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Our Full Coverage Swim Bottoms


I think we can all agree that there's just nothing worse, in the entire world, than a Saggy, Bikini, Bottom. Furthermore, one that is seemingly perfect, but sag attacks you the second it hits the water.

It's not like anyone intentionally wears them saggy, but the material is just poorly constructed and of poor quality. Women everywhere can relate to hunting for the perfect bikini bottoms, but still end up in a cheap, one-summer wonder.

Frankly, after searching day in and day out, undressing and redressing endlessly, and seeing yourself in one too many fitting rooms mirrors under fluorescent lights, it's a "fine" option to select a pair of black bottoms for $12 and call it a day. Because ain't nobody got time for that!

While other brands may not care, here at BeachCandy we are tired of "fine", sick of "okay", and we refuse to settle for "good enough!"

There are quite a few pluses to swimwear at BeachCandy, all of which will lead you away from the saggy bottom curse. Especially relevant, we take pride in our fit and construction. In fact, we only use the highest quality Italian swimsuit fabric and Swarovski crystals, because we care about making you feel your absolute best.

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We have also carefully constructed each of our Ready-To-Wear pieces based on the fit and feel that real women are looking for. Seriously. We make custom swimsuits for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. As a result our entire collection of "off the rack" pieces has been directly inspired by what women are coming in and custom ordering.

Can't find what you're looking for anywhere else? Check out our selection, and call us with any questions... chances are that someone else just like you has come in over the years and ordered exactly what you want!

And here's something you'll all love... Fun Fact: All of our Ready-To-Wear suits are named after the very first woman to come in and order that style. Don't see what you want? Then I guess it's time for us to add (Insert Your Name) to our list of styles!

And how many of you are that lovely size "uh, small-medium...ish?" or "large... kind of? Well good news - we carry that size. We can take in and alter any of our pieces to fit your exact measurements. So when we say your bottoms won't sag, we mean they won't even ripple.

Convinced? Good! Check out some of our favorite Best Bikini Bottoms below, and give us a call with any questions 24/7.

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You will love our KIMBERLY Fold Over Waist Bikini Bottom & beyond! This wonder works just like your favorite yoga pants (because we know you have some), due to its seamless fold over edge to eliminate all muffin tops.

tie side bikini bottoms

Our Favorite Secure Tie Bikini Bottom

Meet our CATIE Keyhole Tie Side Bottom. This gem is our #1 choice of our Best Bikini Bottoms! It's the perfect rise, coverage, and fit - you can trust us. Or trust the other fifty million women who have purchased this bottom in multiples. To the point, this is the perfect muffin top bikini bottom.

tie side bathing suit

Our Favorite (Full or Cheeky Coverage) String Bikini Bottom

If you're ready to show off all the squats you've been doing, meet the ALEXA Tie Side Bikini Bottoms. These bikini bottoms have an adjustable tie side to smoothly sit against you, in other words, no tight elastic on your hips. Most noteworthy, the ALEXA comes in both a full coverage or Brazilian coverage option to really show off those cheeks.

Our Favorite Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

The KIMBERLY Folded Waist Bikini Bottom. This bikini bottom was inspired directly by the needs and wants of real women. We have had so many requests for a style just like this over the years and so KIMBERLY was born. The fold over waist provides as much high waisted coverage as you like.

These are the true modest full coverage bikini bottoms. There is virtually almost no cheek able to peek out the backside with a seamless NO squeeze seam. Many women have compared the fit and feeling to their favorite yoga pants.

Take your swimsuit game to new heights and feel absolutely carefree on your next vacay. We recommend this impeccable bottom paired with any of our best selling swimsuit tops.

high waisted bikini bottoms

Our Favorite High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Oh the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom... This bottom has everything you need from a high waisted bikini bottom. Ruching in the waistline, moderate to high cut leg for elongation, & best of all tummy control.

If you have tummy concerns but want to feel extraordinary and comfortable in a bikini, this is the bottom for you. You will feel carefree just knowing this incredible bikini bottom is packed in your suitcase. Trust us.

High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Our Favorite High Leg Bikini Bottom

The MADDY High Leg, High Waisted Bikini Bottom was designed to illuminate & conceal curves all at once. This bikini bottom is one-in-a-million and a must-have for the avid beach babe. The high cut leg elongates your body & the waistline creates an hourglass shape on ANY woman.

If you are seeking curves or coverage in all the right places this is the bottom for you. The coverage in the derrière is just right to give a little lift and roundness to any backside. We don't just make swimsuits at BeachCandy. We encourage women to define what they need in order to feel extraordinary.

no squeeze full bikini bottom

Our Favorite NO Squeeze Bikini Bottom

The JENN NO Squeeze 3 Strap Bikini Bottom is available in two coverages: Full & Brazilian Cut. So do not be alarmed if you see more skin that fabric on the product page. Just check the box that says full coverage & your bottom will arrive with the amount of coverage pictured above.

The 3 straps on either hip as lined without elastic keeping your curves smooth and sexy. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a bikini bottom tugging at your hips making you feel so self conscious. It is a priceless feeling to wear a swimsuit that fits in all the right ways. How do we know all this?

Our designer works directly with our clients on a daily & moment to moment basis. This is a brand that breaks the swimwear status quo regularly. Shop for yourself & see why this incredible brand will go down in history. As the brand that listened & makes women feel extraordinary in a swimsuit no matter their age, shape, or size.

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In conclusion, we rock at making perfect bikini bottoms & products that serve your direct desires. After over a decade of fitting room feedback, we have built a collection directly inspired by you. Shop our bestselling swim collection online, where we bring the fitting room to you. Check out our last blog on swimsuits to cover scars.

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