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Introducing the BeachCandy Organic Collection 

In a world crumbling to toxicity and noisy marketing pushing these everyday products on society, BeachCandy is preparing to be the change into 2023, taking a stand for non-toxic living with each and every new product we develop. From accessories to swimwear, every piece will promote the timeless trend of wellness for all.

Planet Earth

With toxicity on the rise, we are prepared to educate our community about the importance of our imperative actions. No human on Earth is immune to the plastics, petroleum, and heavy metals in our day-to-day products. BeachCandy has been an ethical brand since its inception, but as we enter into our 13th season, we are eager to do more. With people over profit as our inspiration, we look forward to caring for our community in a whole new way.

Natural Organic Products Sourced from Around the Globe

After a raw, no reservations, trip to India, our female founder searched from north to south for the authentic artisans and practitioners of Ayurveda. Battling an autoimmune disease herself since the very start of founding the BC brand, this awareness has been the catalyst to our bright future into wellness for all. 

Today, Brit lives symptom-free with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a spinal autoimmune disease, sent into remission through holistic practices and non-toxic living. To learn more about her healing story, head to

hammered copper water bottle

Brand new to the BC Organics Collection is our pure copper water bottle sourced directly from India. Made of pure copper, this healing accessory provides an unbelievable array of health benefits – from reducing inflammation to lowering blood pressure to purifying water in this anti-bacterial vessel.

Make sure to join our mailing list to learn more as we head into 2023 armed with the belief that wellness is a trend imperative in this lifetime. Our modern world will only continue further down this path, therefore self-care and awareness is our best protection.

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