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BeachCandy’s Most Famous Swimsuits for Women

The BeachCandy brand has become world renowned for its hallmark of craftsmanship and quality. Several of our famous swimsuits have graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition each year, Real Housewives of Orange County, and countless other publications. 

As we head into our 12th year of BeachCandy, we would like to recognize our most famous swimsuits through time. As we head into 2023, we are taking a stand for natural fiber swim, but these will remain in our iconic heritage collection.

Our Craftsmanship is Unparalleled Across the Swimwear Industry 

BeachCandy began on the shores of California, in a small affluent beach town called Corona del Mar. Women from around the world would travel to our sacred swim site. As we crafted custom swimsuits for women of all shapes and sizes. For a decade, this was our business model--one woman, one swimsuit at a time. 

Since then, we have transitioned to an exclusively online brand, sharing our handcrafted collection developed by the exact needs and wants of our customers all those years. What has never changed is our commitment to handcrafted high quality swim that is substantial, shaping and supportive. 

Time and time again, our customers revel in the supple high quality materials and construction they feel when wearing our famed fit.

From thickly lined interiors to hand-beaded one-of-a-kind exteriors, there is nothing like the look and feel of a BeachCandy swimsuit. Here are our most famous swimsuits inspired by women like Ursula Andress, that have stood the true test of time…

Classic String Bikini

The ALEXA Classic String Bikini

One of our original eight styles we opened our doors with back in 2011. The ALEXA string bikini is everything a woman wants from a string bikini swimsuit and more. In fact, many of our customers own this style in many colors as it is their staple piece poolside. Complete with our signature Swarovski hand-beading, the ALEXA bikini is one of our most famous legacy swim styles. 

Our famous fit is what has carried us throughout the years, and the ALEXA is a sparkling example of this. The ALEXA triangle bikini top is available from A - E cup engineered for secure support for women of all sizes. This is the top that always makes the cut when packing your suitcase. 

The ALEXA string bikini bottom is equally adored by all. Available in cheeky or full coverage, this style is cut to perfection, inspired by the voices of women worldwide. As a set this Swarovski sparkling bikini is in a league of its own. To this day, the ALEXA bikini remains unrivaled around the world.

Halter Top Bikini & Boyshort Bikini Bottoms

The RACHEL Halter & BC Boyshort

Another BeachCandy original, this style has been with us since the start, coveted by moms around the globe. The RACHEL halter top may look like your average cut but when worn, its boosting performance deserves an encore every time. This suit is owned by countless BC addicts in every color, season after season. Complete with Swarovski hand-beaded (locally) sliders on the thick, comfortable straps, this style is a scintillating triumph.

The RACHEL BC Boyshort was created from an early customer request--full coverage on the tummy with a sleek and sexy Brazilian cut back. Since then, this style has sold out season after season, making the cut into our timeless famous swimsuits edit as this one woman's fit request seems to be a comfort to countless more.

The RACHEL halter top is our most supportive E-cup size with ample room for the bustiest of women. The RACHEL halter top has made a difference in so many women’s lives and will continue to through time. From Pamela Anderson to natural E-F babes, this top is a masterfully engineered powerhouse. 

Handkerchief Bikini Top

The JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

The JENNA handkerchief swimsuit style entered the scene after one woman’s request for a flirty bikini with tummy coverage. This top defies the laws of gravity with sexy comfort in a swimsuit. From its secure, supportive shelf bra and strapless style to its breezy tummy coverage that conceals in all the right areas, this top has made countless women stand taller as they strut out to the pool.

Never before has craftsmanship been more recognized by our clientele as this bikini/tankini top is what you call a game changer. Moms, for the first time ever, were filled with confidence when wearing this remarkable fit. Complete with an adjustable back, this swimsuit was made to make a difference in a woman’s swimsuit experience. 

All too often during our storefront days, women would stand in front of the mirror with their insecurity concerns. Our mission was always to resolve any feelings of concern while wearing a swimsuit. Each and every style throughout BeachCandy's history has been a high-fashion feel with problem-solving function. So while browsing the website, feel confident knowing each and every style is timeless, tried, and true.

Jeweled Bikini Bottom

Our Signature VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottom

Now here is the bottom that will go down in swimsuit history. BeachCandy’s signature VIP Swarovski bikini bottom, coveted by the women who dare to shine the brightest. Hand-beaded in California with hundreds of Swarovski crystals, this swimsuit is a marvel to swimsuit fashion through time. This style is our most famous and iconic style, as it was named Editor’s Pick in Sports Illustrated. 

There is nothing quite like a BeachCandy swimsuit and this style is no exception. With a quality and beading guarantee, this style is as precious as jewelry and is treated as such. Our jetsetting women of the world never travel without one or two stashed in their suitcase. It’s no wonder brides from around the world adore wearing this style in white for their special honeymoon getaways. 

Available in full, cheeky or thong coverage so that no woman is left behind when it comes to shining her brightest. After all, we believe every woman deserves to shine with confidence poolside. If you don’t like the idea of Swarovski crystals against your hips, check out our beloved LILY Hipster Style

Never let a swimsuit dull your sparkle, mama. Life is short and your time is too precious. 

The HALLE Grommet Bikini Bathing Suit

Last but certainly not least, the HALLE grommet bikini stands alone as an iconic handcrafted American bikini. Inspired by Halle Berry in Die Another Day, this style is adored by moms, jetsetters, and boho babes alike. With a moderate coverage and cut, this style is sexy and supportive with grommet ties on the top and bottom for a rugged, bombshell vibe. 

This style stands the test of time and with our famed craftsmanship, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Shop our Famous Fit for Women Online Now

There are several other incredible BeachCandy styles in our heritage collection. Each and every piece carries the same famed fit legacy of BeachCandy. Join countless women around the world as you collect our priceless pieces. 

We have a timeless handcrafted collection of styles from one piece swimsuits to full length beach cover ups. Certainly something to suit your every want and need when swimsuit shopping.

If you love a good deal, make sure to check out our swimsuit sale collection. We are always offering our famed fit in discontinued colors and styles at a reduced price. But don’t hesitate, these styles sell out quickly. 

Another incredible swim steal is our mystery bikini bag, this gives you a taste of our quality in just your size. Our team pulls pieces from current collections, limited collections, and adored pieces from our archives for each and every order.

Finally, if you ever need a grand gift idea from the best of swimsuit brands, let BeachCandy be your guide. There is nothing like gifting a woman the gift of pure confidence in a swimsuit. We offer our digital gift cards online from $50-$1000, for the perfect present to those you love most. Swimsuit shopping can be one of the most difficult experiences for women, but with BeachCandy it becomes a breeze.

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