REAL WOMEN SHINE Podcast ft Elly Brown

REAL WOMEN SHINE Podcast ft Elly Brown

From Designer Bathing Suits to How Oral Cancer Led to Her Best Life 

During this uncertain time, we have decided to share the voices of the strong, real women we love and know. At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe all women deserve to shine their brightest in a swimsuit.

Our passion for women and the world is why we started the brand in the first place. Listen to women who are dedicated leaders in their space, whether it be motherhood or building an empire, the BeachCandy Babe shines the brightest of all. 

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with Elly Brown, who was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017 and breast cancer in 2019. Elly has since expanded her online presence with a YouTube channel, that she uses as an outlet for inspiration, and a Facebook entertainment show: @theellybrownshow, that she herself put it best, is an outlet “to be a human being.” 

Her perspective on having faith in the face of obstacles is what, we feel, makes Elly the perfect example of continuing to walk towards your dreams. In spite of your world being flipped upside down. 

About the Amazing Elly Brown

We formed a relationship with Elly, several years ago, back when she was our go-to model at MGM Properties in Las Vegas. At the time, Elly was a singer, on-camera host, model, and had recently starred in an independent film. The world was at her fingertips. 

When diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017, Elly endured various procedures, including having half of her tongue removed. After losing half of her tongue, and then undergoing surgery, which involved taking tissue and bone from her leg to rebuild her jaw and tongue, that put her in a wheelchair. 

Only nine months passed after Elly’s surgery, before she was ready to turn on a camera again. Filled with doubt, but surrounded by the safety net of her faith and family, Elly persevered. 

By turning on the camera, Elly was able to find her online community of people with the same surgery or a connection to someone who had had the same surgery. This led to arguably her greatest discovery of all. Her new life's purpose, that has made her feel more complete than when she was ever ‘normal’ in the past. 

It’s All About Perspective 

Elly attests her stability when faced with adversity to her faith. She discusses at length how she has found solace in the fact that the Holy Spirit is planting her exactly where she is supposed to be. It is up to her to stop and be still to avoid getting stuck in the whirlpool that is the Devil on her shoulder.  

When it comes to everyday struggles, Elly says she reminds herself that anything and everything we’re experiencing on any given day is temporary. It is easy to get down on yourself and dwell on a lack of talent, for example. But, if you’re only 20% talented at something and the other 80% is hard work, your hard work is always going to weigh in your favor. 

This took the form of Elly’s Chicago audition video that she posted online. She recalls the time she spent a full day and a half, with only breaks to eat and use the restroom, to prepare for this audition. With the deadline near approaching, Elly gave it her all in the time she had, so that she could have peace of mind knowing she did everything that was in her control. 

Elly says the Chicago audition video was about so much more than being the best singer or actress in the room. It was about using the video as a vehicle to reach her community and say that life is the furthest thing from over when hit with obstacles.  

What might have seemed, to some, was Elly’s world being flipped upside down. To Elly, was her world being flipped right where it was supposed to be. 

Perspective on Today’s Uncertainty 

Elly emphasizes that it is important to recognize that there is a time for everything. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Elly was about to enter into the public speaking realm.

So much excitement surrounded this new chapter that she was about to embark on, and it was put to a screeching halt. But, instead of focusing on what was about to be or what could have been, she is choosing to enjoy the present and know that when the time comes, it will be the right time.

Elly finds herself looking for the silver lining given the uncertainty associated with today’s circumstances. The way she sees it is that she is forced to stop and do things she doesn’t usually take the time to do. She encourages people to take this time, if bored, to try their hand at creating. This is the time when you notice things about the world. 


Elly’s Best of BeachCandy (in order of mention)...

designer swimwear for women

ELLEN Best Bikini Top

Our ELLEN Best Bikini Top in gold snakeskin or any other color is the perfect push up halter top. For any woman who wants to lift cleavage without losing the support. For a smaller bust size, we offer a double sided push up pad in our ELLEN top for extreme lift and boosted cleavage. 

This top will be the perfect fit for any woman, as it is our bestseller to date. Every woman who tries on our ELLEN bikini top absolutely adores the fit, support, and cleavage. 

While the ELLEN top comes in four different colors (Besame, Gold Snakeskin, Palm Print, and Black), Elly’s favorite is the Gold Snakeskin which sparkles on everybody and complements every skin tone. The back is constructed with a corseted criss-cross closure, giving you more lift and support. 

Our tops can also be customized with our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy, which adds sparkle and shine like never before. ELLEN is the epitome of glamour and support, like you’ve never seen before. 

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SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottom

The perfect match to the ELLEN Bikini Top is our world-famous SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms in the matching color of gold snakeskin. The SKYLER offers a slightly higher tummy rise, covering everything from C-section scars to stretch marks. Our SKYLER bottom is one of our best selling designer bathing suits, as we bring comfort, style, and luxury to every swimsuit. 

The back features a modest coverage, allowing for showing off some curves, without being too skimpy. The seamless edges and flawless design don’t hug, tug the hips, or squeeze the butt uncomfortably. These bottoms are truly the epitome of sexy slimming without losing the comfort. 

Our SKYLER and ELLEN swimsuit combination is one of the best two piece swimsuits that we have ever designed! Great coverage, yet still sexy and luxurious, SKYLER is the one of the best choices for your new swimsuit bottoms.

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RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

Our RACHEL Halter Bikini Top is the perfect go-to bikini top for every swimwear wardrobe. Quick to become your new favorite bikini top, the RACHEL features outstanding support, an impeccable fit and construction, and eternal style and sexiness. 

With our Swarovski Crystal Candy, the RACHEL is taken to another level, from simple to glamourous. Whether you are lounging poolside, or having a beach day, you will sparkle and shine wherever you are. The Candy is also adjustable so you are able to cinch it down for a sexier and more revealing look, or slide it up for a little more cleavage coverage. 

And there’s no wondering why our RACHEL Halter Top is the #1 swimsuit top every season. Our tops are built to last with superior nylon spandex fabric for every bust size, especially our bigger busted babes. The perfect bikini top for lift and support in larger busts, the RACHEL never fails. The RACHEL Halter Top gives you the support you’ve always wanted in a sexy and glamorous style with uncompromising quality.      

modest designer bikini bottoms                                                                                                               

CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

There’s no questioning why our CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottoms are another one of Elly’s favorite bikini bottoms. The CATIE Tie Bottoms are the perfect full coverage and adjustable bikini bottoms. Featuring a moderate cut in the back, our bottoms don’t compromise comfort, style, and construction. The front is made to hold in the tummy, so you can feel and look your best all while rocking your favorite bikini. 

We also offer scrunch customizations so you can add a half scrunch to the back of your bikini for a little pop in the booty! The CATIE is complete with keyhole tie sides for more coverage than the standard tie string bikini bottom, which makes it perfect for swimming, or a tanning day on the ocean.   

Another fully customizable option with our CATIE Side Tie Bikini Bottom is adding our hand sewn Swarovski Crystal Candy on each tie. Our Candy promises a long lasting glamour guarantee where the beading won’t crack, chip, or fade. Learn more about our stylish bathing suits for women >

beaded bikini bottoms

Our Signature ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini

Our signature ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini in Black is named after the designer and owner of Beach Candy Swimwear herself, Brit B. This bikini bottom is the epitome of sexiness, glamour, and one of a kind luxury. 

The ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottoms became the “Editor’s Pick” in Sports Illustrated in 2012, after it caught the attention of the editor, making the VIP our claim to fame.. Known for its outstanding craftsmanship, fit, and support, the ‘BRITB’ bottoms are now our word famous bestseller. 

The ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottoms are fully customizable in a variety of ways. Our bottoms feature two flawless options: full coverage or cheeky. 

You can also add a full, half, or no scrunch to the back of the bottoms for an extra pop of booty, or add light VIP or full VIP Swarovski Crystal “Candy.” The customizations don’t stop there! Add any one of our bestselling bikini tops for the perfect swimsuit that you’ll never want to take off! 

The light VIP crystals are hand-beaded at our design studio in California, with a beading guarantee of over 500 individually handwoven Swarovski Crystals that won’t crack or fade for an entire lifetime. For a more economic option, the Light VIP features 150 Swarovski Crystals, also hand-beaded at our design studios in California. All BeachCandy swimsuits come with a lifetime beading guarantee. 

Our full coverage bikini bottom option covers the entire bottom for each woman who wants modesty and comfort in a swimsuit bottom. And our cheeky coverage bikini bottom offers the option to show off those cheeks for a fuller tan! But don’t forget to add a half scrunch for an extra amount of cheekiness in your bikini bottoms. 

Our fully customizable scrunch option gives you the ability to add sexy curves and volume to our ‘BRITB’ VIP Bikini Bottoms. And for a more classic and minimalistic look, you can opt out of a scrunch and choose the smooth back with no scrunch.

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