage Bikini Bottom + Triangle Bikini Top

If you’re looking for a new suit, you cannot go wrong with options like our KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom paired with the ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top from our very own Heritage Collection. Each BeachCandy product is offered in a plethora of color options, allowing you to stay festive all year long. 

(BeachCandy Tip: Don’t forget your favorite pair of sunglasses! Protecting your eyes is crucial, and will also keep you cooler). 

How Do I Know What Food To Bring?

Choosing dishes to bring to family and friend gatherings can oftentimes be stressful. Additionally, if you, or a loved one, suffer from food sensitivities or autoimmune diseases, bringing your own food can oftentimes be an excellent option. 

Check out the AutoImmune Aware Chef Cookbook for delicious recipes, featuring options such as guacamole, sweet potato wedges, watermelon mint basil salad, and more. Making holistic food choices available to yourself and those you love allows for everyone to reach their highest self. 

If you’re looking to channel your childhood and indulge in fourth of July classic such as hotdogs, burgers, and chips and dips, there is no better time. Living life with balance allows us to fulfill our souls, and to not feel guilt for indulging in food we love. Adding gut healthy add ons such as sauerkraut and pickled vegetables is an excellent option for balance. 

Picnic table with food and 4th of July decorations.
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If I'm Hosting, How do I Keep My Guests Entertained?

We get it. The fear and anxiety that pairs with hosting large events is unmatched. It is crucial to understand when hosting that it is impossible to please every guest, so host the type of party you want. 

Some fun activity ideas include cornhole, water balloon fights, pool volleyball and basketball, mini golf, and mocktail and snack hours. 

Not planning on consuming alcohol this holiday? We understand. It can be difficult to navigate hosting on traditional drinking holidays while on a sober journey. If you are comfortable with having alcohol in your house, opting for wines, ciders, beers, and other non hard liquors can help to mellow the drinking atmosphere. If you are not comfortable with having alcohol in your house, that is totally fine. Let your guests know ahead of time that this will be a dry event, but get creative with alcohol free cocktail ideas (mocktails), and other fun drinks to keep your guests entertained. 

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We, at BeachCandy, wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday. Don’t forget to tag us in your BeachCandy this Fourth of July!

Written by Bryn Hager 

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