Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites During Football Season

First of all, it’s officially Fall, which for us babes means it’s time for all of our fall favorites. So bring on the sweaters, leggings, Uggs, and of course, the release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Also, it's football season. Which seems like it should be far less exciting than the items above, but we’re here to shed some light on the best parts of football season. This list is for those of us who… well, who just don’t like football.

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More time for juicing, beautifying, wine, and catching up on reality TV. (We can thank the NFL for adding Thursday night games to the schedule a couple years back – hello ladies night)


The release of swimsuit calendars from the various NFL Cheerleading squads. As a result, all of us babes get to bask in the glory of inspiration for next summers #BodyGoals, and begin shopping for the dynamite suits we want to wear.


An excuse to shop for NFL branded clothing, either in the team our boo is rooting for on Sunday, or the favorite local squad. (We’ll basically take any opportunity to shop, and especially if it’s for oversized tees and adorable sporty hoodies.)

Due to BeachCandy being based in Orange County, we’ve got a few top draft picks that stack into each of the Fall Favorites listed above. So local babes, maybe we’ll run into you “enjoying football season” around town.


Newport Beach fave, Sejuiced, is our go-to for the best organic superfood juices in Orange County. SEJUICED ORGANIC JUICE BAR


Treat yourself to the best sugaring and facials in the OC, and stop by to see Juli, the owner of Sweet Skins Studios in CDM.


Who better for body inspo and bikini goals than the local Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders?!

Check out their custom suit fittings at the original BeachCandy design studio...


Each NFL team has a link to the official Fan Shop on their website, but since we’re keeping things local, here’s where you find all of the best LA Rams items: *Also October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so stock up on the best pink items before they’re gone! In conclusion babes, let's stop rolling our eyes at football season, and start embracing the fall favorites that come with it.

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