Evolution of Sustainability

Evolution of Sustainability

Defining the Idea of Sustainability 

Sustainability is an idea used to rescue the planet by taking preventative measures for the destruction of the environment. This concept is meant to provide needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to provide needs for themselves. 

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Early History 

In the earliest times, sustainability was conceived as a concept with scattered roots that can all be traced to ancient societies. The concept carries historical founding roots as “progress” in pre-modern times. These ancient civilizations had issues with their environment as their own practices for survival resulted in hurting the environment. Therefore, people during ancient times had the goal to improve their actions to make the perfect world a possibility using the law of progress. 

During the 21st century, the concept increased in popularity and developed its common name of sustainability. This was around the time when the human population increased and so did the environmental issues caused by our intervention. Within this time, sustainable development started off as a general strategy to combat oddities that were occurring all over the world. 

Negative human contributions have occurred endlessly from exhausting the ozone layer to exposing pollution to our precious air and water. Humans have been risking the state of the environment from as early as 2,000 years ago and have continued to do so today. 

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A New Movement

As an environmental crisis ensued in the world, people were forced to recognize the obstruction and do something to change it. Natural resources were slowly being limited, global warming issues surfaced, and air pollution became much more apparent. All these occurred especially when mass production and consumption had taken place during the Industrial Revolution. The idea of a progressive economy had caused the environment to be at stake. 

The concept of sustainability was the solution for scholars who desired the preservation of the environment. The scholars who had put forth the idea of sustainability sought to fight off unnatural consequences that come from human interference. This concept would rapidly disperse and become a perpetual movement that would be broadcasted all over the world to instill a change. The idea of sustainability has been immensely influential to society which positively seeks change for the better in every way possible. 

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Sustainability Today

Today, the world has been using the concept of sustainable development to live better through the slow attempt to reduce the use of unsustainable practices through the products of companies. In developing countries, overconsumption can be a common trait of society. Rich countries with no foundation in sustainable aspects are contributing to what is damaging the environment worldwide. By consuming less and responsibly, society will not only be doing favors for the world today but for future generations to come as well. 

Since sustainability had first been introduced, future generations to meet have adapted and taken action to make it a common practice and goal. Organizations such as the United Nations and the Brundtland Commission (which has written about this in the Brundtland Report) have made steps to pave the path to success on a safe-sustaining planet. The United Nations has also addressed the importance of sustainability with goals to make it a set goal to change for the sake of our world and the beings that live in it. 

17 Goals: The United Nations Sustainable Development

  1. No poverty

  2. Zero hunger

  3. Good health and well being 

  4. Quality education

  5. Gender equality

  6. Clean water and sanitation

  7. Affordable and clean energy

  8. Decent work and economic growth 

  9. Industry, innovation, and infrastructure 

  10. Reduced inequalities 

  11. Sustainable cities and communities 

  12. Responsible consumption and production

  13. Climate action

  14. Life below water 

  15. Life on land 

  16. Peace, justice, and strong institutions

  17. Partnerships for the goals 

A scope of sustainability goes beyond what you may think. The UN’s guide for sustainability measures the majority, but not all of what could potentially be achieved if we implement sustainable prospects. The 17 goals for sustainable development from the UN clarify what we as a human society look out for. 

Creating a self-sustaining planet is what matters when developing an equal means of goodness to be distributed amongst people, animals, and the planet. Each and every one of the goals is set to be something that we can attain in an effort to work with one another. 

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Future Generations 

The environment’s thriving ability of future generations is in children's hands today, but how can we set a good example for the common future if we cannot implement good sustainable values? 

This is where society must take a stand in rebuilding the state of the world through initiatives to act on sustainability in our everyday lives. People must form an agreement to unite against the harsh effects that toxicity forms on our environment. It is up to us in the present moment to face the reality and take matters into our own hands. 

Sustainable development that meets the needs of protecting the world is something that we need to make a number one priority if we want to have hope in the future. However, this can only be achieved through a union of the human desire to change the world. 

Join us as we make a change for the better and strive to save the planet while we can. This can only be done with everyone pitching in to make a better change that will benefit and protect us in the end. 

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Written by Hannah Eltounsy.

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